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 Why Do I Sleep So Much?
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I woke up at 1pm. and 4pm i go to my friends house,
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 Extremely TIRED!!?
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 Is anybody else appalled at the inability of people on this site to write a coherent sentence?
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 question anyone can answer?
one of my ribs pops in and out of place. is this normal? does this happen to anyone else? just thought i'd make sure i'm not dying or anything. ha it might just be a joint issue or ...

 Blowing blood outta my nose!! HELP!!!?
about 2 mths ago I had a cold! after it was gone I would blow my nose in the am and ther would be blood!! now.. it has gotten worse! w more blood! my throat always feels horse (which is bad cuz i ...

 i have just woke i have mega hangover cure anyone???
no "dont drink the night before"...

Root Beer
Any lip balm recommendations for MEN??? Vaseline won't cut it because it makes lips too shiny and girly lol.
UGhh. Men get chapped lips too!!!

I need to buy something that cures/prevents chapped lips, doesn't smell or look to girly. Thanks!!!

the BRUINS baby!
get carmex...lol my boyfriend has it

Stella Q
Chapstick Naturals work really well. And you can use the stuff with menthol in it( stuff for cold sores and really chapped lips), but it smells a little, but not a bad smell.

*im in such an adventure (life)*
chap stick?????

Cyara C
Blistex. My little brother uses it and you cant even smell it nor see it. He gets chapped lips so bad to where they bleed. I use it too and i love it. There is so many different kinds of it, i love them all!!! heres a website of all the different types!! =]

this is one specifically for men:

Fafa G
well in USA I guess chop stick would be most popular.

carmex, it's soothing and heals your lips fast

Carmex! No other choice. Carmex is the best in the world.

try olive oil.. it's quickly absorbed and only shines for a few minutes..

Carmex is perfect. It cures chapped lips, cole sores, cuts, etc. on the lips. It doesn't have a girly scent or a shiny tint.

LiiL Gee
my favorite and only chap stick my boyfriend will use is the medicated chapstick.....smells better then the original, with no fruity after effects......comes in a blue wrapper and says medicated spf15......also you might want to look at the burts bees line....they have a plain bees wax lip baum, but i've only seen it in those lil tins which would mean you'd have to use your fingers to put it on.....kinda girly...lol
stick with the chapstick....you'll be happy and smooth!!! =)

Charlie W
Blistex intensive moisturiser. Comes in a many friendly tube too!

Nivea for men :) it's new.

My husband uses Burt's Bees lip balm. It is not shiny or glossy and it has a peppermint scent and it works great. I started using it as well and I love how the peppermint makes my lips tingle. It is very soothing to chapped to lips.

Good Ol' Gary Shanty
that burt's beeswax stuff is so amazing you wont even care what your lips look like

I always use Blistex Lip-Medex it soothes my lips and works great...

And of course, any Nivea Product is great too....

German Nivea-Beiserdorf
and US Blistex inc. Oak Brook

produces novel high quality Personal Care Products...

around the world :)

<3Beach Babe <3
carmex.... my dad uses it all the time

Burt's Bees. It works great and doesn't smell or make your lips glossy.

I use Carmex. IT works amazing. Used it all my life.

I've used Shaklee's Enfuselle Lip Treatment for several years. Works great. It also contains SPF 15 sunscreen. Not available in stores. Go to their web site. Also, be sure to drink lots of water to help your body keep hydrated.

Blistex Ultra Protection....its good
try the peppermint flavor its fresh on the breath

They call me ... Trixie.
My brother and my boyfriend both like Burt's Bees Lip Balm. Works well, and is very manly, too. No girly taste or shine.



Joanna S
Burts Bees Lip Balm.


it doesn't smell girly and isnt shiny unless you put a load of it on. It prevents chapped lips and heals them too.

good 'ol chapstick... but carmex is good too.

Oh my gosh, please try BURT'S BEES lip balm, it is all natural! Sold at CVS and online all over. Burts Bees has a website too. My favorite is the pomegranite oil one. It is pomegranite red but goes on clear so men can wear it too. My husband likes the honey one, and he also uses the regular burts bees lip balm. They are inexpensive and help chapped lips very quickly. The package is yellow if that helps. The honey and regular scents are unflavored and un-colored!



Burts Bees or Mary Kay... neither have the "medication" BS in them that CAUSES lips to stay chapped...

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