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thanks guys, i'll rinse it with cold water
and buy some visine next time =)...

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Angie :)...

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James G
White part of my eye turning a faint yellow colour, why?
hey, i'm 15 and i've lately been spotting in the corners of my eyes (when i look in the mirror) that they are turning a faded yellowy colour. Im a vegetarian, so can that be a possibility that it is turning yellow?
im beginning to worry, is this normal :S

Mello Bello
i saw antothe question like this

Kathleen Bathke
It is hard to guess of course without actually seeing your eyes but it could be part of your diet. However, I feel that you should either consult with your eye doctor or your primary doctor just to be on the safe side. There can be other reasons that your eyes have a yellow tint to them such as jaundice which involves a liver disorder. Being you are so young I do not think that is the case but one can never be to cautious. You know the saying, "better to be safe than sorry".
I believe that it will turn out okay!

Calm down and get it checked! You deserve peace of mind!

Addtional:You however could also be lacking in certain vitamins due to the fact that you are a vegetarian. Also, Hepatitis is a possibility and you need to get that treated immediately. Also, I smoke and this has happened to me also. Just be cautious and do not wait too long-go today if possible!

lorraine a
It could be a possibility you are lacking in vitamins. Take a vitamin supplement if you are not eating enough natural goodness from your food. I dont want to alarm you but your eyes can turn yellow when you have diabetes so get yourself checked with your gp.

possibly lack of protein.

★Starkissed ★
I have this too. If you look at other peoples eyes when you talk to them you will see it's more common than you might think. Sometimes the inner corners of my eyes are more yellow and sometimes they are white again. If all of the "white" part of your eyes is yellow then you have jaundice and should get it checked out because it means your liver is in trouble.

Sup3r S3xy K!tty
go to a doctor cause you may be deficient in something from being a veg. Maybe you ned some vitamins to supplement your diet. Do you drink alcohol? hepatitis a,b,c can do that too alcoholic hep will do that too. if not drinking its probably your diet but I am not a doctor go get checked it could be a number of things.

I don't think that's normal (or healthy). Go check with a doctor.

I'm a vegetarian too and that dosent happen to me
It's not normal do you smoke? Cause that causes yellowing of the eyes or are you receiving 2nd hand smoke alot?

Thamain P
I'm a vegetarian as well but my eyes never turn yellow. Checvk with a doctor. It could be jaundice but not to worry.

It can be a symptom of Hepatitis. You may want to wait a week - if the yellow becomes more pronouced then go to a doctor - if it fades away it could have been from lack of sleep or too many energy drinks.

Seriously, would recommend you go to a doctor. No, it doesn't seem normal.

I had the same situation, but the whites of my eye were more yellow, turned out to be severe liver damage (jaundice) for me. Not saying you have the same thing. But best to make sure. Better to rule it out.

The whites of the eyes can turn yellow when you have jaundice. Jaundice is the result of the liver and gall bladder not functioning properly. Go to the doctor for a blood and/or urine test.

katie h
It could be jaundice. Jaundice can cause the eye and skin to turn a little yellow. Caused by kidney problems. it could also be lack of protein (meat). but its probably not because your a vegetarian.

I think I l♥ve you!!!
when something is wrong with your liver your eyes may turn yellow. its like jaundice and if you smoke that could also make them yellow

Have it checked. Could be a sign of jaundice and possible connection to the liver.

the whites of your eyes turning yellow is called jaundice and it indicates a problem with your liver. Please make an appointment with your doctor to have blood drawn so they can check it out. Nothing to mess around with.

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