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 is 140/90 super high for blood pressure.. (more details inside)?
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Donna C
should you eat salt if you have high blood pressure?

yes, by the pound

We are already getting sufficient qty required for our body of salt from the natural sources ie from vegitables etc.,so we need not take salt seperatly. Any how using more than 3 to 4grams of salt is restricted. The exessive salt is more harmful to us like increasing the blood pressure etc.

Absolutely NOT. You should never add any salt to anything you eat, and you should be watching the quantity of sodium you consume in a day in processed foods. Your doctor is the one who should be setting the guidelines for you...If this has not happened, call and ask. Salt adds to high blood pressure. If you already have high blood pressure and are trying to control it, salt is working against that.

Only in minute quantities, and there are salt substitutes.

Here are some natural cure for high blood pressure:

1. Physical exercise of some variety is urged and if you are unable to walk even short distances due to your legs, or have a problem breathing when walking, going for a swim is a very good exercise.

Meditation is one other way of relieving tension but there is also yoga, which is quoted by experts as being a good means to reduce on strain. Respiration workouts are also advocated for persons who suffer very nerve-wracking lives.

2. Diet
- Reduce your sodium intake by reading labels as they will inform you the salt content of virtually everything you consume.
- Lessening your alcohol consumption will help also
- potassium in your diet plan on a day-to-day basis because the advocated measure is 3500 mg. per day.
- Consume more fruits, vegetables
- Avoid trans fat and saturated fat

3. Mainmaintaining stress levels from becoming too high for prolonged periods of time can also help.

If you have high blood pressure it is a good idea to cut back on salt in your diet and use salt substitutes instead.

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Basically, the answer is NO.
However, many foods we buy (even uncooked) contain sodium levels that are bad for High BP sufferers.
If U have High BP, then obviously U would be on Tablets to control it.
IF U DO feel (DO FEEL) that U over did it with salt intake, ensure u
also have a little sweet tooth items (NOT too many mind U)
I am referring to a balance.
Alternatively IF U felt U over did it with salt intake..drink plenty of water...(Soda water or Tonic water also are OK)

No Not at All Period
Plenty of salt in lots of foods

Our bodies need salt and it should be taken in moderation. You should also take your medication daily to regulate the hypertension.

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