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will eventually if I wear monthly disposable contacts for like two months, ...

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help me
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where can i get ones with ...

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Does ...

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can I lose my contacts at the beach?
i just got contact lenses on Wednesday and I'm goin to the beach tomorrow. I usually don't go all the way in the ocean, but I go sometimes when it's around a little bit more than my waist. if i get water in my eyes, will my contacts get knocked off? I already lost one contact since Wednesday because while I was taking it off, it disappeared and I never saw it again. The eye doctor gave me a new pair to try on till next Wednesday, then she will order my prescription. so how can I avoid losing my contacts at the beach? thnx for ur help and God Bless!!

Don't bring them to the beach.
You can't get water in them (especially not salt water) and my doctor told me not to lay-out or tan outside with them on. Both of these things you'll be doing at the beach. Leave them at home to be on the safe side.

You can loose your contacts any any large body of water.

when u go in the water, take the contacts off and keep them in the container. after when u come back out, put them back on

Southern Girl
do your best not to get your eyes wet or go under with your eyes open, or get splashed in the face. total pain in the butt if you do.

yes. take them out and then go in the water

i wear contacts no matter where i go...you'll be fine just make sure you don't open your eyes underwater and close them if you think water might get in them....avoid touching your eyes also.

I suggest wearing swim goggles over your contacts.

not wearing them??
plus theres bacteria (harmless or not) in the water.
if it gets into ur eyes u might get an eye infection.

daniel b
bring some extras or bring glasses if you have them just in cause you lose your contacts. you will most likely not lose them and even if you get a little water in your eye don't rub your eyes very hard because you might displace them from their correct position and then it has a chance of falling out ( i usually rub my eyes and then open them every few seconds to make sure their back in their position). if your really scared you could always bring goggles too. don't worry about it. they don't fall to easily. i was paranoid the first time i got them too but if you act smart they don't come out.

Not necessarily, unless the water is coming at you like a huge wave.

jenae m
dont wear them..most likely they will be lost

Well, you could wear goggles, close your eyes underwater, or not wear them at all.

you can wear them, it'll be fine. just don't open your eyes under water. and don't rub your eyes too hard, that can make them slide off and then fall out when you open your eyes. this one is more obvious, but make sure you don't get sand in your eyes because it will really really irritate the lenses. have fun =)

I know someone who did loose one but maybe you wont> I would not take the risk though!

Ok well I am really dependent on my contacts really I am absolutely blind without em. I also hate wearing glasses. Anyway I went to the beach same situation and ended up losing my contact. I have been wearing them for 5 years and that is the first time I have ever lost them. (I wear them in the shower, ocean, and pools.) I think you will be fine just don't rub your eyes hard.

The Ms.
Of course you can lose one so just take your glasses.


you can actually swim with contacts. I would try not to get the salt water near them though. That might be irritating. If you're going to the beach you should be more worried about the sand. If you get sand in between the lens and the lens of your eye its going to be the worst day of your life.

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