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How can i stop smoking weed?
i smoke lots of cannabis and i enjoy it, but when i dont have it i become bored and anxious. im a little temperamental and i feel like i really want it. how do i stop all of this?

Shiromi D
Why would you want to?

eat weed

think about how good smoking weed is

call FRANK

well first off why do you want to stop...it's amazing...and second off if you really want to stop just stop weed isn't addicting it's all in your head

grow your own that way you will have more of it and wont feel that way so often remember no one likes a quitter

Just, stop smoking it.

Well if you are addicted to something, you will have some sort of withdrawals. You have to just stop buying it lol. Then you cant! But you need to find a new hobby to do in place of it so you dont get bored. A really good one that works is to work out. If you are anxious just run on a treadmill! You will get way healthier too! I bet a gym membership is a bit cheaper than all that weed

Mark your calender and start smoking less and less each time then have gum afterwards

Start shooting up heroine or snorting cocaine

you should do what they did in that one movie, burn it all in your backyard and then everyone is going to be hooked, don't do that actually, you should tell your parents (if your like young) if they don't know and go to like therapy, or you can do what others had said, like find a much better hobby like sports, acting, art, but anything is better than killing yourself.

Well, looking at the fact that you are anxious and bored. Find something to do other than MJ. Seriously, take on gaming or something. Anxiety on the other hand is something that you can actually find methods of controlling, yourself.

It will probably take a lot of mental strain, but eventually you will get a grip and find other things that make you feel the way you do on weed.

... That's what I did ;)

JUST stop
It is not addicting just find something else to do go for a walk go to see a movie read a book

well one weed is not addictive, two u can find something else like candy when u get temperamental and feel the need to smoke. if u get bored than try finding an activity to do in your spare time like swimming or running to get your lungs back in shape. i hope it helps bro!

Mrs. Edward Cullen
Try doing something to get your mind off of it and if you have enough sense to ask help to stop you can stop. And weed is really bad for you and you made the wrong choice starting but making a good choice of trying to stop. Don't ask us because we don't know you we're are only people on the internet. But ask someone around you to help you I sure hope that you can stop. :)

Paul D
You stop. I stopped. No problem. What they say about it being non-addictive is true. Just separate yourself from people offering it to you then you will be fine. Have to put forth a little effort since it is habitual but I haven't smoked for a year I think, long enough to not remember the last time. And when I do smoke it's not like I'm trying to find it when I come down or the next day.


Amanda F
lay it down dude

Strikly Buisness!
everytime you think about it punch ur self in the balls ,,,,,after a while when you think about it the pain will kick in and it becomes mental. you wont want to do it anymore....

I'm glad I could be of help to you today.

Tasha t
find a different hobby chew gum when u feel like smoking take a walk or go for a bike ride

talk to a doctor and / or therapist

chew gum instead

find a hobbie that keeps you moving. cycling, basketball you know.

stop buying it and being around it.

victimOF YAcultures &group
See a therapist. It's really hard to get addicted to weed so it's probably more of a mental thing.

Gum!! Just don't be one of those people who smack their gum like a cow... because that is SOOO annoying

Religious Nonsense
Go out and do something fun with the money you'd save.

You quit. You stop buying it. You stop smoking it. If you have a problem quitting then you have an addiction and should seek medical help. There are lots of smoking cessation clinics and aids out there. You just have to find the one that's right for you and your doctor can help you there.

- - Geordie Liberation Front - -
Put down the weed and then walk away. There are few tings in this world as simple as that.

Santa's Replacement

I find it humorus that you admit to being a weed junkie on Y!A.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Find something to fill your time until you get used to not smoking. Instead of going home after work and smoking, go to the gym and work out, or go shopping, or take a class, clean house. Go visit someone - that doesn't smoke weed. After a couple of weeks, you will be used to your life without smoking and it will get easier to resist.

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