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 Can you wear contacts if you don't need them?
Can you wear contacts with perfect vision to change your eye color, or are there side effects to it?
Additional Details
1) I haven't bought them yet, so how can I take them out :)<...

 is it true that if you keep your eyes open when you sneeze?
your eyeballs will pop out of your head?...

 How to stop laughing so much?
I laugh so much! i usually find things funnier than others. someone does something funny, everyone laughs for a while, then the laughter subsides. i'd still find it funny the next 5 minutes and ...

 my eyes go blank when i stand up?
sometimes when i get up from sitting down black starts its way from the outside of my eye and makes way inward it only lasts a few seconds but sometimes it goes completely blank and i cant see. but ...

 I cryed alot and now i cant cry!?!?!?
Yesterday and the night before i cried more then ive ever cried in my life, and now when ever i tried to cry my eyes just got wet and when i look in the miror the corners of my eyes look weird and ...

 eye color question just curious?
if i have browns eyes and my bf has blue eyes what color would our kid ...

 Green contacts on green eyes?
I already wear contacts and I have murky green eyes. In darker light they look almost light brown and I want them to be greener. If I were to wear green contacts over my dark green eyes would that ...

 Just recently I've been having a very "Twitchy" left eye - should I be worried?
I think it is the nerve in corner of my eye and I know it probably doesn't look like much but from where I am I feel as though I'm involuntary winking at people!!

Is it stress ...

 I'm nervous...help!?
I have an eye exam today and i am almost positive i will need to get glasses or something...i have to squint to see the scores of sports games on TV!! I am nervous so does anyone have advice?

 What causes your eye to twitch?
no one in my family has a twitch and mine comes and goes.
its not very visible, im the only one it bothers.
any theories as to what causes it?

my cure is to drink water with ...

 how do doctors fix lazy eye?

 does your eyesight get worse if you wear your glasses?
i keep hearing lots of different answers. some people say no! and others say yes! so please only answer me if your sure.
and is there anyway you can get your eyesight a bit better like eat ...

 Why do my eyes sting every time I close them or blink?

 what is 20/20 vision?.?.?.?.?

 Do you wear glasses or contacts?

 Do you HAVE TO wear glasses for sometime and THEN wear contacts or just wear contacts without wearing glasses?
please tell me. I dont look good with glasses....

 Hazel or Green contacts ?
Hello[: My mom wants to get me Contacts. She's tired of me wearing Glasses and so i'm i. I don't know what color to get, though. Hazel or Green ? Here's a picture of my Actual ...

 does your eye sight fix itself?

 If I buy bread and keep it in the fridge for a week or two, and then eat it and it tastes odd will I get sick?
Basically bread lasts me a long time, so I keep it in the fridge, however maybe the fridge is slightly moist, when I ate the bread I didn't see any obvious signs of mould, however it had a ...

 Starting to wear contacts?
I might be getting contacts soon and I had a few questions. Could contacts hurt my eyes if I start to wear them at a young age? Are there any contacts you could sleep with while they are on? Can you ...

how do you fall asleep???
well Ive always wanted to know I mean you close your eyes and bam! your asleep! how?

weed typically does it for me, but if your looking for the scientific way, check out wikipedia "sleep," not yahoo answers.

some chemical reaction in your brain just tells your body it needs to stop, rest and repair itself.

i think.

and then, hey presto!!

cookie monster
you just think lightly, don'ty move, close ur eyes and soonBam

Either a hard day of landscaping my property and bam! I'm out cold when I hit the bed or Benadryl if I absolutely cannot sleep. Doc recommended it and it does knock me out cold very quickly.

Lindsey girl
If I can't sleep I actually count sheep. Try it, it works after a while of counting you fall asleep.

Mandy M
Slow my breathing, relax my body... Sometimes count as high as I can before I fall asleep.

that doesn't happen to me
i usually listen to music
and then when i get tired i fall asleep

You close your eyes and you think of nice things. That makes you fall asleep.

The only time I have a Bam moment is when I have taken NyQuil or drank too much. I spend hours staring at the ceiling or thinking about misc. things on most nights.

jan m
i rub my right foot against my left foot this is soothing and next thing i know it is time to get up

no one falls asleep that fast unless they take sleeping pills

Papa McCain
The average person takes 15 to 30 minutes to fall asleep without chemical aids. The best way is to train your body, go to bed at the same time every night. Stay away from heavy foods, caffeine and alcohol 4 hours before bed time. Wear loose comfortable pajamas, keep the temperature comfortable not too cold, not too hot.

Your brain goes into like "hibernate mode", for dolphins, they can only ever half go to sleep. Because every ten minutes or so, they have to surface for air.

Jesus is the best.
my sleep patterns change, sometimes I am out like a log sometimes I read.

Dont eat or drink for a hour before bed
and take a warm bath for 15mins then go stright to bed with not rushing or talking, do not have radio on or bright lights, after bath

always works for me

I collapse exhausted onto my bed. I should really go to bed earlier and stop answering these questions!

Garner R
well it's not so easy when you've had a stressful day. restlessness is a awful.
but all in all i just consider falling asleep a miracle, i want to keep it at that, lol.

Banana and crackerz
Because your brain is going to sleep mode and then your brain suddenly switches to sleep mode and rests and then your forget because another part of your brain is working and not your physical and or mental one though that part of yourbrain you use to sleep can trick your brain thinking it is real

Smart Kitty
I fall asleep by listening to easy-listening music........ :)
Like Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Eric Clapton(some songs), Taylor Swift, or another artist like that....... :) Works EVERY single time, and I am asleep in no time flat!!! If you have an i-pod, you can listen to that, or you can just pop a cd into a cd player!!! :)

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