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 How can i stop smoking weed?
i smoke lots of cannabis and i enjoy it, but when i dont have it i become bored and anxious. im a little temperamental and i feel like i really want it. how do i stop all of this?...

 Nearly thirty, never been athletic, what's the best sport to pick up and why?

Additional Details
I said nearly thirty, not nearly sixty!!! Gimme a break!...

 Is it gross that I don't wash my arms and legs?
I usually don't wash my arms and legs because...well...they're not dirty. Unless I've been doing yardwork, I usually just...yeah.
Is that gross?
Additional Details

 Anybody here ready for bed?
Had bad panick attack last night,anyone else get them?
Additional Details
Makes me apprehensive about going to bed....

 Please help me. I'm having a Blood Test. I'm terrified of needles. Will it hurt ? Really don't want it. SCARED
Having a Blood Test soon. I'm 13 years old

Sooo scared and hate needles. Been in tears about it.

Mom's making my have it, but i don't want it. lol.


 Why Do I Sleep So Much?
Im 15 and I always need like 10-11 hours of sleep or im real tired. Everyone else is fine with about 7 hours. Why do I sleep so much? I found out in one of my classes at school that it might be that I...

 I just want to quit smoking !!!!!! how ?
smokes 6-7 cigarette every day and want to come out from this habit ..... for this pls suggest me strong tips how it will be possible......

 What is a painless and quick way to die?
I want to die, badly! From the moment I was born I have only brought pain to others and myself. I just want to stop suffering but I am too much of a coward, I'm scared of suffering while I try ...

 How do you force yourself to fall asleep?

 i got so high last night that i ended up in the hospital!?
ok so all i know is i am smoked a freaking joint and i drunk ike a mixed drink and i got soooo stoned its never happened like that before and i thought whoever i was with was going to kiill me! so i ...

 I only slept 4 hours, I can't go to sleep!?!?
It's school winter break, So this is what happened..
I woke up at 1pm. and 4pm i go to my friends house,
and 7pm i drink this cheap Arizona Ice Tea Energy Drink called (All City). So T...

 Can't sleep?
There's nothing bothering me and the room i'm sleeping in is fine. There's no noise when i'm trying to sleep... the bed is commfortable and the temperature is fine. What could be ...

 What is the dangly/wiggly thing hanging at the back of the throat called?

 what doe's D.N.A. stand for?

 i need to get a doctors note for work before tomorow. the thing is my doctor won't give me one?
any ideas on how i could get my hands on a doctors note fake or real. i can even try to fix one up????? if i could get ...

 Why am i always cold?
Even when its really hot im always cold, my family open windows and i have to shut them because i constantly shiver, i dont really understand? does anyone know what could be wrong??...

 What's all the controversy about Antibiotics? Are they bad for you?
I've heard that people shouldn't take them. Or that they at least shouldn't take them too much.

What's the main controversy about antibiotics?...

 I'm having an operation soon, and I'm really worried....?
I have had an anaesthetic before but only a small dose as I was only out for about 15-20 minutes. This operation requires me to be out cold for a few hours. I know it sounds stupid, but I'm ...

 Extremely TIRED!!?
I get about 5-7 hours of sleep a night and every single day im so exhausted that as soon as my head hits the pillow, im out. During the day at work I can hardly keep my eyes open and it's very ...

 I have to urinate every 2 hours or so...it feels like my bladder is really full but it last like 10 seconds??
Is this normal????...

what goes around comes around
How many times do we have to change our underwear?

Julia L
hehe. Thanks for making me laugh today.

You don't ever "have" to change your underwear if you don't want to, but if you don't, not many people will want to hang around. You can also use the "no underwear" option.

3xs a day

Hopefully at least everytime you take a bath which I am hoping you take everyday. So general rule at least once a day.

once everyday.
the sweat accumulated here is perhaps the most important cause for bad odour and boils

Once daily.

once if not twice a day

I go through like 4 tee shirts and 2 pair of boxer briefs

(i shower, a lot), its hot

I agree with Rams

nick m
Dude, are you crazy? At least once a year, come on, don't be gross :- s

once a day

Every week on bath day whether they need it or not

Tiffany C
once a day

unless you take a shower in the middle of the day

then change them twice.

Thats an odd question by the way.

it differ from country to country acourding to the weather and the need of changing it

depends on what you do through out the day. Once daily if a boring day, anything other than that change them. Go with this if you smell, change.

Texas Cowboy
You should every day at least.

At least daily, or any time they get dirty.

You can wear a pair of underwear for four days. For day two, turn it around backwards. For day three, turn it inside out. For day four, wear it inside out and backwards.

atleast once a day

I free ball it.

I change mine twice a day.

at least daily...unless you have other issues.

What underwear

I'm out there baby...and lovin every minute of it!

Good Knight
every day so you don't get boo boos on your butt and balls, lol

Kellan J
600 times a week.

Who wears underwear anymore?

At least once a week. John, you change with Fred. Jerry, you change with Sue. Mary, you change with Harry.

Harold T
once a day


Private Account
Once daily, or more if you pee or poop in your pants. lol

twice a day.

atliest once a day unless something happens

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