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 blood pressure?
i am 16 years old

i have done my blood pressure and it is around 90 over 60

is this too low?...

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 How long can a 50 year old man who had a heart attack and still smokes expect to live?
Serious question folks if you have links with ref s to this plz include
Additional Details
He does not smoke cigs but will not stop the bong{pot]...

 Did i have a heart attack?
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 Is there a such thing as a person having heart disease without a high blood pressure?
okay im a 21 year old female my blood pressure is in the prehypertention stages but not exceptionally high. Lately, I have been experiencing extreme fatigue, i smoke like 3 packs a day but that ...

G Beeves
is 140/90 super high for blood pressure.. (more details inside)?
i was at the doctors yesterday and when they took my blood pressure they said it was 140/90. i asked her if that was good and she said it was high.

i don't work in the medical field or anything but i told them that its always a little high when i come to the doctors because i get freaked out every time i go. i also told them that i was especially freaked because i knew that after they did my blood pressure and everything i had to go get a bunch of blood tests done. i think they said it was 13 vials total, and i'm even more scared of needles then the doctor lol.

anyways she completely ignored me and put in order in for a 1 hour glucose test.

i am 8 weeks pregnant so i completely understand them wanting to know why its high and everything but was getting even more freaked out for me and my baby 1, because no one would tell me how bad it was. they were just running around making calls and ignoring me. and 2, i miscarried in march so they only thing i'm thinking while they're doing all this is "oh god please say my babys going to be alright."

it was just a very bad experience that left me with little answers.

Sean B
120/80 is normal blood pressure. So you weren't that much higher.

It's high because you're pregnant. You and your baby will be fine.

First of all, you need to find another doctor. Besides ignoring you, she put you under additional stress - this is not good for a pregnancy.

Secondly - if you're concerned about your blood pressure you can correct it by drinking more water and eating more salt.

Although the readings don't indicate a problem considering your condition, chances are, you are dehydrated, anyway - most people are but don't realize it. One of the symptoms is high blood pressure, but again, I don't think this applies to you. There are other signs that may pertain to you.

Anyway, you should take steps to treat dehydration because, as you know, what you do - what you consume can be passed along to your baby. I believe good or bad habits can be passed, as well. Correcting your dehydration will only have positive effects on the baby and give him the best chance of starting life with an optimal immune system.

Again, you should drink more water and consume more salt. But don't overdo it. There's a right way to do it. You can learn more and find out just what to do by clicking on the links below.

Mary Boo
Systolic Blood Pressure Range
mm Hg Diastolic Blood Pressure Range
mm Hg Condition
90-120 60-80 Blood pressure normal range
140-160 90-100 Mild Hypertension
160-180 100-110 Moderate Hypertension
180-210 110-125 Severe Hypertension
Above 210 Above 125 Very Severe Hypertension
Normal blood pressure reading of a resting healthy adult are less than 120 mm Hg systolic and 80 mm Hg diastolic pressure. Blood pressure measurement lower than this is considered as Hypotension or low blood pressure

Average blood pressure for young people: 120/80 mmHg
Average blood pressure for old people: 140/90 mmHg

i'm not a medical professional but 140/90 is slightly elevated. it may be because you're pregnat or stressed before your visit to the doctor. salt in your food can elevate blood pressure as well as elevated cholesterol. i've had 8 heart attacks and have seen my blood pressure go as high as 250/210. i'm told that the number to watch is the second number ( ___/90).

slightly high but still ok,and when you have to have a blood test requiring 13 vial remember they only stick one needle in and just change the vials at the end of needle when its full of blood,the vials are colour coded

mildred f
I think you really need reassurance. Everyone in the medical field is aware of the "white coat effect" upon BP. Take someone with you to your next appointment, especially if you have concerns that have not been answered. All their activities sound perfectly normal to me; they just didn't know of your anxiety level.

At 8 weeks of pregnancy you should have multiple blood tests as the baseline. Later you will have other blood tests, less extensive, and these will be compared to the first set.

Of course, your hormones will be a factor in your emotions throughout your pregnancy, some women have more trouble than others.

normally if you are healthy young person in the normal way your blodd pressure should be 140/80 but as your are pregnant it could rise as has been said when you have you bp taken by a doctor you can suffer with doctors syndrome and make it rise , i think this happens to most people and they should take account of that , in the past when i have had this done they usually take it three times

I do care!
Very, very common for a higher BP reading when you visit the Doctor. Are stressed. Did some walking before hand or are even talking at the time it's being taken.

It's not excessively high either.

Worrying about it will cause more stress and it to stay elevated.
But I know being pregnant in your situation you would naturally worry.

They worry about hypertension at the late stages of your pregnancy rather than earlier on, because a high BP in late pregnancy indicates pre-eclampsia.

So try and rest. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

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