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please help??
Additional Details
thanks guys, i'll rinse it with cold water
and buy some visine next time =)...

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some of you said i need glasses... i know :D
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 Does lying effect size of eye pupil?

So i was doing a science project and i decided that i wanted to be about human phyics or antanomy.

so i decied "Does lying effect size of eye pupil"


 Could there be something wrong with my eyes?
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 what will happen if I cry while my contacts are in?
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I'm like staring at the computer the whole day and my eyes feels very tired and blurry. Eye stress perhaps?
I sit and stare at the computer 6days a week as my job requires me to. My eyes are really tired and my visions do sometimes get blurry. This causes headache at times as well. What is the cause of this and what do i do to prevent it?

low level radeation to ur eyes turn the brightness down or a (think therwe cheap filter screen for moniter)

Eli A
wash your face in cold water. there is no way to prevent this. somedays i go on the cpu all day and get headaches

Yes-tired. Also good to use a real daylight type of light...makes you feel less tired. Headaches might be due to you needing to update your eye prescription...if you need a new prescription for eye glasses, this can cause intense headaches...Even nausea.

Ella J
Don't sit so close to the screen. Take breaks here and there, the computer can really mess up your eyes. Trust me I know.

See an eye Dr...

I always try to be as relaxed as possible.(whole body relaxed) Take you shoes off, stretch from time to time. I found a website that might help out..Good luck!! http://ezinearticles.com/?7-Eye-Stress-Relief-Exercises&id=1470743

ducky 693
you're probably need more sleep
but if the headaches keeps coming back then
you should go see a doctor

take brakes in between and when u go home take some ice and wrap it with some cloth and place it on ur eyes for 1 or 2 min surely it will help wrap enoug cloth so that u donot fell very cold

There are some glasses like these :

They help prevent eye strain from looking at the computer.

Black Berry
Isn't there a filter of sorts that you can mount in front of your screen to cut down on the glare or harsh light from it? Can you adjust the screen it's self the tone etc?

Proud American
The cause... eye strain.
To fix it. stop looking at the computer so much.

andrew c
Your not blinking alot because your just staring so your eyes are dry and blurry

It is eye stress and they actually make special glasses for that that are a slight lavender color.

Have talked to an eye dr. If you are in harsh light, fluorescent it makes the strain worse also. We had maintenance at work remove some bulbs so it wasn't so bright.

Schooling Dietitian
take breaks like every 20 minutes for about 5 minutes
gets your eyes to adjust back to reality
eat throughout the day as well

For one thing I would cut down on watching TV, which is almost the exact same thing as your computer. I would play some sports when I am off work. Your eyes will get much more of a workout, then just staring at a screen.

I think you eyes are dry because they are not moving enough. You may also want to turn off any harsh lights around where you work. Put in a dimmer on your overhead light or change its color from white to red. This will stimulate the rods and cons more…

Sorry for rambling, but I work in very low light conditions.

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