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 Why do my eyes hurt when reading?
Well, I started reading Uncle Tom's Cabin today, and the printing is really small. It made my eyes hurt. Not burn, actually hurt. I got a minor headache too. My eyes also hurt the other day ...

 Is there some natural liquid solution for dry eyes?

 Why is it that when you squint your eyes you can see clearer?

Additional Details
some of you said i need glasses... i know :D
i have some and contacts but i just took then out awhile ago and i just couldnt see anything! (overly dramatic ...

 Help! I think something's wrong with my eye? ?
For the past 3 days i've been getting noticing this weird problem with my right eye.

At School, the top eyelid of my right eye would continuously "vibrate" or do something ...

 Does laser eye surgery hurt?
I'm thinking of having it done, but am EXTREMELY squeamish (faint when have a blood test). Does the procedure hurt?...

 why does my vision go funny?
not all the time but more frequently, my vision goes funny, i don't know how to describe it, like shiny affect, it starts in the centre of my vision the spreads to my Peripheral vision, then ...

 what should i say to my parents?
i think i might need glasses but i dont really want to ask my parents.
I have been getting headaches while reading. what does this mean. i think it means i need glasses. I have a headache ...

 my eyes are perfect. I want to put spectacles on it. tell me how to harm my eyes?
My friends are wearing spacks on their eyes. they are less intellgent than me but they are looking more intellegent than me . I am topper od my class....

 I have blue eyes,white skin, my partner has hazel/green eyes sallow skin. What eye colour will my baby have?

 Does lying effect size of eye pupil?

So i was doing a science project and i decided that i wanted to be about human phyics or antanomy.

so i decied "Does lying effect size of eye pupil"


 Could there be something wrong with my eyes?
For aslong as i can remember, my eyes water if i'm just walking down the street and i squint even if it's not sunny, even indoors i sometimes still squint. People think i'm giving them ...

I am 12 and I want to start wearing contacts, but my mom says that i am 2 young. My glasses are just getting in they way of everything and i play sports. Am i 2 young?...

 what will happen if I cry while my contacts are in?
So i'm a first time contact wearer and i was just wondering what would happen if i cry while my contacts are in...i get into fights with my parents or even friends often that make me upset so i&#...

 What is wrong with sleeping with your contacts in?
I ran out of my daily contacts a few weeks ago. I have been sleeping with my last pair in waiting for my new ones to get here. I sleep with them in. My mom says I'll go blind. LOL...

 Any way i can look at a computer screen without hurting my eyes?
If i look through it with a mirror would it help (er, two mirrors, so it's not reversed)? Is there anything else i could do to avoid directly looking into the light?...

 Is it bad to wear contacts if you don't need them?
Like if you wear contacts without any vision changing stuff.


Angie :)...

 men, what's your favorite eye color on a girl cause im gonna get colored contacts and i have hazel eyes now?
:) be honest too ...

 Please help very urgent!! PROBLEM WITH EYE..?
something is wrong with my sisters eye..
like theres extra sclera i think its called.. theres more sclera in one eye than the other and her veins around that area are very dark red and more ...

Like Seriously?!
Like Stick It Down Yhhur Own throat?!...

 I'm 14, is it okay to start wearing contacts?
I hate wearing glasses. Is it okay if i start wearing contacts now? Am i too young? Will it do any harm to my eyes? Thanks in advance. =D...

I've had this white stringy discharge coming out of eyeball I get the discharge on and off all day....?
what is this and how do I treat it?

sounds like the onset of pink eye ....

Sounds as if you might have an infection. You need antibiotics. You can ONLY get those from your doctor (providing that you don't have access to the black market.)

Pure evil
eye crust

i could be eye 'gunk' from allergies or it could be pink eye

Dani EM
Sounds like you are getting pink eye. You should go to the doctor for some drops and try to stay away from other people, seeing that pink eye is very contagious

pink eye, go to walmart and get some pink eye relief drops($10 or so). you can go to the dr. he'll give you a prescription but the meds are $60.

http://symptoms.webmd.com/symptomchecker read up on it so you know what to do

You do need to stay home from work/school for a few days... you are extremely contagious, if you need a dr's note and have insurance go to the dr.

The discharge would be coming from the lacrimal gland, which would indicate an infection of the eye or lacrimal gland.

lol yah Conjunctivitis.

It may be allergies, you may need allergy eye drops or an allergy medication. It also may mean an infection.... but most important... keep your hands / fingers out of your eyes!

Probably pollen or allergy related. Get some over the counter eye cleanser from the pharmacy and try that. If it isn't better tomorrow or if your eyeball is all bloodshot then go to the doctor and get an antibiotic.

I found this.

Click Here
It sounds like viral or bacterial conjunctivitis. It is very contagious, so stay away from people (work, school) Go to the doctor as soon as you can to get it check out.

um i had the same thing bout 3 months ago,
it was an eye infection, you may want to get it checked
out, its some kinda of flu buh it takes place in the eye.

You might have gotten something (like an eyelash) in your eye, and the discharge is protecting the object from harming your eye. Just pull the discharge out, and buy some eyewash

John C
You know, for a second I thought this was officially the nastiest question I had ever seen posted. Then I got to "...of eyeball" and it all made sense. Sorry about that, false alarm!

Mommy to Lauryn and Sydney
You may have some kind of eye infection!! Get to the doc's to make sure or it even could be allergies tis the season either way find out!!

Could be conjunctivitis - see a doctor.

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