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where can i get ones with ...

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I do but only in 1 eye!

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 Why do I see these black spots?
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Im going to the eye doctor ?
Tomorrow at 5. I had my eyes checked aobut 3 years ago. i was given glasses but my eyes wernt to bad so i didnt wear them. now my eyes are worse.
Im going to the eye doctor in walmart.
Last time they didnt shoot air in my eyes.

I forgot sort of what they do.

Can you explain a bit more?
And what is the air shots for?
Additional Details
Why do they need to know the pressure of my eye?


Grace A

its to test your eye pressure
its not that bad
they just do it 2 or 3 times

I have never heard of air shots before...maybe Walmart is not a great place to go.
I've been going to opthamologists for 21 years now. They look at my eyes through a special lens and usually dilate them and then look at them with a bright light. A routine eye apt shouldn't be painful.

The puff-of-air test is for glaucoma.

kay kay
they make u seat down in a chair while they shoot air in each eye in different times on the same day it doesn't hurt it feels weird and they see how much you can see

Oh babyy!!(:
air is to test the dryness in your eyes im pretty sure. they shine a light in your eye its more uncofortable than it does hurt. and just ask u... can u see better with this, or this? Its pretty easy

Claire B
they get you to look through some lenses and then examine your eyes. I have no idea what air shots are.

they ask you questions like
how long do you use the computer
and like activities out of school that type of stuff
but i go to like a eye doctor at a eye place you should go to one of those instead of wall mart?
and like i think the air shots are too see your eyes better its like taking a picture of your eye
thats what i think cause i always see a picture and they testify stuff from there
but i think you should go to an eye doctor at an eye glasses store

Thats the exact same thing with me, but i have contacts instead of glasses. Now because i wear my contacts too much, i have to swith to glasses, i went to the doctor this pass thursday and my dr put me on to different eye drops and now my vision is way better than it was, and the air i believe so the doctor can see further in your eyes.

I don't wear glasses, but I get my eyes checked every year. I had my last appointment in October. At my eye doctor I go to the assistants room and look through lenses at pictures. And this year they did the air blowing, and I think its to see if you have anything bad in your eyes like disease wise, but Im not sure. He gave me a couple of harmless tests to check for glaucoma and cancerous stuff. Then my actual eye doctor looks in my eyes with a flashlight. Then he makes me read letters, and look at pictures and say better or worse. Nothing hurts :) Good luck!

Allana A
Uhh first off, you shouldn't be going to the eye doctor in WAL-MART.
That's not a very cleanly place. It'd be much smarter to go to an actual
eye doctor, considering they'd give you the best & safest care. And the
air shots are to test to see if you have glaucoma - an eye disease.

you need your glasses otherwise you run a risk of getting astigmatism

they pressurize your eye to check for any signs of astigmatism.
and the air thing is for glaucoma which is to check for any blindness. That's what glaucoma means

Ben Dover
The air shots are the test for glaucoma.

Victoria V
hey, i JUST came back from my eye doctor and the exact same thing happened to me seriously!!! lol this is what happened today:

he asked me to read through these special binocular things to see the letters, tested me on that (to see which rows i can and cannot see), took a bright light and shone it into each eye for about 2 mins straight then just more looking through the lenses and the doctor just checks which lense you see through better or worse with

global trotter
Air shots are to check your eye pressure, an old method of checking for glaucoma. Ophthalmologist now a days don't use it anymore, they are equipped with a high tech. I hated those air stuff...bad enough to raise the eye pressure, to say the least. Depends on your age, they will check for Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular degeneration, and of course the refractive tests ( visual acuity test ). As another answerer mentioned, I'd find an ophthalmologist else where, if I were you, Walmart's ? no, IMO. Good luck !

they just make you look in a few machines to test different parts of your vision and the air shots are to test the pressure in your eyes.

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