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White Rose
Anybody here ready for bed?
Had bad panick attack last night,anyone else get them?
Additional Details
Makes me apprehensive about going to bed.

Sounds like you have a guilt complex and something is trying to tell you not to be so lazy and you should be thinking about WORK, and being useful to mankind not useless. That is why you get panic attacks.

Solution to your problem may be to go out and get a job like mine where you have to work lots of night shifts instead of going to bed every night. Then in the day you go to bed because you are very tired after working all night but experiencing job satisfaction. So you drift into a lovely refreshing sleep all alone in your bed..

why panic about going to bed? It's relaxing...

too early for bed.

Most who have answered this question seem to think from the way you worded your question you are looking for fun replies, so am not sure if you are actually looking for a serious answer or a laugh?

Medical information is that panic attacks occur in ertain people unpredictably at first and become associated with certain places such as underground trains, crowded supermarkets or it seems in your case being in your bed alone in your home every night. Medical infoirmation is that "although unpleasant and frightening, panic attacks last for only a few minutes, cause no physical harm and are rarely associated with serious physical illness".

It is of course also relevant, as one of the above answers seem to reflect, that "stress and panic attacks" is a common tactic alleged by the workshy malingerers trying to deceive the government medical examiner in order to get on invalidy benefit rather than job seekers allowance. This seems to be why there is such suspicion among the public when people say they have panic attacks as reflected in many of the answers above to this question -

Are they genuine or are they really just acting the part so they do not have to work but get a bit more cash from the taxpayer? Some try to find out the symptoms on such as Yahoo Answers so they can act out the part more convincingly ? So I hope you are not one of those?

The medical experts way to deal with panic attacks is not to tell you to avoid the place that causes the phobia but face up to it! If you do get a referral for medical treatment it will give you treatment involving "behaviour therapy" and relaxation exercises. Indications seem to be that this treatment is usually successful provided the person genuinely wants to address the problem? Do you?

hopeof kingdom
I used to get them but they are better now. I hope they improve for you soon.

Yes, I'm certainly tired and ready for bed. Sweet dreams.

yes. What was it brougt on by? Maybe we can help to fix the cause of the problem?

It's far too early , not even 22:00 ....

Bas H
going to bed is fore people that are sleepy and I is not sleepy yet, not yet that is.

Sorry dont suffer from them but i intend to hit the hay in about an hours time as i have about 72 hours work in front of me between now and next tuesday

my husband gets them alot, we try to watch funny 1/2 shows before bed, nothing stressful like the news or movies that have a lot of action in them. no caffeen, surgar before bed. he takes a warm shower, and puts a heating pad in the bed to make the bed warm, for somereason, if the bed is warm it wards off the panic attack.

yes. you just need to try and distract your self and make sure your breathing is slow xx

Meeeeeee! .... I just soooooooo tierd!!!
I always get them.. but I quite use to it now

i sometimes awake in middle of night with panick attack, one kind of nightmare where there is someone trying to beat me.
so i awake giving kicks and punchs in the air.

ready when you are. the best cure is to turn the pillows to the other end and sleep the opposite end.... go on, try it...

dels replies
yes have had them but a long while ago...must have got over them with company not so bad but can be terrifying on your own So go to bed with somebody.. If tired go now it's OK

Try not to think about them,,,,if you feel one coming on Start dusting the rooms it takes your mind off the awful feeling,,,,and keep a small light on ,,until you wake in the early hours and turn it of,,,good Luck,,,,

night night sleep tight mind the bugs dont bit. :)))

Is it a Boy? Is it a Girl?
im in bed...
I have had one panic attack in my life, as i was crossing water in Croatia, i didnt know i had it in me!! Glad i dont get them all the time, once was enough...

Lucky Man 2
Too early and the football is on. sorry to hear you had a panic attack.

Yes I am but mainly because I've had some bad news and feel drained. Yes I also have panick attacks sometimes and did last night but again it's because I found out a friend died so my emotions are all over the place. Don't worry you are not alone but if it stops you from your daily routine then seek help from your doctor. Night night.

21-33pm I agree I think I should go to my den were I can't be found.

not me not until about 12 ish
hope you have a better night tonight

diane p
Yes, always get panic attacks, only thing that helps me is knowing they are not life threatening and they are going to pass.

karen's revenge
yup - i've had my fair share of panick attacks. i had a nervous breakdown a few years ago, since then i've been a lot more stressy about life in general. plus panic attacks tend to set off my IBS.... double the fun. lol.

i'm full of cold right now, and coughing my lungs up. putting off going to bed, even though i'm tired. as soon as i lay down, my cough gets even worse.

hope u manage to sleep well tonight... try having a nice relaxing bath before u go to bed with some lavender oil in (if u have any). or have a warm milky drink. it'll help u sleep.

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