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I'm 26 and have never burped, this is not a joke, can anyone teach me?
I have never been able to make myself burp. The gas builds in my throat and just makes an irritating gurgle/growling noise. People have tried to teach me, "Just go like this," "Swallow air," nothing works. Can anyone explain why I can't burp or explain how I could?

inhale deeply and dont BREATHE! HAHA...jk, i dont know, it just comes naturally..

oh and you probably burped when you were a baby, u just dont remember, id say if u didnt get burped when you were a baby then you wouldnt be alive today

Missa K
wow!! drink lots of pepsi then LET IT RIP!! have you ever farted?lmao

Яyǎń $™
You get air in your mouth,swallow it then quickly burp.

You might have acid reflux. See a doctor.

Drink 30 2 liters of soda. If you don't burp, you may need professional help.

drink lots of orange juice then lots of soda then do like 20 jumping jacks and sit down.

Really???? Honestly???? Never???? HHHHMMMMM Well if your 26 and you haven't burped by now, why start?

Gonna Be A Star
Burbing is a gas not something people can do drink a lot of pop (cola,sprite,etc) and drink it quickly and try to push out gases

drink a cup full of mountain dew as fast as you can... the carbon should help you burp!

I am 15 and neither have I!!! I have tried and tried!! just doesnt work!! I dont think there is anything wrong with that though!!

WOW!! I've never heard that before!! Try swallowing a lot of pop(or soda) at one time. Or swallow air. Or, when you're breathing in, take the extra step to 'open' your throat to allow more air to enter, and then close off.

Just drink a whole orange soda without stopping, then when you feel the gas building up, open your mouth and and kinda like, uh, hold your breath I guess and push? LOL, I don't know how to explan this.

why is this important to you? let me guess: you want to burp your name and effectively gross out every female within earshot. hmmm..well good luck with that.

i knew someone like!! that he used to drink cans off coke like mad and not a burp out of him,its a talent.

If others have tried to teach you and you still can't learn.....Then I have no idea how I can teach you. My only advice drink lots of fizzy drinks and wait till you feel the burp comming up your throat, open your mouth and let it expell, if that doesn't work, then your on your own.

The One And Only Monkey Man
I can not bur too u r not the only 1 lol
dont worry
it is funny lol

PAC 4 life - rami

and you will burp like you never did before

James B
Yeah, drink like 6 litres of coke, then run up and down some stairs...

Pink Jasmine
I think that there is a possibility that you have a medical condition where something is actually blocking your ability to force the air out loudly or with force. It's not life threatening or anything, but it could be if it happens to be a growth or a tumor in your throat. You might want to just make sure by having your ears, nose, and throat looked at by a physician. I have seen a few cases of this in a medical text book, but never a confirmed case. Until then, if you feel well, don't worry ab out it. It doesn't sound all that great anyway!!

Not Me
Ice cold COKE works for me. I burp like crazy .... embarrassing! lol

You have NEVER burped in your ENTIRE LIFE?! Woah I almost pity you...at least you can never be called rude though. =] Congrats!

The gurgle/growling noises are your burps but you have to open your mouth otherwise you get those noises and not a real burp!!

drink beer or 7up.

I cant believe it. I thought I was the only one that had never burped. I'm 25 and I am EXACTLY the same. I have asked people before to teach me but I just dont get it.
At least we are unique.

Animal Luverr™
Brightly wound is RIGHT! xD

I tried it right now haha ♥

I am Ninja!
Swallow lots of air and then pound your chest...LOL it sounds gross but it should work!

Trevor S
i'm the same way..i dont get it,im 16,me and my brother both gurgle burp(the term we call it),and sometimes i turn around and make the noise at this weird girl in chemistry for fun.
everyone laughs at it.
i know exactly what you're all talking about.
i've had about 2,maybe 3 weak burps in my life.
its weird pressure in my throat,sometimes i can make the noise continue for about 4-5 seconds if i try hard enough.i'm pretty good at it i might say...whether or not i should be proud of it,i am.
whether or not i open my mouth you can still hear it.louder if i open mouth.
myspace.com/trevy44 if you want to talk.

lee b
here you go boss

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