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How long does it take before you become addicted to smoking. How often would you need to smoke and how many?
i like a smoke now and then because i get a euphoric rush from it, but can stop for days then smoke 20 in a day.

But i've started a job recently where a lot of the staff smoke and being around them makes me want to smoke so im doing it a lot more... but i don't want to get addicted.

Sensible answers only... i don't need a comment saying "just don't smoke and you wont get addicted" hello stating the obvious but everyone needs some form of treat.

I would also smoke if i was anxious or angry.

The Dude
ok i am 14 and i smoke about 8 cigerettes a day for about 3 days then i will skip 1 or have a person at job hold them all times so if ur at home u cant smoke a lot

Have fun smoking your life away.

3 a day is enough to become addicted, because you will be pretty much have the drug (nicotine) in your system at all times then.

thats how addiction works, if you can go 4 days out of a week without your ok

Punk of the Nation
Best answer, DON'T SMOKE!

find a different way to replace your smoking when you get angry or anxious. try maybe nicorette gum to get all the niccotene out of your system. or maybe regular gum. you could bite your nails. you could chew on a pencil. just a healthier way to distract from smoking then you can find a way to stop the distracting habit. just dont watch your coworkers smoke. or ask them not to smoke in front of you if you are in a car or eaing in a restaraunt. good luck i hope this helps.

i tried smoking, smoked a pack (even two packs) but i never got addicted to it. also, it depends on the person. some people are more susceptible to nicotine.

One cigarette.

You realize addiction when you look in hindsight. No one realizes their addiction while they are doing something...only in hindsight...Stop now before you are headed on the operating table for a cardiac bypass. Look forward to years of walking with an oxygen tank.

Sounds just like me...I smoke clove cigarettes, and started because of stress. I can go without them fine unless I am stressed out over something, or unless a lot of people around me are smoking, then I will settle for one of their normal cigarettes. You will get addicted if you have them every day, but sounds like it will be more of the hand to mouth action that you will want, not so much just the nicotine. Some people smoke for the nicotine, some for the act, some for both. If you are lucky you will never get addicted to the nicotine, and if you feel yourself wanting one, just go 15 mins and then see if you are still dying for one. Chances are you will be over the notion. That is the best thing to do, really, it really works.

Felicia M
you sound alot like me i smoke sometimes and then put it off and then i smoke alot me really the best thing for me is control you have to keep in mind that you don't want this to become an addiction so what longer periods in between smokes remind yourself that its okay but you don't need one every day. chew peppermint that helps when your around others smoking. you can email mail me if you want to chat [email protected]

Kat S
you will get addicted to smoke if you feel emotion. for exmaple, you mentioned you smoke when you're angry, anxious, etcc...so in order to not get addicted, you'll probably have to stop feeling - just kidding! there's an important underlying problem besides smoking here. 1) peer pressure and determination/will powerr. There seems to be a reason as to why you don't have the ability to control your cravings. Remember, there is nothing that is addictive, you make it addictive. Were you bullied as a kid? Do you feel the need to be accepted? Do you follow trends? Are you a fashionable person, aka mainstream fashion? Some of these answers, if yes, may lead one to think you are follow the status quo.

You can get addicted from the very first smoke. For exmaple, let's say a close family member died in Suzie's life, and after the funeral she had a smoke. She felt amazing, in a very low point in her life. Now Suzie is addicted to the feeling that smokes give her. So, even if you don't know it, you could already by addicted. By not having some in a while, and then 20 in one day, is binge smoking, alot like binge drinking. If you were under control, you would not binge. You are addicted.

When you are angry or anxious, what makes you angry or anxious? Let me guess...did you have a tough time during exams, possibly overcome with emotion...or maybe you were the polar oppisite and laid back,not really caring. Either way, you must learn to deal with your emotions in a proper manner. What makes you angry? Why? Does the neieghbours dog barking in the afternoon make you angry? Learn to ignore the dog and just "not care" about it. What makes you anxious? Stress is a very bad thing in lfie, it can cause many health problems and the onset of early aging!! YIKES!!

