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 is 140/90 super high for blood pressure.. (more details inside)?
i was at the doctors yesterday and when they took my blood pressure they said it was 140/90. i asked her if that was good and she said it was high.

i don't work in the medical field ...

 A friend's husband is going to the hospital tomorrow for a heart procedure.?
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 Is it possible to die of a broken heart?
and if so, than why am I still walking? Because I feel my soul has been stolen from me, what now?
Additional Details
Thank u, all answers are appreciated. But if I were referring to ...

 why my girlfriend's heart always beats fast?
my girlfriend has a very weak body n sometimes she throws up,she always looks for pills and doctors and tests but they said there is nothing wrong with her,her heart beats fast even without being ...

 recipes to help lower blood pressure?
Hi I have high blood pressure , I am on medication but I also want to help lower it through my food intake. Can anyone recommend any good websites that do recipes which can help manage blood pressure?...

 do i have heart problems or am i unfit?
Ok i am 40lbs overweight, i ran 150m well there abouts when i say ran i jogged realy anyway during that 150m in my chest i had throbbing pains i could feel my heart beating fast and everytime it ...

 Is something wrong with my heart?
I am a 47 yr female, with heart disease on both sides of the family. My mother had stints at 48. The problem is my heart feels as though it is flipping over in my chest. Several times a day. My neck ...

 Does high cholestrol cause high blood pressure?

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My friend has a heart problem and can't play sports even though she is really good. I am very sad for her and want to know if there is anything she can do about it. Please help....

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My blood pressure has benn so high that the meds don't ...

 Is there a more effective treatment for my erratic heartbeat than what I'm currently receiving?
I am 55 and have been under treatment for an erratic heartbeat since I was in my late 20's. However, the treatment I'm presently receiving - 320 mg. of Inderal per day plus 1.5 mg of Xanax -...

 heart and arm pain ? plaease help?
I keep on gettin heart pain and upper arm pain in my left arm
im kinda gettin scared now about it ...
any ideas on wat it is??...

 Could I be heading for a heart attack?
I've had major depression for a few years now and I feel like it puts a lot of stress on my body, it's on my mind constantly. I read that if you have suffered from depression for a long ...

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 How do you lower your cholesterol levels without taking medication?
does exercise help?...

 I have a heart condition and feeling week. What should I do?

 Medical Scenario! Whats wrong with her?
56 year old female
*Shortness of breath, occasional pain between shoulder blades
*Suffers from intermittent heartburn, little relief from antacids
*Post menopausal for 8 years

 can very skinny people get high b/p?
can very skinny people still get high blood preasure? 90 lbs and 5.`5...

 what is blood pressure?
I don't get it!!...

What type of blood pressure monitor is appropriate for home use?

Dr Frank
I would have to start by asking why you feel you need one? Interpretation of BP results is the difficult issue,rather than the actual results. The problem with home monitoring,unless it has been specifically advised by your GP,helps to create what is now known as 'the worried well.'

gangadharan nair
Manual sphygmomanometers require a stethoscope for auscultation.
Digital with manual or automatic inflation. These are electronic, easy to operate and practical in noisy environments. Many have not been validated for all patient groups, and can give very inaccurate readings.

I can confirm the Lloyds one mentioned above for £10 is very good. We bought one about a year ago and it works very well - highly recommended!

digital apparatus are available which automatically check BP . just apply on the wrist and switch on !!

Kim W
Go to Target and buy the only model they have, its automatic, slips up your arm over the elbow and you press a button. How hard is that. Mine is reliable and I spent $22.oo two years ago. Its fine and no need to spend more $ than that.

There are several types of monitor available...And as said, the arm one is better.
But I must say, that these electronic monitors are not reliable over a period of time. They go out of calibration and periodically need to be reset. Most machines fail to give you this information.
The cost to have them re calibrated is as much as buying a new one, after paying for the post etc.
Is it necessary for you to check your pressure regularly.... If not, then
have a local nurse at your doctors surgery do it for you every month. Your blood pressure fluctuates greatly during the day, and its not necessary to do it regularly.. Unless you are feeling unwell, that is.

Besides the doctor is not interested in your readings, even if you told him/her. (From my experience) If they use one of these small modern machines themselves, ask them when it was last calibrated.

The best and most reliable machine is the one that the blows up the pressure on your arm with the upright gauge. As was always used by doctors.
For those that have bought them and say they are fine....... Have you ever checked the calibration.......I bet not.... I took mine to my doctor and we compared it with the normal type.. It was way out, so I had it calibrated....Cost me £12 plus postage. I don't even bother now......Just go to the clinic occasionally.

The Circus Bearded Lady
For accuracy buy a good brand and always an upper arm, cuff type. Llyods the Chemist do a good one for just under £10.

If you want to have your blood pressure checked, pop along to your GP surgery and either your GP or practice Nurse will be happy to do it for you. Any of the BP monitors on sale in Boots or Lloyds Pharmacy would be fine too but single BP readings are never diagnostic.

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