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 what color contacts go with very dark brown eyes and black hair (im indian)?
hey this is my first ever question!!! im soooo excited for your answers!!!! all right so! i have VERY dark eyes, and considerably large eyes as well (it runs in my family) i have black shoulder ...

 White part of my eye turning a faint yellow colour, why?
hey, i'm 15 and i've lately been spotting in the corners of my eyes (when i look in the mirror) that they are turning a faded yellowy colour. Im a vegetarian, so can that be a possibility ...

 Are eye contacts really bad for you? (true or myth?)?
So I was searching on Yahoo Answers for some contact information and I found this answer and it made me change my mind about getting colored contacts.

"color contacts aren't good ...

 I've had this white stringy discharge coming out of eyeball I get the discharge on and off all day....?
what is this and how do I treat it?...

 i can see a black dot when looking out of my left eye. it moves around depending on the direction i look.?
basicly it must be on the eye because it follows my direction of sight ? what is it and how do i get ...

 well ii would want to know how can ii make my eye color change with out any surgery or contacts?

 Is something wrong wiht my eyes?
Okay I think this has been happening for years. Sometimes (this happens allot) it's like everything goes black or gray and I feel like I'm going to pass out and I feel like someone punched ...

 Help this is serious( contact lenses)?
I cant take off contact lenses ive been trying everything they wont even move how can i make them fall ...

 if my eye sight is goin kinda blurry, are my eyes going to be ok?

 What Color Contact's Should i Get?
if you have personal experiance with contacts prescribed or not can you tell me some pros and cons

ThiS iS Me:http://s171.photobucket.com/albums/u284/tiffanywifey01_2007/?action=view&...

 I feel like there's something in my eye?
Sometimes for no reason, I feel like I have something in my eye. It's an acute irritation, not all over my eye.I look at my eye and there is nothing there.This seems to happen often, almost ...

 What colour is my eye?
I am just wondering cause one I am partially colour blind and ive asked a few friends and they said blue/gray with green bits like dots of green type thing, now I just wanna know what you guys think ...

 What does it mean when someone gives no eye contact ?

 HELP! my eye has gone red and I have to go somewhere in 30mins! help what do I do???
please help??
Additional Details
thanks guys, i'll rinse it with cold water
and buy some visine next time =)...

 Why do my eyes hurt when reading?
Well, I started reading Uncle Tom's Cabin today, and the printing is really small. It made my eyes hurt. Not burn, actually hurt. I got a minor headache too. My eyes also hurt the other day ...

 Is there some natural liquid solution for dry eyes?

 Why is it that when you squint your eyes you can see clearer?

Additional Details
some of you said i need glasses... i know :D
i have some and contacts but i just took then out awhile ago and i just couldnt see anything! (overly dramatic ...

 Help! I think something's wrong with my eye? ?
For the past 3 days i've been getting noticing this weird problem with my right eye.

At School, the top eyelid of my right eye would continuously "vibrate" or do something ...

 Does laser eye surgery hurt?
I'm thinking of having it done, but am EXTREMELY squeamish (faint when have a blood test). Does the procedure hurt?...

 why does my vision go funny?
not all the time but more frequently, my vision goes funny, i don't know how to describe it, like shiny affect, it starts in the centre of my vision the spreads to my Peripheral vision, then ...

Ways to get better eye sight ?
I have pretty bad eye sight now that i have been on the computer a lot and when i go to school i have trouble reading the board sometimes .
But i dont want glasses or to tell my teacher to move me closer to the board .
Is there a way to get better eyesight fast ?

Oh and i already know about the whole eating carrots and things .
I have no carrots :P
Additional Details
I cant get contacts or laser eye surgery !

thats a great question...
i have no idea

If you don't want glasses, you could get contacts... or laser surgery, but I wouldn't suggest that because it's not perfected yet and there's a large chance your eyes can get worse.. or you can go blind. I suggest contacts.

