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 can i get a headache for not eatng 15 hours ago?
i woke up 3 hours ago and my head hurts sooo much!! i don't want to eat; and i want to be in bed the whole day!! i haven't gotten up at all!! what could this be?
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 When do you like to take your shower and why?

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jojo, thanks!

sweets, I do exactly what you do! cool!...

 What makes you fall asleep?

I've stopped smoking for two but due to stress I need a ciggy now!!!! !Please help?

my sister in law would buy the hard candy sticks.

The Techie
Take all of your money and lock it away in a safe then give me the key or the code so you can't buy any more ciggys.

Or do the same thing but give a trusted friend the key/code.

Or just don't carry enough money around to buy ciggs.

dont do it, or you will stink and die because you cant breath properly and everyone will look at you and think oh my god she is soooo wrinkly,
sorry girl had to be said xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

fReE vO!cE
Chew a gum to distract yourself off the urge.

You dont say how long you have stopped for?

Two days/weeks years?

If its two years, have one its rank and that may put you off, I had cigarettes last night and I am not supposed to smoke, ARGH!

Try not to.

Brian R
Lollipops and Yo-Yos.
I've stopped for 4 and half years now.
My Cat's cradle is awesome.

so i guess everybody on here is gonna tell u not to smoke.and your actually going to listen.

The only thing that worked for me was hypnosis

Eat something crunchy... apply celery

Get up and take a walk around the block or the building... (depending on if you're home /work)

The longer you hang in there the easier it will be and the closer you are to breaking the habit.

Go over your reasons for quitting.

Repeat to yourself (whether you believe it or not)

I am powerful and love myself. I am choosing to remain a non-smoker. I am a non-smoker. I will respect my body and my health.

You're gonna think this is weird but doing a big spring-clean in your house is the best way to get you through the time until you are comfortable without having cigs. Why? Because you are scrubbing and scouring everything that haven't had a good clean in a long time, which is exactly what's happening on the inside: your body is getting rid of 'dirt' stuck in the lungs just as when you are scrubbing of hardened-up cooking oil spots on the side of the kitchen cabinet (something you'd normally wouldn't notice). Honestly it works! And it's theraputic and your house will shine!

C'mon over...I've got lots!...Brewskies Too!!!

Baby boo 1993
Get in a hot bath and put on loads of nicotine patches.

Sorry can't help you there I just started again after 2.5 years :-(

What always helps is just postpone it by half an hour. Tell yourself you will have one in half an hour, and then do the same again untill the urge goes away.

I'm stopping Monday again - hold thumbs for me. Thanks.

Take deep breaths and think of the consequences of smoking.

Iron Rider
get some Commit lozenges

It is not so easy to stop smoking i respect your will, am now smoking a cigarette, i hope to stop it just like you be a man, resist don't come down, you can make it and finally pray for me to be like you.

I feel for you.I have tried quiting cold turkey before but have never been able to make it past the end of the 2nd day.I hope you can do it just hang in there.

I quite fancy some tobacco too - but I'll stay off it if you will!

eat an apple they say they are great stress relief

Here have one .

keep answering & asking questions - you can't smoke if you're hands & mind are busy. get up & run around the building or climb some steps. do anything, but don't go back!! good luck - I'm sending you strong vibes so you won't smoke!!! lol

Go find something to eat. Specifically some low fat meat like chicken, or other protein if you are a vegetarian, and a bit of carbohydrate. While an apple would be ideal, since you need help now, go for a cracker or a single cookie. Also if you have peanuts or almonds on hand (and are not allergic) eat them up. They are protein and good fat.

Don't eat a lot of this though. A snack is about one ounce of protein and a small amount of carb if you are a woman. Double that if you are a man. Don't worry about the amount of nuts.

Eat this instead of that ciggy. Chew slow and enjoy like you would the ciggy. Then drink 8 oz of water and do something that raises your heartbeat for a while, even just breathing rapidly in and out. Laughing is the best for this. The craving should subside, but it may take about 30 minutes. That is why you should divert your attention with laughter or exercise.

If you do this every time you want a ciggy, you should not gain much weight, if any at all, and should feel great.

Best of continued success!!

My mum missed the motions when she quit

Get a small pencil and pretend your smoking it (trust me it works)

Ross B
Drink a Large glass of water as this cures the urge, Gave up 5 months ago, hang in there after the first 2 weeks it gets easier !

You and me!
Buy the nicotine lozenges. They help with moments like this.

HANG ON!! The craving will pass in a few seconds if you can focus on something else.

NO YOU DON'T!!!!! You've done well (two years/months i take it, not minutes?!Lol) I stopped for almost a year but started again, so don't even think bout having one!! Do something else to take your mind off it! Good luck!

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