Eat a balanced diet, excersize (yeah i bet you hear it everywhere, but it helps). Do it day by day. Don't elimante everything in one day and go cold turkey, it works for some, but it won't for you.

Do you miss people easily in youre life? Are you afraid to go to places alone...as in can you go shopping, in a mall, alone? Or do you need a friend or someone there with you? Are you trying to use cigs as friends?

Okay...you want cigs as a treat...I won't tell you about the health hazzards because you're smart enough to know them. If you must smoke, try eatting nicorette gum, or using patches. If you just want to smoke keep it down to 1 per week...down to 1 per month...or just on special occassions ie) birthdays, holidays, promotion, parties...etc.

hope this helps!

my answer to this has to be yes,my wife was in hospital many years ago and was recuperating and feeling a bit down,one of the nurses said to her have cigarette love to calm you down,since that day she has smoked not many i should say about 8 a day some days perhaps a few more she is 77 now but she still enjoys it.

Just Me
Your already becomming addicted. Your final comment said it all, stop now before you become the addict of a drug so dangerous it makes all illegal recreational drugs look safe.

Tobacco kills more yearly than every war and aids in this world, it has the highest addiction rate of all drugs making it more addictive than heroin, it does NO good for our body NOY 1 benefit.

Tobacco once used, sticks in our brains for years, when you become stressed the receptors created withdrawal symptoms so you smoke which cures the stress why because the brain says falsely your withdrawing so when u take more tobacco in the body it removes this false sense of withdrawals.

Sorry girl either you stop all together now or you will end up an addict and you already are becomming one.

Treat lmao a treat that is more harmful to mental health than cannabis, a drug that is more addictive than heroin 66% of all user become addicts compared with 19% of heroin users. A treat that kills you strains our health care system destroys the health of others around you who dont smoke, and a treat that makes evil legalized drug dealers rich.

Im sorry that line is pathetic and you are becommign addicted right now.

Cigarettes are legal but they are evil. Cigarettes and tobacco in all forms increases risk of mental illness by 98% whereas Cannabis by 1%.

Almost ALL smokers wil lend up dying from their greedy addiction. Yes addiction is greedy and when u withdraw you take it out on everyone around you.

I know about addiction because I am an addict to another legal substance. Want a treat then dont take a drug in the body that kills you and does no good for you, the rush you speak of is a nicotine rush and it aint that pleasant, why not think of a treat as spending time with yur loved ones and family going out on trips with them.

20 a day lmao thats you hooked line a sink.

Even my mother who has smoked her entire life and at 20 a day says it she wish she never started now she hooked. Her smoking has almost torne my entire family apart, its horrible to get a call to say my mom has passed out in the street stopped breathing all because of tobacco.

Especially when my nana died from Emphasemia (mind spelling) from cigarette use.

But hey carry on smoking your become an addict, your find yourself begging others for it when u have no money picking up butts of the floor when u have no money, you find it decreases your chances of getting pregnant and if u had kids your find it upsets them and destroys their health, men find women who smoke unattractive and stink all the time regardless what u spray on urself.

Keep smoking you end up not being able to breathe without oxygen tanks like my nana, you find yourself with lung cancer, throat cancer and rotting teeth that fall out, your find you will stres your family and cause problems for them just cos of smokes, keep smoking your prob end up mentally ill with alzheimers when ur older or with anoter mental illness since it increases risk of getting them by 97 times more than Cannabis.

But hey its your treat, your treat will give you all of this, not to mention it makes youlook older younger and BTW it is proven it does NOT help with weight it does the opposite it only destroys taste buds and increases the chances of becomming blind.

Tobacco is the most dangerous recreational drug known to man FACT.