Contacts, lasik eye surgery, and there are other ways involving laser surgery things.

good luck... i dont think so.

ice cream lover
no, i dont think you can improve your eye sight. you can only make it worse, or stop it from getting worse. quit the computer, tv, etc. I have the same problem but its like really, really bad.

eat karrots =]

yeas lasik is out of the pictures... Well I would say maybe going to the doctor and getting some contacts. From what I am reading you might not want to wear glasses. There is nothing that will make you see better fast. You will have to wear glasses, you will be amaze how much better you could see. When you walk around school you will see a lot of people wearing glasses.
I would just say go to your doctor and get some contacts, you will feel a lot better no more headaces!

Ritzi G
leafy vegs
eye exercises blink while using computer
wear anti glare glasses while
doing computer

There are some great looking glasses out there. Why not try a few on. A lot of people look better with them than without them. You may be pleasantly surprised as to how good you look in them. I've used this site, just upload your photo and you can find the pair which you will look cool in. Have a look here.


Hex the Fundies (JPAA)
Face reality. If you need glasses you need glasses. The carrot thing is a myth, look it up on Snopes. There's nothing you can do, so just accept it.

If you want to improve your eyesight this is the way wash your eyes with cold water at least 3 times a day, walk on very green grass looking down for at least 30 mins a day and eat more dark green vegs.

Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) are very poor alternatives to Natural Perfect Eyesight. They give quick clarity but at a cost of dependancy and stronger and stronger prescriptions year after year.

Nevertheless it is very important for kids to see the chalkboard and their world fairly clearly. A 20/40 prescription is plenty strong for most things. If one gets glasses they can remove them when they are not needed. Then 20/20 contacts can be used for special occasions like plays. 20/20 prescriptions tend to encourage strain and tension, and can lead to stronger blur and stronger prescriptions, so their use should be minimized.

I am a Natural Eyesight Improvement teacher. I work with an optomotrist that is very open to natural ways. He had me teach one of his patients who was measuring 20/40 on the eye chart. Within 10 minutes the young man was reading 20/20, measured by my optomotrist. His father who was listening and doing also noticed an improvement in his sharpness. Mild blur(less than -2.00 diopters) in people who have worn artificial corrections for less than a year, can often be corrected fairly quickly(less than six months).

Nutrition is important but it wont change the way we use our eyes mind and body together.

Avoid anything that talks about eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) they do not deal with the real issues of blurry vision and are often counter to natural eyesight. Also avoid programs that don't have teachers teaching students face to face. People don't have a clue about guiding others to Natural Perfect Eyesight without being accountable to real people.

Computers, tv, and video games, do not give us eyestrain. They encourage us to strain our vision system which is what gives us blurry vision. Just because we have eyestrain and blurry vision does not mean we cannot learn to not strain our eyes and go back to clarity.

A good place to start learning about Natural Perfect Eyesight is to read one of the best books, which I have an Amazon Referal link to on my website. Most people also need a good teacher. I also have links to Natural Eyesight Improvement teachers around the world. I would be glad to interview a teacher near you to verify their quality and effectiveness.

oh well you took my carrot idea but i had problems w/ my eyes so i got glasses but i dont really wear them i wore them a couple of times and then my eyes got a little better now i dont wear glasses to see far so yea and btw maybe you should try glasses they might just look fabulous on you. you never know until you try

contact lenses. laser eye surgery.
you'll end up spending money.

every 15 minutes look away from ur computer screen and look out the window!

Computers may give you eyestrain, fatigue, or headaches, but they do not affect your actual eyesight.

If you cannot see the board at school, you will need to get glasses or contacts whether you want them or not.

There is no way to improve your eyesight right now (especially fast). Eyesight is determined by the size and shape of your eyes, and no food, vitamin, or exercise (or computer/TV screen) will change those.

I suggest heading to the optometrist before your schoolwork starts suffering.

Cannibal Emma
Get contacts because if you are opposed to glasses.

Thats all there really is. OR you could get laser eye surgery.

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