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 Why do your eyes hurt after you cry?

 Do you find that your contacts start to irritate you at the end of the day?
Or is that just my wierdness?!
Additional Details
Oh you're all really funny...I meant my actual contacts that I put in my eye....hence it's in optical. Ha flippin Ha!! :P...

 Why do my eyes change from brown to green when I am drunk?

 Is it dangerous to swallow a contact lense? HELPPPP!?
I have disposable contact lenses and accidentally swallowed a half of one. Is that dangerous? Please help meee!...

 what causes your eye to twitch?
cos mine is going fricken crazy and twitching so much my eyeball is being twitched by the crazy twitching eyelid! It's been going wild for about an hour!
how can. I stop it and why does ...

 An eye problem, does it sound serious?
My dad is 47 and he has a lot of throat pain. Now his eye is really hurting him too for a couple of weeks now. Both eyes are very yellow. Now he has a "growth" that was tiny and has ...

 Is There Such A Thing As Rainbow Contacts?
I want to know if they exist and where I can get some if they do exist(with a prescription). And if you find any websites direct link please!

P.S. Don't say it's stupid or weird, ...

 What do contacts feel like when they're in your eyes?
are you aware of them or can you not feel them at all? And does it feel weird once you put it in the first time? Are you supposed to get used to it before it feels comfortable? thanks....

 Why won't my contact lenses go in my eyes?
I don't even blink but it never goes in :( So frustrating....

 My eye has been itchy and hurting me all day, could it be pink eye?
My eye isn't really red, but its been bothering me all day. It does feel like a little bit of liquid is coming out of it....

 Why do they blow stuff into your eyes when you have an eye test?
i went for my first ever eye test two days ago and something is bothering me, in the test they blew a puff of air or i don't know exactly what it was before i had a test with diffrent lenses, is ...

 I smoke weed and my eyes turn blue? I keep using visine....but it wont stop? Any help or advice would be great?

 Can you wear monthly disposable contacts for over a month (say two months)?
IS it bad for your eye if I do? Or can I really wear them for as long as they'll last?
Additional Details
will eventually if I wear monthly disposable contacts for like two months, ...

 How bad does your eyesight have to be to get contacts?
I'm sick of wearing glasses and I got curious :P...

 What can i eat to improve my eyesight?
I have a maths test tomorrow and i sit at the back of the class and i see the work on the board but i can make out what its saying its like everything is blurred/faded

i really need to knw ...

 Which color contacts? Freshlook Contacts question!?
ok i want to get some colored contacts for fun
the freshlook colorblends or just the freshlook color ones. i was thinking of the violet or grey. but i have dark brown eyes so i dont know if it�...

 Does this girl have a lazy eye?

Is that a lazy eye?...

 My 12 year old son would like a pair colored halloween contacts are they safe?
my son would like a pair of colored Halloween contacts to wear just for fun. he does not need prescription lenses. have there been any problems and how long do they last?...

 SHould I wear my glasses all the time?
Hi guys, I have 200/20 vision and I got new glasses in taiwan. THe doctor said that you shouldn't wear glasses all the time since they create bad habits, and I created it over the 2 years when ...

 soo.. i...?
went to the eye doctor today.. and i don't need glasses rite now.. but i'm disappointed.. i kinda want them..

help me
Additional Details
where can i get ones with ...

Do you HAVE TO wear glasses for sometime and THEN wear contacts or just wear contacts without wearing glasses?
please tell me. I dont look good with glasses.

You can wear only contacts. The only time you would need glasses would be for quick things like before bed when you've taken your contacts out...

Stupid Shield
you cn wear contacts only if you want. i wear what ever looks best with my hair and outfit that day.

Any eye doctor will tell you that you can wear full time contacts (8 hours per day, 5-7 days per week) once you reach an appropriate maturity level to take them out every night. You should also have a current prescription on your glasses for when you take your contacts out at night (or whenever you sleep), or don't feel like wearing your contacts.

You certainly don't wear them simultaneously.

i wear glasses and contacts at times
show us a picture with and without glasses and we'll see which one you look good in. :)
you can always change one day wearing contacts, the other days wearing glasses :)

You could switch it up.

you can just wear contacts right away,
but i'm telling you, contacts are very expensive
and they're a hassle.
when i'm 18 i'm gonna get laser eye surgery

you don't need to wear glasses

if your vision is not that bad DO NOT WEAR CONTACTS!
they will ruin your eyes even more, because you cannot take them off when you want to.
try glasses first, and if your vision gets worse, switch to contacts.
when you start wearing glasses, it looks weird, but in time, they will look natural on your face.

You can skip right to contacts.

i don't think that you have to wear glasses.

I pray I don't have to wear either.

"I dont look good with glasses" maybe thats only what YOU think. Ask a reliable friend. And how does it matter? Do whats good to your eyes.

Shabam S
my friend went straight to contacts but they recommend glasses first.

That way they can tell whether they are working for you. If you go straight to contacts, the contact could be messed up and you don't know it, so if you can't see out of it, they'll think you need a different kind. If you wear glasses, they most likely won't be messed up and if they are you can usually tell.

You can wear contacts whenever. Personally, I wear contacts mostly all the time, but I wear glasses after I take my contacts out when I get home, and I wear glasses in the morning before I put my contacts in. But people never see me with them on, I also look like crap with them

Some people put their glasses on when their eyes are tired or if the contacts become uncomfortable. You don't have to wear your glasses if you don't want to. Your contacts alone are fine.

either way it doesn't matter unless your doctor prescribes one or the other. BUT it is not healthy to wear contacts AND glasses at the same time. it would make your vision worse

If your eye doctor says you can wear contacts you can. Change from one to the other. Make sure your eyes get oxygen though. Take contacts out at night. Even though they make ones you can sleep in they are not good for your eyes.

no u can judt start wearing contacts. they let me. u just have to have a perscription to get them.

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