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eye trouble..help pleaseee.?
okay, so i need anyone's help..it doesnt matter who. I wear contacts every day, and today i woke up with my eye somewhat crusty [not as bad as pink eye though] and watering like crazy. it was somewhat sensitive to the light, but it wasnt red. it only turned red when it watered, which was just every-so-often. so then it kind of went away, and its not as bad now. but i was wondering what this is, and how long do i have to wait to wear my contacts again. thank you SO MUCH! in advance.
Additional Details
i dont sleep in them

BECOME BLIND so tht u wont hav 2 worry about tht stuff!

Go and see a doctor or a pharmacist, see what they say. You'll probably get given some eye drops, maybe some antibiotics if you go to the doctor. You should stop wearing contacts until the infection completely clears up, probably about a week to 10 days, but it could be up to 2 weeks if the infection is really bad. The doctor or pharmacist will be able to help with this too.

Hope that helps :-) don't go taking any risks by wearing your contacts before the infection totally clears - your eyes are precious, and eye infections can get very serious, very fast! When you eventually do start wearing contacts again, make sure you rinse and rub them well with a special contact lens cleaner every day, and don't wear them for more than the recommended time period. Take care xo

welcome to the world of contacts my friend! your eyes are DRYING up because of the contacts. this is perfectly normal, just dont wear em for about a day, give your eyes a rest. or dump out those contacts and get a new pack.

Wait a couple days, don't ever sleep with your contacts in or let your eye doctor know in advance if it's an issue to avoid this problem.

★ HaVe faiitH ★
I had a similar problem but I never took mines out LOL.... im crazy but anyways I think you should take them out for a while because thats what I did and I waited like 3 days and then put them back it, Once in a while it gets dry..

Uh huh....maybe you should clean your eyes like alot of times throughly..If you are old enough(I just answered a question that says she is like 13.:D)you should like go the doctor.They could check your eye and tell you what is wrong with it:3 :D :) ok so yea hopes this helps!

I'd wait a couple of weeks. That happened to my ex, and he kept wearing them & it got so much worse

I suggest you seek medical advice otherwise it could get worse.

Wearing eye glasses might be a better option in future.

mee <3
you might have an eye infection. if it continues to bother u, i would go to the eye doctor. otherwise, i would wait at least a day before you wear ur contacts again.

sounds like you didnt get enough sleep, you should wait until your eyes are completely restored to the way they used to be before you wear your contacts again

wait a couple of days, wash them and disinfect them.
To help soothe your eyes mix some in 16 oz of water 1/3 teaspoon of vinegar then submerge your face with your eyes open this will help a couple of times a day. If you don't like vinegar you can replace it with salt. Also you can warm up black tea bags and put them on your eyes this will help sooth them. Call your doctor because it might be some type of infection and ask if you have to replace your contacts

it would help if you said which kind you wear.. daily or weekly contacts. if it's daily then i would think it's not from contacts because i've been using them since november and i had no trouble. if it was just today, maybe wait a couple days to put your contacts back in and if it happens again you should ask your eye doctor

I'd say your eyes are just irritated really bad. Don't wear your contacts for a couple of days and see if it goes away. Then wear them again and see if it comes back.

Are you wearing your contacts to much? Your eyes need to breath sometimes. Also make sure they're getting cleaned good inbetween wearing them. Clear Care by CibaVision cleans them much, much better than anything else I've ever tried. Buy one bottle of it and you'll never go back to any other cleanser.

You might have a scratch on your sclera, I would let the eye heal up before I put the lenses in again.

Wait until your eyes be better, try take the lenses off when you go to bed.. You should see a optometrist if your eye still watering..
Rubens L .Biazzetti

i also wear contacts daily. this happens to my quite often because i have really bad allergies. you might have allergies and had been rubbing your eye in your sleep. if allergies are not possible, then you might have got something in your eye or your contact may have a little tear in it. do you sleep with your contacts?? if so, that's not good to do. maybe naps here and there or once if you fall asleep on accident are alright. but you should definitely take them out at night. wait a day or two to put them back in. let your eyes get rest.

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