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Sarah D
I'm having an operation soon, and I'm really worried....?
I have had an anaesthetic before but only a small dose as I was only out for about 15-20 minutes. This operation requires me to be out cold for a few hours. I know it sounds stupid, but I'm worried about not waking up. Should i be worrying myself, or will i be fine as I have had one before and had no reaction from it?Please help...

Annie M
No point in worrying about it as it wont make any difference.

You'll be ok don't worry

obviously there are risks associated with general anaesthetic, but if you are fit and healthy, there should not really be any risks, I would only worry if you are seriously ill or have heart problems.

old know all
Under anaesthetic, you have a load of equipment and a full time medic monitoring your condition all the time. You stand a much better chance of waking up from your operation than you do from sleeping at night.

Immediately before the operation they'll give you a shot of barbiturate. The next thing you'll know is you'll be in the recovery room. You've got the easy job.

Nurse Soozy
Hi Sarah

It is only natural to be scared before an anaesthetic, so please don't beat yourself up over being worried.

Anaesthetic is safer now than it has ever been, and the fact that your surgery is planned (as opposed to emergency) gives you plenty of time to make sure you're as fit as possible for the anaesthetic and the recovery period.

Are you having your operation at the same hospital you had your last one? If so, the anaesthetic chart will be in your hospital notes, so your anaesthetist will know exactly what you had last time. If it's possible, they will give you the same anaesthetic drugs this time - the only difference is it will last longer. You're not given more at the beginning, induction of anaesthesia is pretty much the same for most people. The level of anaesthesia is monitored closely throughout and topped up, rather than you being given a whacking great dose to be put to sleep, and the increasingly sophisticated monitoring equipment used these days means that it is extremely rare for people to be given too much (or too little) anaesthetic.

You need to be aware that complications AFTER anaesthetic can occur, most of which are as a result of prolonged immobility. There are things you can do to minimise these risks wherever possible - the main thing is get your lungs and circulation back to normal as soon as you can. Every day you're in hospital you will be given an injection to help thin your blood and prevent blood clots. You may be given a pair of compression stockings to wear, these also help prevent clots. If you can't get up and around, rotate your ankes every so often to get your circulation going. Do some deep breathing exercises a couple of times a day for a week before you go in - sit upright and take 10 really deep breaths in and out through your mouth as slowly as you can. This will ensure your lungs are functioning as well as they can prior to the anaesthetic. Do these exercises for another week or so after the op. It goes without saying that if you smoke, stop if you can.

You can never have too much information, and the more you have, the more aware you will be of any potential problems after surgery which enables you to act on them quickly. Have a look at the website below for more reassurance, and good luck...you'll be fine. :)

Dont worry you will be fine just lay back relax and close your eyes it feels like only a second has gone by and your waking up again. I hope it goes well for you.

Andromeda Newtonâ„¢
Don't worry you'll be fine! i had five ops in the last year and decided well its a decent sleep where i get ot have some rest!! If you haven't had a reaction before chances are you won't have one again.

Basically stop worrying, it won't help, lay back, enjoy the ride and have a great recovery! xxx

Callum Mc
Dont worry you'll be fine ;)

good question but dont worry yerself the surgeons will be fully aware of your condition the whole time you are out, dont be scared only a few people dont come round and they are usually the infirm

I think it is a normal fear, not particularly rational but common.
Be sure to talk to your anesthetist at least a few days before your scheduled surgery, he/she should be able to allay your fears. And remember you have the right to have the best one possible, find out who other people have used and how their experiece was. I've had 3 major and 1 minor sugery and all went well.

Sexy Red
Hi Sarah being put under by a general is completly safe,you are being monitored all the time by professional staff.Before your operation the anaesthetic consultant will come round and ask you about any medical problems you may have this will be all written down in red pen,if the drs wasent happy about the operation or you being put asleep i promise you they wouldnt do it.I have worked in theatres many time in my job and i know what it all involves with a patient being put asleep,kepted asleep and waking the patient up.I promise you,you will be fine.Good Luck with your op.Oh yes ive been put under 7 times and everything has been ok.

Id be scared too.Im a chicken when it comes to this stuff.Id say,,be sure that they check your heart first if you are that concerned.Good Luck.

If you have anaesthetic before and there was no problems, You will be fine, and asked doctor for nerve pill ,for day of operation, to relax you.........

jean m
I understand how you feel, before my last operation I was ready to do a runner. But it wasnt that bad and I didnt have any major side effects when I came round.

If I were you I wouldn't worry about not waking up.... but rather the opposite.

