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 How can I improve my eyesight?
I'm doing a Uniformed Public Services course at College and I really want to become a firefighter. I've read lots of books on becoming a firefighter and they all say that excellent vision ...

 Blonde Hair & Bright Green eyes?
Okay my name is Aleisha & i have blonde hair a bright green eyes some friends & teachers say that blondes don't usually have that combo is that true? or are they just liars lol i'm A...

 what color contacts go with very dark brown eyes and black hair (im indian)?
hey this is my first ever question!!! im soooo excited for your answers!!!! all right so! i have VERY dark eyes, and considerably large eyes as well (it runs in my family) i have black shoulder ...

 White part of my eye turning a faint yellow colour, why?
hey, i'm 15 and i've lately been spotting in the corners of my eyes (when i look in the mirror) that they are turning a faded yellowy colour. Im a vegetarian, so can that be a possibility ...

 Are eye contacts really bad for you? (true or myth?)?
So I was searching on Yahoo Answers for some contact information and I found this answer and it made me change my mind about getting colored contacts.

"color contacts aren't good ...

 I've had this white stringy discharge coming out of eyeball I get the discharge on and off all day....?
what is this and how do I treat it?...

 i can see a black dot when looking out of my left eye. it moves around depending on the direction i look.?
basicly it must be on the eye because it follows my direction of sight ? what is it and how do i get ...

 well ii would want to know how can ii make my eye color change with out any surgery or contacts?

 Is something wrong wiht my eyes?
Okay I think this has been happening for years. Sometimes (this happens allot) it's like everything goes black or gray and I feel like I'm going to pass out and I feel like someone punched ...

 Help this is serious( contact lenses)?
I cant take off contact lenses ive been trying everything they wont even move how can i make them fall ...

 if my eye sight is goin kinda blurry, are my eyes going to be ok?

 What Color Contact's Should i Get?
if you have personal experiance with contacts prescribed or not can you tell me some pros and cons

ThiS iS Me:http://s171.photobucket.com/albums/u284/tiffanywifey01_2007/?action=view&...

 I feel like there's something in my eye?
Sometimes for no reason, I feel like I have something in my eye. It's an acute irritation, not all over my eye.I look at my eye and there is nothing there.This seems to happen often, almost ...

 What colour is my eye?
I am just wondering cause one I am partially colour blind and ive asked a few friends and they said blue/gray with green bits like dots of green type thing, now I just wanna know what you guys think ...

 What does it mean when someone gives no eye contact ?

 HELP! my eye has gone red and I have to go somewhere in 30mins! help what do I do???
please help??
Additional Details
thanks guys, i'll rinse it with cold water
and buy some visine next time =)...

 Why do my eyes hurt when reading?
Well, I started reading Uncle Tom's Cabin today, and the printing is really small. It made my eyes hurt. Not burn, actually hurt. I got a minor headache too. My eyes also hurt the other day ...

 Is there some natural liquid solution for dry eyes?

 Why is it that when you squint your eyes you can see clearer?

Additional Details
some of you said i need glasses... i know :D
i have some and contacts but i just took then out awhile ago and i just couldnt see anything! (overly dramatic ...

 Help! I think something's wrong with my eye? ?
For the past 3 days i've been getting noticing this weird problem with my right eye.

At School, the top eyelid of my right eye would continuously "vibrate" or do something ...

Can I get contacts???
I have two questions here.
first is, how long do you have to wear glasses before you get contacts?
and, my vision is 20/40. is that too good to get contacts? or does your vison have to be worse?

go to an eye doctor, they will tell you everything you want to know.

you dont have to wear glasses before you get contacts i dont think. and i also believe that 20/40 is the minimum for contacts. try doing some research on google.

Jaewoong C
tat is pretty good but I would get glasses it is more confy and contacts are too much work.. if you have alot of spear time.. and U like how U look than get contacts good luck!!!

You can get contact lenses as soon as possible as long as your doctor says you are a good candidate for it. As long as you do well when they teach you how to put them on and take them off, you should do fine with them. You can get contact lenses for any prescription...good or bad. If your prescription is small, they may tell you its not necessary to get them at all.

You don't need to wear glasses at all before you have contacts. It's just kids usually do because they're too young for the resposibility.

It doesn't matter what your vision is, but your eyesight is pretty good and contacts are pricey. I'd suggest waiting.

You don't have to wear glasses before getting contacts. You sound like a good candidate for contacts.

Mara Angel
you can get contact right away.. you don't have to wait for glasses.. it's just something parent like to push their kids to wear glasses by telling them that they have to wear them long enough to be able to get contact.. it's like a white lie..
You can get contact right away.. they will just check your eyes for fittings, so they know what you need in contact and give you contact within same day you went to eye doctor.. And your vision 20/40 can get contact.. if it's too worse, then they cannot get contact.. have to wear big thick glasses.. it's true.. I had a friend who wears glasses so ugly and thick and big, so 70's glasses.. I asked her why she didn't go get contact.. she told me that her eyes is so bad, they won't provide contact for eyes like hers.. so.. you are good to go!!

u can get contacts rite away. glasses just get in the way when u do sports. contacts r better then, but they r dangerous. they can break when a basketball or something hits your contact that is on your eye. the plastic will then break and poke in to your eyeball.

u dont have to get galsses you can get contacts right away

I have only been wearing glasses about 2 years and I recently got contacts. Just go to any trusted vision center for an eye test to acquire a contacts prescription. :)

You can get contacts now. By law, you need a prescription in order to purchase contact lenses. This is true even if your contacts have no vision correction in them, such as some color contacts or special-effect contacts.

you can get contacts whenever you want and with whatever prescription you have. you need to make a contact lenses' appointment and fitting and the rest is there. if it's your first time using them, they may feel a bit awkward and different but if you're willing to get used to them, then they'll feel a lot more comfortable.

btw, do NOT let optometrists' hustle you by giving you a prescription for J&J Oasys. It's over-priced and feels the exact same as the cheaper ones. Once they write your prescription with the certain brand you're willing to use, you're only allowed to purchase those kinds. Colors contacts are very, very uncomfortable (compared to reg. ones) so try getting used to regular ones first.

hope that helped!

you can start off with contacts :)

You don't have to wear glasses to get contacts. 20/40 is pretty decent. Your contacts will be really thin and light, so if you want perfect vision, that's definitely a good idea (:

You can get contacts by going to your eye doctor. It doesn't matter if you have ever/how long you have worn glasses, or what your vision is.

I got my contacts right away when my eyesight just started getting bad.
You should get contacts, too.

It doesn't matter. You can get contacts whenever you want.
If you think you aren't ready for contacts, don't get them.
It's that simple.

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