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 What do contacts feel like when they're in your eyes?
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 Can you wear monthly disposable contacts for over a month (say two months)?
IS it bad for your eye if I do? Or can I really wear them for as long as they'll last?
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will eventually if I wear monthly disposable contacts for like two months, ...

 How bad does your eyesight have to be to get contacts?
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 What can i eat to improve my eyesight?
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 Does this girl have a lazy eye?

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 soo.. i...?
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help me
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where can i get ones with ...

 I'd like to have color contacts....?
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 Can someone who doesn't need glasses wear contacts?
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 Do you get a headache if you don't wear your glasses?
I do but only in 1 eye!

What is your eye prescription? Mine is -1.50 & -3.00...

 How can i change my eye color?
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what is the minimum age to wear contact lenses in the uk, from specsavers or anywhere else?
I am 14 , and going onto 15 soon. Am i the right age to wear contact lenses, or do i have to wait untill i'm older?


Forest T
8 yrs old

well i live in australia and im 12 and i were contact lenses but in the uk its differant but i really dont think you would need to be over ang age but if you go to ur docter he or she should tell you wat to do

you should be able to at 14 as i wore them then

evanescence 667
i'm fourteen and i wear glasses, you can wear them at 12 14 13 and 15 through 30. so just tell you mom or dad you want contacts.

Omii Goshii
born. no age limmet

i started wearing contact lenses when i was 13

Elly S
There isn't an age limit thats set in stone, it depends on the dryness of your eyes. I got my contact lenses when I was 14 because when I booked an appointment after my 13th, apparently my eyes were too dry and would therefore reject contacts.

If you make an appointment at Specsavers they'll tell you if your eyes are ready and tell you approximately when they will be if they're not.

you have to have a agelimit to wear lenses?

I never thought there was an age limit. I went for an eye test when i was 15 (im 17 now) and they wouldnt give me contacts. I ended up wearing glases, they let me get contact lenses when i was 16 though, with no problems. I remember the optician (the actual man doing the eye test) saying i couldnt get them when i was 15 because you had to be 16 to get them. Which i believe is crap as i know a few people that have contacts and were younger than me.

Hey Laura!
Yes you can wear contact lenses at your age!
I went to Specsavers when I was your age and they let me get contacts.
Hope it all works out you see clearly soon! :P

my son got his last year at the age of 10 from specsavers as long as they can see that u are able to put them in and out yourself u will be fine .but i allways supervised him to make sure he had clean hands and so on

14 years old

Depends on what your doc says.

I know a kid who was born with a cataract over her eye and she had to have a hard contact lens put in to replace the part of her cornea that was removed with the cataract.

I don't know that it's so much that it'll do something to your eyeball...I think it's more that some parents don't think their kids will be responsible enough to be sticking things on their eyes, cleaning them, all that. Glasses are easier on everybody, esp. since you can't get an eye infection from them (well, not easily.)

I think your eye doctor would have to make the call. Then, there might be some "pretty please" in your future...

chelsey x
they give them 2 u 12 at the youngest it think x im 14 too but my mum won let me have contacts til im 15 x its up 2 ur parents really :D hope this helped x

I don't think there is a minimum age as long as they think you will be responsible to look after them and clean them properly etc. Because you need to be responsible incase you do somehting wrong and it causes problems with your eyes. I got contacts when I was 14

Tracy S
Not sure if there is a certain age, but you'll be fine at your age, that's when I got mine.

There isn't a specific age limit to when you can wear contact lenses. The opticians will look at each case on its merits to determine whether you would be suitable for lenses. Best advice is to make an appointment with the optician and discuss your options with them. Especially as specsavers have the free trial offer that you can take up to see if you are comfortable wearing them or not.

Hope this helps

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