Henry V
The amount of cigarettes consumed by smokers vary before they become addicted. Addiction starts with a substance (in your case cigarettes) giving you a sense of euphoria or in some cases calmness. Addicted people would focus on the feeling/s that the substance give/s them and when something stressful comes up they turn to that substance to feel better. You will know that you are getting addicted when you start looking for cigarettes to make you feel better, like when your job becomes stressful and suddenly wanting to smoke.

Nicotine addiction is one of the hardest things to give up. If you feel that you are already addicted to nicotine, Phillip Morris has a program to help you quit smoking (they will help you seek treatment and may even help you financially with treatment)

I wish I could tell you, but unfortunately it varies from person to person depending on genetics and other factors. Some people remain social smokers forever, some can't get addicted at all. Others would already be addicted from doing what you're already doing. I think you're right though that doing it a lot more at work puts you at much higher risk for getting addicted. I'd say the chances are better than even.

the amount is different for everybody
there is no magic number of smokes or tokes
It only took me one

Addictions solely depend on brain structure. What they are teaching kids in school is corny and errorneous: not everyone is going to be a chain smoker after the first draw. Unfortunately more people have addictive personalities than don't, thus creating the generality that a person is doomed after the first cigarette. Some people can get addicted right away on the first cigarette while others (such as myself) can smoke a couple, then not think about it anymore. It's like casual drinkers vs. alcoholics; some people can even be occasional cocaine users then not use it until the next party or event, while others become dependent upon it. The reason why smoking relaxes some people is because there is Valium in cigarettes as well as a few assorted anti- depressants; this is why it is so hard for some people to quite; they are not just trying to kick nicotine, but many mood boosters.

It only takes 1 to start smoking.

Also it takes "1" answer to not smoke.

That answer is "No"

If you think this has helped you, visit my website for more answers to questions, visit http://www.freeonlinesites.blogspot.com :D

The answer man
to be honest the first cigarette can hook u u should try not to its bad for u and those around u its a horrible Habit that can kill try to avoid these situations.

it sounds like you're already addicted

"i would also smoke if i was anxious or angry"
this means you're relying on the smokes to get you through those... you're already addicted.

if u dont want to be addcited
dont do it at all
u might think u can stop, but one day u will try and fail

its different for everyone, it could take 1, or 50. u cant really tell, just dont do it because theres always a chance of becoming addicted. sry idk if u think thats an obvious answer or not, but im serious. its horrible for u and u really shouldnt take the chance.


The Cubic Wonder
If you are having trouble controlling your urge to smoke, you're already on your way to being addicted. Also, smoking to calm yourself is a sign that your body has a dependence. Stop.

Adams mommy
sounds like you are addicted if you smoke 20 a day after going long periods. getting addicted to smoking is different for everyone

Looks to me like your already addicted whether you think you are or not. I only smoke when I drink and I've started to crave them when I'm not drinking which means I'm addicted. You don't have to smoke all the time to be considered addicted. Also you can try hypnotism, that worked for my friend and she hasn't picked up a cigarette or even had a craving for one in 3 years. Good luck! =)

It doesn't matter how much you smoke. You can get addicted by just one cigarette one puff. If you don't want to get addicted then don't smoke.

Sounds like you're about to be addicted. How long before addiction, how many you need, and how often all depend on the individual. I'm still addicted but have started to limit myself. Instead of having access to an entire pack, I'll only put 10 or 7 in a pack for the whole day and schedule my cigarettes.
Don't want to state the obvious, but you should really stop. It's disgusting. I hate doing it.

sounds like you are already addicted. visit dr. oz's page on oprah. it helped me .

The second you start smoking when you are alone is the tell tale sign that you are addicted.

I have a few friends who are social only smokers (they can go weeks without having a cig) who smoke around others in pubs or at work but do not smoke at home and have rather large (weeks) breaks between cigs.

Best advice! Smoke once in a while - don't bow down to peer pressure just because others are smoking at work - it doesn't mean you have too!

If you really want to smoke with your collegues then limit yourself - for example go out for 3 cigs a week with your collegues and no more. Stick to it though.

If you continue to smoke often you will become addicted.

Good Luck!

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