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ange c
my son has low iron levels?
i just found out that my nearly 3 year old son has low iron. im very worried as he is a very fussy eater. he wont fruit and will only eat carrots maybe an odd pea. we have to force him to eat chicken. he wont touch any other meat. what can i do please help

Miz Lamb
vitamins with iron will help, so will bananas

make ground beef into hot dog shapes or smaller like the little ones and put a toothpick in them. Kids like to eat foods off toothpicks.

im not an expert, but im sure there are iron tablets that you can get.

lilly of the valley
I give my kids Seven Seas tonic it's orange flavoured cod-liver oil with iron, also I give my 10yr old iron and molasses capsules from Holland an Barrett - I take these as well.
cocoa is a good source if he would have hot chocolate - not at night because the caffeine might keep him awake
I'm sorry if this sounds rude but if you look at his number 2s it should be dark if he is absorbing the iron light = low iron
as long as he is absorbing it he'll be fine
spag bol is an iron rich meal, most kids like that

Get hold of some old Popeye cartoons. The hero always swallows a can of spinach for strength.
Maybe your son will actually want to eat spinach after a couple of hours of Popeye.

The doc that informed you of this deficiency should also be able to recommend a treatment. It is often unrealistic to expect a child to change their eating habits, and forcing children to eat something they don't like can cause all sorts of psychological repercussions later in life. You also can't assume that diet alone is the problem. Some people don't absorb iron efficiently from their digestive systems.

Consequently, a iron supplement would generally be prescribed, but there is a fine line between too little and too much iron. Iron supplements should not be given to children without checking with the doc and following up with at least one blood test to monitor the situation. Call the docs office and ask them to recommend a solution.

Carrots have a lot of iron. Feed him more of those. Cereals (reinforced) often have a good amount of iron.

jake s
you need to draw the line. He's 3 years old. it's not like he has a masterful experience of taste yet.

If anything, try seasoning red meat better and putting it in a stir fry with peppers. From what I recall red meat has a lot of iron.

Low iron levels are particularly a problem for children who drink lots of milk and don't eat much iron rich foods. What about trying seafood? Or dried fruits such as prunes, raisins etc? Nuts are a good source too. Will he eat beans? Whole grains are important, you could also try iron-fortified breads and cereals. Green leafy vegetables are a must, try and encourage him to eat it. Why not blend some of his food so he can't actually see what he is eating?

Try and make his food look interesting too. That often helps. Try limiting the amount of milk he eats/drinks too. Although as he is growing, it's important he has calcium.

Also, try giving him foods high in vitamin C at the same time as iron-rich foods, this will help the body to absorb iron better. Could also try iron supplements if none of this is working.

Some foods block the absorption of iron such as tea and coffee, egg yolks, milk as I mentioned, fibre and soy protein. Try to avoid these at the same time as eating food that is high in iron. Try to introduce red meat again. Just a bit at a time, what about spaghetti bolognese?

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