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 Is there a more effective treatment for my erratic heartbeat than what I'm currently receiving?
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Arzoo H
What Should I do to stop my heart from beating very fast , when I'am nervous?

Whenever I'm nervous I find it helps to meditate, or concentrate on a particularly fond memory or image. Taking a few deep, slow breaths and playing some (calm) music can also help.

Basically, you shouldn't, as it's the brain's way of coping with the anxiety correctly.

Above all, DON'T use beta-blockers. In spite of what the medical profession says, that's crass. It's crass because beta blockers stay in your system 24 hrs a day until they're used up, but your anxiety attacks only last a few minutes.

For the rest of the 24 hrs the side-effects of beat blockers make you feel hideous, -tired, depressed, bored, lonely, utterly wretched.

Worst of all, to compensate for your pulse being slower than it should be, your pulse becomes actually STRONGER, because your heart beats harder to maintain (well, restore is a better word) the cardiac output -i.e., blood flow rate. Doctors should know this, but mostly they don't.

Taking deep breaths will help, by increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood flowing, so reducing the need for the heart to beat so fast.

Relax, close your eyes, in a darkened room if you can, -and breathe deeply.... it's all you can do safely.

josie d
in thru your nose and out thru your mouth... slow and easy...count to 10...

Diane B
close your eyes and breathe deeply telling yourself very quietly and calmly to relax. This helps me a lot

Its not Rocket Science
Look really fast from side to side for about 30 seconds and your anxiety will be gone.

desperate housewife
do some breathing exercises.

you can do many things...here some

1) blow at you big finger with a regular rhythm.(( scientific fact))
2)try to breath from your nose NOT mouth and try to do regularly.
3)have a seat and try to calm-down.
4) try to think of a funny thing like a joke.
5)let someone make you a massage for your nick..its really helpful.and attend yoga class..its really good for you.

~woody's wife~
just breath!!! slow deep breaths......and try to think ok something that doesnt make you nervous.

Sometime rubbing your carotid artery on the side of your neck can help to lower your heart rate. If that doesn't work, there are medications (beta-blockers) that are very useful for rapid heart rate when you are anxious. I had a major oral exam and used it and it worked great for me.

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