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Yanru Liu
My mother is hypertension, I want to know how to lower blood pressure? Thank you!?

Intrinsic Random Event
Visit a doctor, they can tell you if you have hypertension, and whether or not it needs to be treated. They can prescribe a tablet to take each morning which, when taken regularly, lowers and controls high blood pressure.
In general, you can stay away from fats and keep your weight from increasing, avoid salt on foods, avoid smoking, heavy drinking, y'know, all of the things that make it worth getting out of bed each day in the first place...

You need to supply b.p. numbers before any meaningful answers are given.

Make a drastic cut in the amount of salt in her food.
Get her to reduce her stress levels.

if u tell us the constant bp of your mom!

(Wow! A tough audience!...)

First of all we need to dispel a few myths -

Salt does not cause high blood pressure - it regulates the blood pressure.

High blood pressure is not dependent enough on what you eat that it makes that big of a difference. People cite "stress" from being overweight, but the stress they're talking about is caused by something else entirely.

These are old archaic myths have been handed down since the turn of the 20th century. A few erroneous observations were made by a few prominent doctors of the day and they have been accepted as the benchmark ever since.

If salt causes high blood pressure, then we should all be walking coronary cases because our body is composed mostly of water and salt - tissues 75% water and salt, brain 85% and the blood 94%. You might be interested in visiting a page that shows 22 important functions of salt in the body - and why it should not be eliminated from our diet. This can be found through the first link below.

Another important substance in the body that doctors try to downplay as having no function is water. They'll advise to "drink plenty of fluids" knowing (they should know, anyway) that these act as diuretics and pull out as much as 50% more water than what they provide. The body functions on water and won't accept anything else. The second link gives you 46 reasons why you should drink water.

High blood pressure is caused by not drinking enough water. I don't know your mother's age, but it's a known fact that as people get older, they have more trouble recognizing when they're thirsty - and so dehydration is very common.

When you don't drink enough water, the body may borrow water from the blood. When it does, the arteries constrict and the blood thickens, requiring the heart to have to exert more pressure to pump the blood - this is translated as a high blood pressure reading.

It should be mentioned here that when the water is taken from the blood, the salt that was mixed with the water remains (only the water was borrowed, not the salt). This is what doctors perceive to be "excess" salt and this is why they tell you to cut back. But this isn't "excess" at all - you didn't add more salt. It's the same amount that was already there, it just doesn't have the water in it. Reducing your salt intake only lowers the blood pressure artificially. It doesn't address the cause - dehydration. Because most health issues are caused by dehydration, this opens the door for other problems to develop. Medication also lowers the blood pressure artificially - this is why a person has to stay on it for life.

The blood pressure can be corrected, however. Click on the bottom link and learn the proper way to do it. Be advised that it will take a lot of patience and persistence, and it's not an overnight fix, but it is the right way to address the problem at the cause and not the symptoms like medications do.

Reduce salt intake, take her medications, some people need to restrict fluid intake by 500ml or more a day (but only on Drs advice). Regular exercise as tolerated and lowering fat intake and losing weight

naturally... decrease her salt intake, stress free her life, exercise, dec fat intake, inc fiber diet and vegetable diet and white meat diet.

medically... try metoprolol, hydrochlorothiazide, losartan, nifedipine, catapres,

This is a multifaceted answer. There are many small things that can be done that when combined in the big picture, will have a good impact on the problem.

The number 1 thing is loose weight if she is overweight. The less weight she carries, the less her heart has to pump the blood through.

Exercise. Not only helps with loosing weight but makes the heart stronger so it can pump more efficiently.

Eat more fruits, vegetables, low fat protein, more whole grains, less salt (more on that later) and drink more water. Stay away from things with caffeine as much as possible. Not only will dietary changes help her lose weight, it will make her body work better.

Avoid fast food, take out food, ready made, prepackaged foods, mixes, commercially prepared foods, salad dressings and salty snacks. The fast food, take out foods and ready made, prepackaged and the mixes are full of salt! Read the labels and you will be shocked. They use more salt to give it food flavor because they are using lower quality things in the food and the salt covers it up and helps prevent spoilage. Don't do diet sodas either. They have more salt in them than a small bag of potato chips. They have to cover up the taste of the fake sugar with something...........drink water.

Cook at home, buy fresh produce in season, plan meals for the week and help with the cooking. You can prepare most of your own foods and not spend all day in the kitchen if you organize well, keep a well stocked pantry, cook on the weekend for reheating later.

There are three minerals that are key to helping to lower blood pressure. They are calcium, magnesium and potassium. She should be taking a good multivitamin with those in and make an effort to get her low fat dairy, whole grains and fruits and veg in each day.

I have placed a bunch of links below. The first three are for you to read about the condition and learn about it. The last two are lists of food sources for magnesium and potassium. Calcium is pretty self explanatory; low fat dairy, canned tuna, canned salmon are the best sources.

By making dietary changes and losing a few (as little as 10 pounds) pounds, she can have a dramatic effect on her blood pressure and not have to take medication or greatly reduce the amount of medication that she has to take.

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