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U can't B like me
Have you had or know any one that has had angioplasty? my dad is in having it at 8am it was 12:34am when i asked this.What are the risk?

Yes, and my view of angioplasty is that they are just a temporary fix to a larger problem.

I had four just to find out later that what I really needed was a triple bypass. The medical field is real hot on angioplastys because they are of short duration and cost around 4 to 8 thousand dollars. If your DAD has to go back again I would have him go for a second and third opinion which he is allowed under law to make sure he isn't being taken. Believe me the Medical field isn't as honest as it seems.

Sincerely yours,

Fred M. Hunter
[email protected]

Addie lowry duncan-vaughan
Angioplasty is where the Doctors open an Artery that is completely blocked or partially blocked. Yes it can be dangerous
but more severe if he doesn't have the surgery.The risk are better
than waiting to have more complications,it will be better after the
surgery ,God bless you.The Heart is very resilient.

sherry a
angiplasty is common medical problem.its risks include:-
1.bleeding from blood vessels where the catheter (small flexible tube) was inserted
2.damage to blood vessel from catheter
4.allergic reaction to dye given during angioplasty
other rare complications include:-
1.heart attack
2.need for emergency open heart surgery during the procedure
risk is higher in women, people above 75 yrs and diabetics

Well, angioplasty is where the cardiologist places a stent into the blocked artery in order to keep it open. This procedure is more common now than before. It's less invasive compared to open heart surgery. The risks involved are:

hematoma at the puncture site
puncture of a major artery
arterial spasms after the procedure
stroke from plaque breaking off during procedure
circulation damage to the lower extremity from the puncture sight

The most common is a hematoma at the puncture site in the groin area. It is easily resolved if this happens. There is a small risk that the bleed could turn into a life threatening incident. But, it is very small.
90% of patients who have this procedure done are home the next day without any complications. The important thing is to follow up with the cardiologist when it's recommended.

The only risk from angioplasty is the risk of infection from opening an artery, and from any anesthesia. There is also a risk that the angioplasty won't work, but even in those cases, it doesn't usually make things any worse than no angioplasty. This is not a procedure to worry about.

Cynthia E
My father in law had this done and its a fairly simple procedure. Your father is probably in really good hands with his doctor. Its a very common procedure and the doctor had probably had a lot of practice doing it.

RadTech - BAS RT(R)(ARRT)
Angioplasty is a common medical procedure. Major complications are rare, but any medical procedure has risks.

The risks of angioplasty include:
Bleeding from the blood vessel where the catheter (small flexible tube) was inserted
Damage to the blood vessel from the catheter
Allergic reaction to dye given during the angioplasty

Other less-common complications include:
Heart attack
Need for emergency open-heart surgery during the procedure

The risk of complications is higher in:
People ages 75 and older
People with diabetes

"You cant be like me",

Angioplasty is a very safe procedure usually done with a local anesthetic (numbing medication) and a sedative. Your dad wont even have to be all the way asleep.

This surgery is a life saving one, and has a high success rate.

There are risks involved in any surgery, and bad things can happen if the cardiac muscle is irritated by the catheter. This is very rare and if it does happen, your dad is in a room with a cardiologist! The best place to be.

He will be fine. Best wishes to you and your family,


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