I've been under general anaesthetic twice... and both times I wished I'd never woken up again.... because the moment I opened my eyes I was in agony...
The first time it was excrutiating at first, but lessened after a few hours. The second time it was not quite as bad, but lasted for a week.

Heh... I'm probably making you feel worse.... but at the very least you shouldn't be too worried about NOT waking up ... There are far FAR worse things that could happen. I'd say it'd be a pretty good way to go if you didn't...

Needless to say you WILL wake up again.
Its an entirely unjustified fear, since unless you have a fatal condition to be dealt with, you're not in any danger of dying and the unconsciousness is temporary.

Like I said... worry about waking up too early. People put you under general anaesthetic for one good reason: Because if you were conscious, the pain would be more than you could bare.

Charlie Brigante
Don't be worried. I've had GA and I woke up (feeling like *hit though!). Look at it this way, if you don't wake up, you'll never know and if you do, you will, so either way its at your advantage. I'm sure you'll be fine. Many people have GA's everyday (1000's) and the risk of not waking up is probably less than getting run over by a car in the street. Good luck with your op.

Don't worry about it. I've gone under several times and it was the same everytime. The doctor's are very careful about how much anesthesia is given to patients. It is determined by your size so as not to give too much. I guarantee you'll have no problems. Like the last person said, just enjoy the ride and relax.

Hopefully your operation will go great. It is natural to worry about the operation procedures, just try to relax and stop thinking about everything. Sorry your having an operation, but take care and let us know how your doing. Good luck.

Who Am I
I am also going in for an operation. In fact, I am seeing the doctor today to set the date of the operation. I am also scared. It is a natural feeling in this situation. After all, if everything was OK, you wouldn't need an operation.

That being said, you have to put it into perspective. Many people have operations every day. Things happen. You can't dwell on it. With advancements in technology, operations are getting safer and safer. Recovery time is getting shorter and shorter. You'll be just fine. So will I.

To end this on a lighter note, do you know the definition of a minor operation?..............................… one that is performed on someone else :^)

First of all, it is not stupid for you to worry about this. Most people who have to undergo surgery worry about the anesthesia, it's a scary situation.
Since you have had anesthesia before without problem, you shouldn't have any this time. The best thing you can do to help relieve some of your anxiety is set up an appointment to talk to the anesthesiologist that will be taking care of you during the surgery. Normally the anesthesiologist does meet with you anyway before surgery, but it is for only a few minutes. Call the hospital and schedule a time with him when he won't be rushed and can answer any questions and concerns you have. He will be able to go over exactly what will happen to you, and tell you what will be done is the small chance that a problem does arise. Knowing all the info and exactly who will be in charge of your care should help. Good luck.

Bless you, i posted this same question 4 weeks ago, as i was due an operation, and i was afraid of the anaesthetic, even though i had also had one before. I had my operation, and the aneasetist, was lovely, as was my nurse, they put me completely at rest, reassured me i would be fine. They even turned off the heart monitor, because the bleeping was making me anxious, they turned it off until i went to sleep. The nurse held my hand, as the needle went in, and the next thing i knew, i was in recovery. Please tell your anaesetist your concern, they will then make sure you are reassured, you will be fine hun, i PROMISE you, i know exactly how you feel, but you will be fine. Let us know when you are recovered, and i wish you all the best with your op, you will be absolutely fine, take care.

Vicky A
Hi Sarah,

You have nothing to worry about, think about the millions of people who are put under every day. I've had it done loads of times and been out for a few hours. You don't know any different, you're asleep before you can count down from 10 and then you wake up in what feels like a second later.

Make sure you explain to them that you're nervous when you go in and if they're nice enough, they'll put aside any concerns you may have. It always help if you can take someone along who calms your nerves to be there before you go in and as soon as you come round.

I hope everything works out for you. Good Luck.

Its understandable to be anxious before an operation, and I don't think you worrying about not waking up sounds stupid at all...I have had a few operations requiring me to 'out cold for a few hours' too and altough I had had many minor surgeries before, I was still anxious before the major ops....as with anything anaesthesia carries risks which is why you undergo a few tests, blood pressure, general health etc to make sure you are ok to go through with the procedure. Your anaesthetist should come and visist you to have a quick chat on the ward shortly before your op, take the opportunity to voice your concerns and he/she should be able to try and alleviate your fears.....try to remain positive and calm...some lavender oil with a little peppermint and chammomile will help....take care and I am sure all will be well. xx

Hi Sarah, my mum was in surgery and I was worried stiff as well until I told myself, hey, if anything (touch wood) would to happen, you are in the hospital, which is the place you should be if anything happened in the first place. So don't worry, those people have done their bit over and over again that they can probably do it with both eyes closed :) (not that you want that!)... best of luck ok? :)

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