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new to contacts!!!???
any tips
way of putting contacts in

and in one of my eyes it blurr y than the other one and the other one is fine?
im going to doc next wed i have to go back for check up should i ask about this or no?
any thing i should do!!
Additional Details
im on a trail pair and the people taught me howto put it in

you should most def ask the dr about the blurry thing they can see why its like that. putting them in I'm not sure cuz i don't use any sorry

Alexis S
u put the contact on the tip of ur pointer finger then with ur left hand lift ur eye lid up then put it in

Thug Passion

when you put contacts in make sure the outter rim is facing inward, you know that if it's doing that it's faced the right way, if the outter rims facing outwad it's inside out and might not go on right away and it won't be comfortable if it does. and for the blurry contact, yeah i would ask if it doesn't go away from cleansing it a few times. good luck!

Definitely ask them ANY and ALL questions you have.
As for tips for putting them in, don't stress yourself out and get upset if you can't get it the first time. That only makes it worse. Take your time. If you don't get it in the first time, walk away, take a break and a deep breath, then come back and try again.
Good Luck!

Patrick H
Make suer that your eye is wide open!!! and then put it on the white part dont put it ont he pupil.

have Fun

Are they soft or hard- most likley they are soft,

if so then:

1. when putting them on make sure they have some of they soft contact solution on them- not water because they will not glide, they will stick and irritate the eye.

2. always take them out at night or no oxygen will get in and it will cause dryness that can lead to more serious problems.

3. when putting them on make sure they are on the tip of your finger and the contact makes a U standing on your finger tip- do not let the contact tilt to its edge or you can not get it in your eye.

4. Always relax your eye and it will be easier to make the reflexes respond well the the exposure- and not flinch/blink as much. Calm down.

5. when taking them out hold you eye open with 2 fingers and pinch the contact, this sounds painful, but you won't feel it. Always keep the in solution, and keep enough inside the container or they can dry up, or crimp. Do not keep them in water.

6. before putting them in make sure there is no debris on the lense- animal hair, clothing fiber etc- or it will burn your eye and you will feel it.

your doctor should set up a trial offer with you because usually doctors do that. It's very unsafe to just do it by yourself with no prior knowledge to how to do it. Your eeye doctorshould be willing to set up a "how to" with the contact lenses and usually it is free.

Ok, first figure out which lens goes into the right eye and which goes into the left eye.

Once you've done that, Use one hand to hold your eyelids open and place the lens on the finger tip of your other hand.

Make sure the lens isn't inside out (if the lens is inside out, it will start flopping backwards and lop-siding).

Then open your eye as wide as you can, while holding your eyelid you LOOK STRAIGHT UP and place the lens in the white area of your eye underneath your pupil. You have to touch your eye with your finger tip and massage the lens a little bit to make sure that it grabbed on well. You must keep your eye open through this process. It'll be a bit difficult but you'll get the hang of it.

Then let go of the lens and close your eye. While your eye is closed, move your eye around -- Up, Down, Side to side. And open! You should be all set after that. You might wanna use some Visine to clear up the red in your eyes (if it occurs).

If it's blurry in one eye then it's likely that either the prescription is off, or the shape of the lens is not moulded properly to your eye (perhaps because of astigmatism, or something else). Definitely get the doctor to check your vision while the lenses are in.

Aubreigh S
I don't wear contacts, so I looked it up, and it brought up something else. I don't think it will help you. You can check it anyway. Go ahead.

im right handed and for me it helps using my right hand to put them in for both eyes even though its taught to us both hands and make sure they are wet.

the wetter they are the easier it is


ms.native pride
Make sure you keep your nails short. Take the blurry one out & rinse it off and put it back in.Make sure your not putting them inside out?2 tell this,put contact on your finger,look at it and it should look round (like a ball cut in half) if it looks kinda pointy then it is inside out.It's just gonna take alittle time, but you'll learn & love wearing them opposed to glasses.

Joe B
make sure they are not inside out. its kinda hard at first but make sure the numbers 123 are not reversed because that means you are putting them inside out.
ps. hold the lenses towards lightbulb to see the numbers on the lenses.


You can buy a device from the internet to help putting them in. They can take a whilst to get used to and it is not uncommon for one to feel more comfortable than the other. If the lens stings take it out and wash it. Also you have to make sure that the lens (if it is a soft lens) is not inside out because that can make it feel all wrong in your eye. Of course there is no problem with asking the Dr to check it out.

Annie c
I got mine not too long ago. it is kidna blury when you first get them. wait like 5 more days it gets better. use your index finger n your right hand for both eyes (unless your left handed) also dont look at the contact when you are putting it in. go to a mirrow and look at yourslef in the mirror. Also after you have them in look down that helps them ajjust. I put lots of eye drops in too esspecially hwen they get blurry

Purple Monkey Refridgerator!
If you have discomfort you should always speak to your doctor. This though, is just that you aren't use to them yet. I would speak your doctor anyway, as he or she may be helpful.

okay, i had a ton of trouble when i first started using contacts. most people eyes have different vision in each eye, so make sure if you have two packages that you aren't putting two right eyes or two left eyes contacts in. if not, you might just have the wrong prescription in. DEFINITELY ASK IN CASE YOU WERE GIVEN THE WRONG PRECSRIPTION FOR ONE OF YOUR EYES. before you put your contacts in, practice the motion, holding your lids open so you get used to having your finger close to your eye without flinching. also, most soft contacts, believe it or not, can be put on inside out. there's a diagram on the box to show you what it looks like when it;s right side in. it takes a while to get used to. i suggest you use disposable unless it falls out.

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