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 Heart problems..?
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 Do energy drinks cause high blood pressure?
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 Do Vegetarians get Heart Disease?

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What percentage is gene related?...

 my mum had blue lips..?
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 My heart always seems to beat really fast even when im at rest. Does anyone know what is wrong?

Additional Details
It just beats really fast at times. I do not know the numbers or beats per minute, but it just pounds reallly fast....

my heart has been beating too fast and am i too skinny? any help?
hey every once in awhile my heart feels like it has to beat super hard and alot just for me to breath...
i'm nineteen and weigh 96lbs. and i'm 5'2...which is okay (i think)
i have trouble sleeping i often go to bed at 2 or 3 in the morning and wake up around 2 or 3 in the afternoon(seriously) which is a long time. i often feel very sick too. when i wake up i don't feel hungry for like an hour. then i eat something... then don't eat again until like 9 or so.

i don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. i don't even drink coffe and i don't like chocolate. i don't drink too much water (mostly drink rasberry ice tea)

well, anyways, i just haven't been feeling like myself right now my heart is feeling like it's trying so hard to beat and beating fast...i thought maybe because i was hungry, but 4 pizzas later and two big rasberry ice teas later...i still feel the same

any help
i also haven't been to the doctor since i was like 15/16
any help please. thanks
Additional Details
thanks for the fast great answers and now i forgot to mention i do have stress and i tend to stress a lot. -live with dad miss my family bf moving...yada yada...
and i din't know rsberry ice tea dehydrates you...yikes...and i forgot to mention i have never had a physicla before i am scared and i think it's weird i don't want anyone to see my private haha i think it's weird. thanks

Other side of the pillow
please go to a doctor. There's nothing wrong with your weight as long as it's not because you're forcing yourself to be that small. But since you do eat, it's kind of strange. It may go hand in hand with your sleep cycle, but I don't study medicine, so the best advice I can give you is to see a doctor.

Bean points and says,"Dat!&
You really should go to the doctor to get checked out just to make sure what is going on with you isn't a potentially fatal problem lurking in the distance somewhere.
It sounds like you could have anemia, which is a blood disorder that you get due to not having enough iron in your blood. This makes you very tired, weak and sick at times.
It could be all sorts of things though. You should seriously make an appt with your doctor. Either way this what you are describing doesn't sound like a good thing and should be taken care of with a doctor.

Geek Wolf
Go see a doctor just to be safe. Last year i had a really quick heart beat and a few chest pains and it lead to heart failure, eventually leading to a transplant. I was 17 didnt drink smoke or anything. So just to be safe i would get it checked out. An irregular heart beat might not be a safe thing. Not saying it could be the same thing i had, but better to be safe than sorry.

Its not your weight. I think your having the same problem i did djuring the summer. Does it feal like your gona have a heart attack or something? I think what your getting is a PANIC ATTACK otherwise knowen as an ANXIETY ATTACK...It is scary and they can last anywhere from 5 mins to hours! but no one has ever dies from a panic attack EVER... Talk to your dr i got perscribed lorazepam and if i felt like i was getting an attack i would take a pill and it worked in mins. It relaxes your mucles and slows your heart...after a while i didnt need them anymore. It was a really hard time in my life and i had just been kicked out and i was liveing at a shelter stress brings it on... panic attacts are all in the head...


You will be okay dont worrie. I dont get them anymore. Just remember that this is what i think. It does not mean you dont have something more serious so go to a dr.

oh and as for your sleeping and eating habbits...force yourself to get up and eat in the morning its horrible at first stuffing food down your throat that you dont want so start of eating a little bit like a granola bar and the slowly eat more... it will make you eat more djuring the day and you will start to gain weight...

DONT WORRIE you will be okay ;)

You need to have a complete physical, ASAP. You also need to drink more water then raspberry ice tea to stay hydrated. Have the Dr. check your electrolytes, esp potassium maybe low. What no vegetables or fresh fruits? Sleeping for 12hrs is not healthy. Go see a Dr. now.

wow...this is like seriously the story of my life right now too!...what u r feeling rite now is kind of scary isn't!...at least it was for me...well anyways, i went to the doctor with the exact same symptoms / story a week ago and this is what he had said to me..."stress, hormones (pms), high caffeine intake (from ur ice tea), dehydration (ice tea actually dehydrates you), and an eating @ random times (no eating schedule) is causing exactly what u r feeling rite now"...shocking isn't!...well once again i was shocked!...but that's just my reaction...haha...he recommended drinking at least 32 oz. of water (u should be really drinking 64 oz., but i don't know anyone who does...), sleeping no more than 8 hours (regular hours if possible: 10 pm to 6pm or 11 pm to 7pm), and eating a meal around 8 am, 12 pm, and 6pm with healthy snacks in between...and hopefully u will notice a huge difference soon...good luck and i hope u feel better soon!

dr kevin
may be you have anemia.a lower volume of blood (blood hematocrit)in your body will force your heart to beat faster than normal to provide the whole body with oxygen

it sounds to me like you have a hyperthyroid. i would go to the doctor to check its just a simple blood test to check your levels. he can also give you meds for your heart its not good for it to be beating fast like that.

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