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 Does lying effect size of eye pupil?

So i was doing a science project and i decided that i wanted to be about human phyics or antanomy.

so i decied "Does lying effect size of eye pupil"


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Angie :)...

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:) be honest too ...

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Like Seriously?!
Like Stick It Down Yhhur Own throat?!...

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it hurts ...

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p.s. he want to be able to have x-ray ...

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I want contacts, mum wont pay, help! II WONT wear my glasses ither|!!!
Additional Details
and also im too young to get a job.

im going blind...:'( i feel so depressed....

 One eye is bigger than the other? Help!?
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Sorry everyone! I meant eyelid!...

What does it mean when someone gives no eye contact ?

mr hankey
you can,t trust them.

It depends on wether it's a crush or just a normal person. If it's a crush it could mean that their just not interested (im sorry!) but if it's a normal person, it could mean they think your a creeper for staring and they don't want to prolong it.:s

Depends on the situation and the culture, entirely. For some cultures it is courteous not to make eye contact with somebody who is a superior or elder. In others, its a sign of lack of confidence (uncertainty, shyness, intimidation, etc), or a sign that the person is hiding something. You would have to tell us more about the situation and where you are at.

they are most likely shy or maybe intimidated.

well they may be nervous or maybe they don't want to talk to you

Kdfkjds D
They may not what to be seen or they may what to b/c they may want your attention

they might be shy or nervous
or if youre talking to them they also might be shy or lying
orrr trying to hide something

The Discover Chic
They could be meek, scared , shy, a liar, scared. There are lots of reasons, so don't jump to conclusions w/out getting more info.

From a cultural aspect, I am Asian (Vietnamese, to be specific). Asian people don't often give eye contact because it's just rude to look at someone in the eyes when speaking... I moved to the US when I was 10 years old. Sometimes I find it hard for me to adjust to the American culture, it's hard for me to give eye contact.

Aaliyah W
it means they ddnt look at u when you when u were talking.

They're extremely nervous or shy. They could also be hiding something and don't want their look to give them away. Or maybe you just intimidate them.

they're shy. they're lying. they're avoiding something. depends on the situation.

People who can't give you eye contact when talking to you may mean a lot of things. Some reasons are the following:

1. They are intimidated by the person they are talking to.
2. They have no conviction of what they are saying (meaning, they don't believe the very words that come out of their mouth which is not necessarily a lie).
3. They have a problem with the person they are talking to or dislike the other person so much, they don't want to look at his or her face, more the eyes.
4. Some with psychiatric problems are afraid to look at other people's eye when speaking - they likely avoid eye contact.
5. Autism and the like.
6. Some think the person they are talking to are less worthy of their attention.
7. Local folklore may say demonic spirits inhabiting people are afraid of giving eye contacts.

So you see, it all depends on the situation.

they maybe shy, rude, scared, sad, or (if its a guy, if your a girl, or a girl if ur a guy) they may just like you...

Meghan Huber
They are shy/angry/scared, etc. There could be a number of reasons.

They accept you as the dominant in the pack.

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