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 Is something wrong wiht my eyes?
Okay I think this has been happening for years. Sometimes (this happens allot) it's like everything goes black or gray and I feel like I'm going to pass out and I feel like someone punched ...

 Help this is serious( contact lenses)?
I cant take off contact lenses ive been trying everything they wont even move how can i make them fall ...

 if my eye sight is goin kinda blurry, are my eyes going to be ok?

 What Color Contact's Should i Get?
if you have personal experiance with contacts prescribed or not can you tell me some pros and cons

ThiS iS Me:http://s171.photobucket.com/albums/u284/tiffanywifey01_2007/?action=view&...

 I feel like there's something in my eye?
Sometimes for no reason, I feel like I have something in my eye. It's an acute irritation, not all over my eye.I look at my eye and there is nothing there.This seems to happen often, almost ...

 What colour is my eye?
I am just wondering cause one I am partially colour blind and ive asked a few friends and they said blue/gray with green bits like dots of green type thing, now I just wanna know what you guys think ...

 What does it mean when someone gives no eye contact ?

 HELP! my eye has gone red and I have to go somewhere in 30mins! help what do I do???
please help??
Additional Details
thanks guys, i'll rinse it with cold water
and buy some visine next time =)...

 Why do my eyes hurt when reading?
Well, I started reading Uncle Tom's Cabin today, and the printing is really small. It made my eyes hurt. Not burn, actually hurt. I got a minor headache too. My eyes also hurt the other day ...

 Is there some natural liquid solution for dry eyes?

 Why is it that when you squint your eyes you can see clearer?

Additional Details
some of you said i need glasses... i know :D
i have some and contacts but i just took then out awhile ago and i just couldnt see anything! (overly dramatic ...

 Help! I think something's wrong with my eye? ?
For the past 3 days i've been getting noticing this weird problem with my right eye.

At School, the top eyelid of my right eye would continuously "vibrate" or do something ...

 Does laser eye surgery hurt?
I'm thinking of having it done, but am EXTREMELY squeamish (faint when have a blood test). Does the procedure hurt?...

 why does my vision go funny?
not all the time but more frequently, my vision goes funny, i don't know how to describe it, like shiny affect, it starts in the centre of my vision the spreads to my Peripheral vision, then ...

 what should i say to my parents?
i think i might need glasses but i dont really want to ask my parents.
I have been getting headaches while reading. what does this mean. i think it means i need glasses. I have a headache ...

 my eyes are perfect. I want to put spectacles on it. tell me how to harm my eyes?
My friends are wearing spacks on their eyes. they are less intellgent than me but they are looking more intellegent than me . I am topper od my class....

 I have blue eyes,white skin, my partner has hazel/green eyes sallow skin. What eye colour will my baby have?

 Does lying effect size of eye pupil?

So i was doing a science project and i decided that i wanted to be about human phyics or antanomy.

so i decied "Does lying effect size of eye pupil"


 Could there be something wrong with my eyes?
For aslong as i can remember, my eyes water if i'm just walking down the street and i squint even if it's not sunny, even indoors i sometimes still squint. People think i'm giving them ...

I am 12 and I want to start wearing contacts, but my mom says that i am 2 young. My glasses are just getting in they way of everything and i play sports. Am i 2 young?...

help with contact lenses?
im getting contacts later this week, and im having trouble decideing on a brand.. i know theres lots out there so i was wondering what people with contacts like

is acuve, acuvue 2 or acuvue advanced better?

Acuvue Advance are the best that I have used thus far. They're not too expensive, and very comfortable. But, it depends on your eyes and certain factors such as allergies, and eye dryness. For those, it is very good. So, best of luck with this!

acuve advanced is really good. I havant tried acuve 2 but acuve advznced is really good.

I have the acuvue advance with hydraclear. They're sooo comfortable and I love them! Try those out!

ღ semz
acuvue is AMAZING.
i have them & i cant even tell im wearing contacts.
i highly recommend them :)

Im not using any of those but do use bausch and lomb. I think it depends on how you feel yourself. The only way to really know is to try a few different brands. All eyes are different.

I use "Acuvue" and haven't experienced any problems.

Btw , my doctor said if you take care of your contacts, the pair can go for about 4 weeks before replacement. Unlike the manufacturer's 2 week replacement per pair statement, my eye-doctor exposed me to the truth! 4 months and get ACUVUE world's # 1 brand..no joke

Dalek Sec
I use Acuvue Oasys which is always good. They never make my eyes dry, and I know that they say that you should throw them out after using them for so long, but I have been using the same pare for over 4 months, and have not run into any problems. If you just change the contact lens cleaner every day then you should be fine.

Her AIRness
You really don't need to decide, your doctor will do all of that for you. It just depends on the type of eyes you have.

i have ones called acuvue clear by johnson and johnson. i just know that he brand acuvue is really good. i think they're one thats called hydraclear or something and it helps your eyes.

your eye doctor will pretty much decide this based on your eye shape and size. plus some of them are REALLY expensive. there are only a few under 20 dollars a box.

It's usually up to your eye doctor.
I wear Acuvue 2.
They're very comfortable.

ur doctor will tell u which one is the best kind

i personally use acuvue advace and its awesome. but thats just me. my dad tried acuvue advaced and it hurt him so bad that now he has to use a totally different brand

thats y at a doctors office, u can try what ur doctor suggests and if thats uncomfortable..........then tell them that u would like to try another one

Listen to your optician and try different ones out to see whish are best for you.

Your doctor is going to recommend the best lens for you based on your eye requirements, how often you want to replace the lenses and your price requirements.

Don't decide on a brand until you've sampled them. The doctor has trial pairs so you can see how comfortable they are.

trust ur doctor

ask your doctor...they'll know what's best for you..hope i helped!!oh and BTW make sure you know where ur contact lenses are at ALL times because TRUST ME you're gonna lose them easily if you dont keep track!!

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