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 eye trouble..help pleaseee.?
okay, so i need anyone's help..it doesnt matter who. I wear contacts every day, and today i woke up with my eye somewhat crusty [not as bad as pink eye though] and watering like crazy. it was ...

 Is it bad to wear glasses when you don't need them?
I am nearsighted, so I have glasses for the boards at school and stuff. Is it bad to leave them on for reading, because I can read with them on but I don't need them for reading? It's just ...

 I Just dipped my tongue in visine will anything happen?
I dipped my tongue to taste visine. I didn't swallow it , and i'm scares what should i ...

 help with contact lenses?
im getting contacts later this week, and im having trouble decideing on a brand.. i know theres lots out there so i was wondering what people with contacts like

is acuve, acuvue 2 or ...

 I'm like staring at the computer the whole day and my eyes feels very tired and blurry. Eye stress perhaps?
I sit and stare at the computer 6days a week as my job requires me to. My eyes are really tired and my visions do sometimes get blurry. This causes headache at times as well. What is the cause of ...

 Is it very risky to get LASIK at 18 years old?
Hi there,

My mother recently got LASIK and now I am actually considering it myself.

I've always hated glasses and contact lenses and have found that my eye sight has gotten ...

 How can I improve my eyesight?
I'm doing a Uniformed Public Services course at College and I really want to become a firefighter. I've read lots of books on becoming a firefighter and they all say that excellent vision ...

 Blonde Hair & Bright Green eyes?
Okay my name is Aleisha & i have blonde hair a bright green eyes some friends & teachers say that blondes don't usually have that combo is that true? or are they just liars lol i'm A...

 what color contacts go with very dark brown eyes and black hair (im indian)?
hey this is my first ever question!!! im soooo excited for your answers!!!! all right so! i have VERY dark eyes, and considerably large eyes as well (it runs in my family) i have black shoulder ...

 White part of my eye turning a faint yellow colour, why?
hey, i'm 15 and i've lately been spotting in the corners of my eyes (when i look in the mirror) that they are turning a faded yellowy colour. Im a vegetarian, so can that be a possibility ...

 Are eye contacts really bad for you? (true or myth?)?
So I was searching on Yahoo Answers for some contact information and I found this answer and it made me change my mind about getting colored contacts.

"color contacts aren't good ...

 I've had this white stringy discharge coming out of eyeball I get the discharge on and off all day....?
what is this and how do I treat it?...

 i can see a black dot when looking out of my left eye. it moves around depending on the direction i look.?
basicly it must be on the eye because it follows my direction of sight ? what is it and how do i get ...

 well ii would want to know how can ii make my eye color change with out any surgery or contacts?

 Is something wrong wiht my eyes?
Okay I think this has been happening for years. Sometimes (this happens allot) it's like everything goes black or gray and I feel like I'm going to pass out and I feel like someone punched ...

 Help this is serious( contact lenses)?
I cant take off contact lenses ive been trying everything they wont even move how can i make them fall ...

 if my eye sight is goin kinda blurry, are my eyes going to be ok?

 What Color Contact's Should i Get?
if you have personal experiance with contacts prescribed or not can you tell me some pros and cons

ThiS iS Me:http://s171.photobucket.com/albums/u284/tiffanywifey01_2007/?action=view&...

 I feel like there's something in my eye?
Sometimes for no reason, I feel like I have something in my eye. It's an acute irritation, not all over my eye.I look at my eye and there is nothing there.This seems to happen often, almost ...

 What colour is my eye?
I am just wondering cause one I am partially colour blind and ive asked a few friends and they said blue/gray with green bits like dots of green type thing, now I just wanna know what you guys think ...

Eye color problem PLEASE HELP?!?!?
I have 2 colors in my left eye but I dont know how. I have had it since I was 1 and I am now still left wondering how its there.
Any help???

and your just asking whats wrong with your eye?

its a magic trick

yewr fine! dont worry about it
we are all special/different in our own ways
as god created yew we are all created in
his image and thats the way he made yew
yew should be thankful that yew at least have eyes to see lol
dont worry about how it looks to much theres nothing wrong with them

It was just a mixture of your parents genes that gave you an eye with 2 colors. I know someone with a mixture of brown and green in their eyes.

Cammy B
Oh my gosh. My rat had a red eye and a black eye. wow. You know when I was little I got a bean bag for christmas. It's pink. I still have it to this very day. One time I got some fake nails but my mommy didnt let me use them. What is YOUR mommy like? Is she perty? My mommy is perty. You know back when my grandma could still talk she told me to mind my own buisness. But what buissness is that if i cant find it? Wait, what was the question?

I have multi-colored eyes too, it's completely normal. Nothing is wrong, it's just your genes,

You are unique. Thats it and you can't do anything about except colored contacts.

who cares
embrace it and work it
that's a unique characteristic that not many people have

I don't know It seems pretty why do you care. I think I would be happy if I had that. Enjoy it

Its not a problem. In fact your quite lucky!

Its just genetics. Some people are born with one eye brown and the other light blue.

My aunt has one eye hazel, and the other half blue half grey

Twilight Lover!
Just lucky, I guess. That would be cool though. Unless you have hazel eyes, which means you have brown and green eyes. Get contacts if you dont like them. :)

Ivy W
Incomplete Dominance - Genetics

Is it Sectoral Heterochromia?

see here :

Totally normal if that's what you're referring to.

Ask your optometrist if there are any concerns. If the only problem is cosmetic than consider colored contacts.

punch it, that way it becomes black instead. and then punch the other to get it matched up.

Michael T
It's not a problem... people can have any combination of colours in their eyes. :)

It's not a problem. It's called sectoral heterochromia, don't worry it doesn't affect your health or eyesight it's just a visual phenomenon. I find it to be fascinating and beautiful. The reason why you have since you were 1 and not born with it is because all children are born with the same blueish eyes and the colors only start compacting into their real eye color through out the first year of life.

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