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Blowing blood outta my nose!! HELP!!!?
about 2 mths ago I had a cold! after it was gone I would blow my nose in the am and ther would be blood!! now.. it has gotten worse! w more blood! my throat always feels horse (which is bad cuz i cant sing w/o my voice cracking and i sing in a choir) and once there was blood in my ears... what in the world is wrong w me??

Who K


why are you asking go to the ******* doctors!!!!!!!!!!!

Soley J
just a bloody nose relax!

Nicolas B
Its an infection go to the docter asap

Go see a doctor, from what I've read it could be a broken blood vesicle, which is serious.

don't do cocaine.

(Not implying anything! just saying)

Betty M
First call your doctor when you are this concerned. Many people break little blood vessels in their nose from blowing it to much. It sounds like you could have allergies as well. If you have nails also, this could account for finding blood in other areas after scratching. In any case any time there is blood the doctor needs to be notified to rule out other possibilities. Always take care of your body first!

me myself and i
probably just a sickness. a bad cold can affect your throat,ears and nose, so take some medicine that treats all three and if it doesn't clear up then you may want to see a doc.

Just see a doctor.

You are leaking. You may have a broken capillary in your nose, see a doctor to have this checked out. Blood in ears, get that checked out.

big "E"
lol dude see a docter ASAP

sounds like a sinus infection.

Miss D
It sounds like your sinuses may be over dry, try using a saline nose spray to keep moist and don't take too many antihistamines. Maybe one a day if that.

You should probably consult with your doctor.

Go see your doctor.

You have a sinus infection or the linings of your sinus have become very thin and fragile. Go to any drug store and get nasal saline. SALINE only no drugs in it. Use it several times a day to keep your sinus' moist and it will clear up.

See a doctor

Bust It Baby
That don't sound good that you had blood in your ear. i think it would be best to go see the doctor. make sure o tell him everything that is going on.

desirae m
if you have blood in your ears you need to go to the doctor now, if it is just in the nose it is winter and things dry out making them bleed

get to the doctors office or ER and get tests done it might not be anything big, but it could be something more severe like cancer/brain tumor

Dennis L
lets sing the abc song abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz again abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz again abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz again abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Definitely sounds like a sinus infection to me. Try holding a damp washcloth to your nose (pinching it closed) while breathing through your mouth for about 20 minutes. Then gently release the pressure. Do NOT raise your head up and back (or down lower) ...

If that doesn't work, then I'd suggest the doctor now rather than tuesday.

Valeri @>-'-
u may be really sick go to the doctor, hospital, ect... it may be serious ill pray 4 u bi

It depends like if you bleed out of both nostrils then you need to go to the doctors like immediately! Also if it's like blood with mucus thats okay but since there's more blood I would say gog to the doctors. And with the blood from your ears it could be that you have sensitive ears and the location is really loud, it happened to a friend of mine. **But since it's persistent I would advise you to go to the doctors or urgent care if you can :) ~~HOPE YOU FEEL BEETER!! :)~~

Awesome sauce
It might be a bad sinus infection, i would see a doctor as soon as you can to stop it getting any worse x

blood in the ears wtf.. okay u need to go to the doctor asap....

Tiffany T

homey d
u need to go to a doctor

sinus infection see your doctor you need meds to clear it.

heart o' gold
This could be a sinus infection.
I suggest you visit the doc.

that is common over the winter months. the air is really dry and you are probably all dry and cracked inside your nose and sinus'. Best bet is to get a humidifier while you sleep. It will really help!

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