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jojo, thanks!

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I totally know the feeling and here my recipe for a restful night's sleep.

First I try not to eat too late so my body can digest completely before I go to bed.

Then, when watching TV or reading a book, I'll drink an herbal tea (you have loads of relaxing flavours to suit your needs and tastes at the supermarket) which helps me relax and is also very healthy. I also take time to pamper myself before heading to bed: a full face cleanup and some night cream and get into conformable night-clothes.

Maybe 10 minutes before going to bed, I'll put my essential oil diffuser on so the room smells nice and I'll light on a softened light to get the atmosphere warm and relaxing.

Hope this helps and happy nights!

pink hearts3 ♥
what I normally do, is think of something really great that you want to dream about, keep the thought going for ages, till you've thought about it so much, that you will dream of it, and the next night you'll look forward to going to bed!

Never oversleep
Never oversleep because of a poor night's sleep. This is the most crucial rule. Get up at about the same time every day, especially on the morning after you've lost sleep. Sleeping late for just a couple of days can reset your body clock to a different cycle -- you'll be getting sleepy later and waking up later.

2. Set your body clock
Light helps restart your body clock to its active daytime phase. So when you get up, go outside and get some sunlight. Or if that's difficult, turn on all the lights in your room.
Then walk around for a few minutes. The calves of your legs act as pumps and get blood circulating, carrying more oxygen to your brain to help get you going.

3. Exercise
Keep physically active during the day. This is especially important the day after a bad night's sleep. When you sleep less, you should be more active during the day. Being less active is one of the worst things an insomniac can do.
Strenuous exercise (brisk walking, swimming, jogging, squash, etc.) in late afternoon seems to promote more restful sleep. Also, insomniacs tend to be too inactive a couple of hours before bed. Do some gentle exercise. A stretching routine has helped many people.

4. Don't nap
Do not take any naps the day after you've lost sleep. When you feel sleepy, get up and do something. Walk, make the bed, or do your errands.
While studying, get up regularly (every 30 minutes, or more often if necessary) to walk around your room. Do a gentle stretch. That will increase the flow of oxygen to your brain and help you to be more alert.

5. Set a bedtime schedule using these two steps:
First, try to go to bed at about the same time every night. Be regular. Most people get hungry at 7 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m. because they've eaten at those times for years. Going to bed at about the same time every night can make sleep as regular as hunger.

Second, go to bed later when you are having trouble sleeping. If you're only getting five hours of sleep a night during your insomnia period, don't go to bed until just five hours before your wake-up time. For instance, if you've been waking up at 7 a.m., don't go to bed until 2 a.m. No naps! Make the time you spend in bed sleep time. Still some insomnia? Go to bed proportionately later. Then, as your time in bed becomes good sleep time, move your going-to-bed time back 15 to 30 minutes a night and do that for a week or so.
This is the opposite of what we want to do: we want to go to bed earlier to make up the lost sleep. Learn to do what many sleep laboratories teach -- go to bed later the night after losing sleep.

Hope some of these ideas help. good luck sleeping.

☆.·´ Pretty Star With Girl `·.☆
A hot bath or shower with lavender oil.. :-)

ur not really supposed to sleep staright away after eating cuz it dunt give u time to work it off, but i tell u theres nothing like the feeling of a full belly, then just rolling over to sleep.
But a better way is probably to start with a hot bath, with a warm milky drink, then read in bed, spend time doing this, winding down, this calming routine will relax the mind, and make it easy to slip ino sleep. If you want to go even further, drink a glass of oj or water an hour before you go to bed, this will work the toxins out of ur liver while u sleep all night, sweet dreams,xx xx

Daniel E
BY giving yourself good posture of sleep

buy new matress or at least expesive bedding as you owe it to yourself.nice pjs.switch tv and web off.sit with nice book,have bath.get in your fresh bed.li ght a sented candle.watch it glow 4 5 mins ,blow out and hit the pillow.feather duvets are great.as is a cute teddyif your a girl.just listen to the silence and relax .i love bedtime

bespoke (made to measure) ear plugs! they work a treat cuts out the majority of noise also black out curtains if your window is facing the sun in the morning

A hard days work and the love of a good women.

doz tha jock
Have a nice relaxing bath with an aromatherapy bubble bath containing lavender or ylang ylang in it. Don't watch television to fall asleep as it stimulates your mind and i find it sometimes causes me to have nightmares as my brain is still active.

Keep it boring. Don't do or watch anything interesting or exciting .Knit, do the ironing read the phone book (I don't really mean that one). That's why sleep hypnosis tapes work, it seems to me, they don't give your mind anything to play with, so as long as you are comfortable, you can get to sleep. Worth a try?

Drink lots
Read a book in bed

8 cans of Tennants and 6 Diazepan.

You cannot go wrong with a lovely, hot, creamy Horlicks just before you go to bed.

ear plugs and an eye mask work wonders for me!

I found a small whisky could help if used one night and one night only. Failing that a very boring book anad getting quite cold, have a cup of tea and after about an hour go back to bed. You will think I'm never going to sleep and then the blasted alarm will go off .

A large glass of warm milk and a Banana should do the trick.
The Banana? you say....yes its full of iron and will aid a restfull sleep.

Ross T
I used to suffer terribly from restless sleeps but now I've hit the sweet spot. The answer is to get up earlier in the morning. I now find myself drifting off in front of the telly at 10 or 11pm.......... or perhaps I'm just getting old.

danny t
generous swig of benylin and a large cognac.

take a bath before you go to bed

or relax the last 2 r 3 hours before sleep

Ollie D
puffed up pilows teddy bear and a hot chocolate and some tv

1. Eat early, about 6 o'clock
2. Have a bubble bath
3. Listen to classic or slow music quietly
4. Have a hot chocolate
5. Don't go to sleep too late

(not necessarily in this order)

why is everyone writing essay's on this subject (c other answers!). try putting some sleep therapy oil or spray on your pillow, get some relaxing incense sticks, make sure your bed is comfortable, soft pillows etc, if it's not too warm have a hot water bottle to cuddle, even go to bed naked! it all works for me! enjoy!

sarah r
A litre of vodka and a spliff!

☆ Memphis Belle ☆
If I've been trouble about something I don't try and sleep until I'm really tired, even if that means sitting in a comfy chair and watching a few DVDs.

I silk pillow case is the ultimate in luxury and helps to keep your face wrinkle free.

I don't eat after 6:00pm.

A great mattress ~ never skimp on that.

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