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 i cant sleep can u help?
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Always Missing Brother
I am tired ALL the time!!! Doesn't matter how much sleep i get.?
ok, i am tired all the time, even when i've had plenty of rest. yes, i tend to stay up late, however i always get enough sleep. i hardly feel motivated. id love to have more energy, because there's just so many things i'd like to do, and that i'm in to. and i can't take anything with epherdrine. have no other health problems other than epilepsy. and i'm taking medicine for that. what is something i can take that'll give me energy that's safe? that's all i need.


.:mucho malo:.
do meth

t r i n u h
fruits and veggies will always give you energy, but eat the ones you like!

see a doctor

Alex V
u probably have a very mild depression. You don't even have to be unhappy, its just that the symptoms fit.

Try to get more exercise(eg, a walk a few times a week). In the long run, it will give you more energy.

Maybe u have low testostorone...But i cant decide for u u need to call up ur doctore

go see your doctor and ask what is theproblem.
well, it depends on how you are. like if youre active everyday andsuch.

idk i had that problem really bad too. my problem was that i didnt excercise because i was too tired and didnt want to. but once i forced myself to do the excersise i felt great! idk if thats whats wrong with you but it could be. give it a try XD

E Tee
see a doctor. but it could be because you're depressed.

UC Cal
Iron. I had the same problem, I was a bit anemic so I took Iron pills and it really gave me energy.

Sounds like you have M.E (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

i've added some links below but i recommend you go to the doctor. there isn't a cure but they will be able to advise you on what to do next

cody h
maybe you have mono...it IS a possibility

you might have mono

Maybe your diet is inadequate. You also could be suffering from an infection. I would recommend that you visit a doctor to make sure that you have no illnesses. Best of luck!

I do not know your age or your eating habits. If you eat or drink too much sugar you will have no energy and feel tired all the time. You may be borderline Diabetic.

Remember regular sodas have the equivalent of about 13 teaspoons of sugar which is horrendous. Just something to consider.

ya know, pills aren't always the answer.

anyways, too little sleep will leave you sleepy, okay, DUH.
too MUCH sleep will too though, so take into consideration how much you're sleeping, b/c "enough" might actually be too much

I feel like that when I don't exercise enough or when I forget to take my vitamin pills for an extensive period of time. Trying working out and eating properly and you will feel better in no time.

regina falange
I felt the same way before and I changed my diet up a little. I tried to incorporate more fresh foods into my diet and it really made a difference. Now I've got a lot of energy and I feel healthier as well. Hope this helps!

I used to be tired all the time and didn't know why. I stopped drinking caffiene and started working out. I have never felt better in my entire life!
Hope this helps!

Don't try taking over-the-counter meds for something this persistent, caffeine pills and the like included. Visit a doctor, as fatigue is usually a sign that the body is working overtime to try to fix an underlying problem. You might just have to change your diet up a bit, but a doctor can tell you for sure!

go see the docter..or try getting sleep ALOT

I'm like this too. tell me when you figure it out!!!

work out. you'll feel more energized in no time.
You're probably out of shape.

Rebecca O
call da doc

That sounds strange. If you get at least 8 hours of sleep yuo should be fine. I'd say go to a doctor, he/she can give you a good answer and possible perscribe something to you.

Goodbye and good luck! ^^

have you ever had your thyroid levels checked? my wife has an under-active thyroid gland and when her body gets low on the thyroid hormone, she can barely drag herself out of bed. The good news is that it can be treated just by taking an artificial thyroid supplement each day.

If you're sure it's not your meds . . .
Try altering WHEN you get your "plenty of rest", your "enough sleep". Try going to bed around 9 and rising earlier. After a week you may notice your energy levels shifting.
Or, maybe you need a little more protein.
Best wishes.

There may be several reasons:

-Lack of Iron
-Medicine side effects

Many reasons are possible... go see a doctor.

wow i had the same exact thing until i started exercising regularly , then I had more energy even when i stayed up late...you should try jogging and eating better foods and i gaurentee youll feel much better

I know exactly what you mean. ANd believe it or not, drinking water gives you ton of energy, and it's really good for you. I've found that getting less sleep actually makes me less tired. The more you sleep, the more your body needs sleep. Get on a schedule where you don't sleep too much, wake up early, even if your body wants to fight it, get into that routine, and maybe take a shower as soon as you wake up. Showers are natural energy-givers I've found! No need for medication, a natural diet and way of life will give you a lot of the energy you need!

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