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Hi, Does inserting eye drops hurt?
My daughter has been given CROMOLUX 2% to relieve her itchy eyes. But she is refusing to use them because she thinks that eye drops hurt. Having never used them before, please help!

I will only speak for myself in this particular case. I have dry eyes and have to use eyedrops. The drops do sting when I first put them in. It does not matter which brand I use.

I use eye drops all the time for glaucoma and no they don't hurt your eyes they just cause a stinging sensation for a short time. If her eyes are hurting then something else is wrong not relating to the eye drops. Get her check out by her GP.

[Kirsty ©]
No not really, i had the same thing and i was quite nervous but its not sore, it's a quick nip and it over! i promise :) just blink loads after

no doesnt hurt. just feels like rain dripping into your eye. if she tenses and closes her eye quickly though, it may sting a little bit, but this will go down very quickly. she needs to be calmed, relaxed and lay her flat on her back. she needs to open both eyes wide, be quick in putting the drop in, and thats it! just make sure she isnt tensed up.
good luck!

Olen Mac
Lay your head back and pull out the lower lid, then put a drop in it and you don't feel it until you close you eyes. They don't make any kind of eye drops that will hurt you.

Cuddles & Kisses =D
heyy, i'm 16, and i used to be petrified of eyedrops !

I used to refuse to put them in, and always kicked up a fuss, i thought they would sting and hurt me, but then i just calmed down, and slowly added them to my eye.

Using eyedrops doesnt hurt atall, she may find it a bit uncomfortable? as she may not like things going in her eyes, but it shouldnt hurt!

Just make sure she blinks well after inserting the drops.

And if anything, she should find the drops soothing, and calming for her eyes ! a relief from the itching.

She might prefer it if she was in a calm environment, and did it at her own pace if she was that uncertain about it.

Dont worry about it, and tell her not to get worked up, it will be fine
Hope i helped.

Fiona M
Nope, and if they hurt there must be something wrong with the drops.

I use eye drops on a regular basis and they've never hurt before :]

It can be quite scary putting them in your eye, but that's all.

no, they don't hurt at all.
I like using them actually.

No, they just are kind of irritating because a water-like substance is going into your eye. It doesn't hurt though and after the first few times she'll probably get used to it.

i've used eye drops multiple times and they dont hurt her at all! it just feels like a raindrop going into your eye.. tell her she has nothing to worry about & if it would make her feel better you could put a drop in your eye just to show her it doesnt hurt!

hope ive helped

No, they don't hurt at all, if you can open your eyes under water, that is a lot worse. Eye drops feel just like a tiny cold bit on your eye for less than a second, but once its in you can't feel a thing.
Wash your hands properly,then look away and just very gently pop it in and i promise you won't feel it at all.
good luck

Arvin A
no eyedrops never ever will hurt unless the drops are contaminated somehow. If she keeps complaining, try buying visine or a special eyedrop for itchy eyes. If the drops still hurts, buy the eye gel for her eyes.

I use opticrom which are the same as cromolux for my hayfever and allergies. They don't hurt at all, in fact, when your eyes are really itchy they are such a relief, especially if you keep them in the fridge. When my eyes get really itchy I am usually desperate to use them.

No, just have her look in the other direction when you put them in.

no they dont usually hurt, just feel a bit uncomfortable (not painful tho)

mad manc
not at all

Lily H
no they dont hurt, they just make you jump a bit because the fluid is cold, very nice if youre eyes are itchy !!
why dont you show her how to use them and then she can have a go.

Riley C
no they dont
i use eye drops all the time to refresh my contact lenses when they get dry
they just feel cold and normally make me jump a bit

just tell her you will give her a little treat once she has used them for the 1st time

no - if they do, then there is something wrong.

oh,honestly,they don't hurt at all,i have had drops and ointment,it's just the thought of putting something into your eyes,it can be scary but theres nothing to it..just tell her to lie down and open her eyes but roll her eyes the oposite way so she doesn't see them actually being put in..have a wee laugh with her then next time she'll be fine hopefully!

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