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your not cool.
I've been really sleepy lately??
I've been sleepy lately like I usually go to sleep at 4 am and I've been going to sleep at like 2 am or earlier now, just the day I woke up at 10 am ate, and watched TV until 2 pm and went back to sleep until 6:30. Today I woke up at 12 pm and fell back asleep at 8 pm until somebody called me and I woke up at 10 pm. I'm sleepy now again, is something wrong with me??
Additional Details
and I'm NOT lazy I didn't list my everyday activities I do things I've just been really tired.

hm... going to bed at 2 am....

honestly, i have no clue why you're sleepy, sry

sounds like a common problem its called you need to get back to work and stop being lazy!!!!!!

αмєяìcαи ᗪαᗪ я υs™
noo.ure just stressed out or something like that..

I think this is pretty obvious. You should get more sleep by getting into the habit of going to sleep earlier. You're asking if something is wrong with you when you are plainly stating that you go to sleep around 2am and 4am....

Sounds like you've devolved into a couch potato. Get out and start doing things.

You need to have a normal pattern of sleeping hours.
Your body is just trying to adjust. Maybe you should see a doctor.

Maybe your sleeping habits have messed up something. You shouldn't stay up until 4. I'm definitely not any expert on this, but call and ask a doctor. Hope i helped

There is a possible chance you have glandular fever. Or depending how old you are, you may just be growing.

if you have been eating alot of fastfood, that can make u sleepy

you could be growing............

Breaking Dawn Luvr 4evr
no just tired try goin to sleep at a normal time like 10 pm maybe lol

you are sleeping too much

sometimes when you rest and sleep to much your body gets exhausted
instead of lying around do something active you will feel better i promise

Jess M
I think all the lack of sleep has finally caught up with you. A person should normally get about 8 hours of undisturbed sleep a night, and there is a certain time period when you should go to sleep - not past about 11 pm at night. It allows your body to be rested as per the time you have been awake, say if you wake up at 8am in the morning. I think you should just sleep until the tiredness goes - i have felt the same in the past and it is a thing that goes in stages.
Incidentally, just go to the doctor and say what has been happening. Describe your sleep patterns and just ask if they want to run any tests - ie, a blood test to make sure you are not lacking any vitamins or iron.
Hope you wake up soon sleepy head!

you sound like you're sick. Are you drinking enough fluids, and eating right/enough? I used to have a friend when I was young, and his parents NEVER fed him enough, he slept CONSTANTLY. It is your body's way of conserving energy when it has no fuel to run on. Also, are you depressed? This can affect your emotions HEAVILY. Did you experience something traumatic recently? There are many reasons this could be happening, ask yourself about these things I've named off, and if any of them are possible, do what you can to remedy them. You may need to see a doctor possibly if you are worried about it. You sound like you are, and it will definitely not hurt you to see one.

I'm in love with my toddler
maybe you have a thyroid problem.
i do... so i know how you feel

♥ Jordyn ♥
Your biological clocks are messed up from your sleeping schedule. You need to start getting on a more reliable schedule (i.e. go to sleep at 12 AM, wake up at 10 AM). That way you'll get 10 hours of rest, and if you keep on that schedule, you'll more than likely not be tired.

maybe you have sleep apnea. get checked for it. it hurts your heart.

Have you tried lyng down and closing your eyes?

idk what it is i been having the same problem too. I been so tired i would almost fall asleep walking some where!

Idiocrassy Master. Own up. (:
When you sleep to much it strangely enough makes your body even more tired. I've had the same problem and the only thing is to really try and not fall asleep again and do something active.
Sorry if that helps you like not at all. /:

No, nothing is wrong with you! What's happening is that your body is getting used to resting. The more you sleep the more you want to sleep; the more you eat the more you want to eat.
It's just what you are doing that makes you feel tired.

So get up scream, run and then go have some fun!!!

You need to get out and get some exercise and maintain a regular schedule with your sleeping. I don't know your age, but I usually have a small glass of wine before bed. It takes the edge off and allows me to relax at bedtime. Also, try a hot bath. I hope this helps and good luck!

no eveyone goes throught the summer, boredness, nothing to do thing...lol just find something physical to do during the day so u can fall asleep at night

Your period?
Maybe even your sick.
Yeah, but same here.
It seems like I am almost the same way:
I go to sleep around 1-3 in the morning and wake up around 10:30 and up.
I guess I'm used to it or something because I have created my own time change.

Here are some of many reasons for the problem you're facing.

1.) Change in eating patterns/types of food

2.) Change in time and intensity of light exposure

3.) Change in mood/change in amount of stress/change in amount of social activites

4.) Change in amount of activites done, especially physical activites and exercise

5.) This could be temporary just because of your age, particularly if you are in adolescence or late adulthood or mid-aged.

6.) Viral or bacterial infection

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