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 Will Heart Surgery help my dad?
My father was told by his doctor he has a bad heart valve, and for him to feel better he should do heart surgery, and replace the bad valve with a ?pig or frog valve? not sure, but his main problem ...

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 Chest pain related to a heart attack?
I was watching TV and suddenly got a dull pain in the middle of my chest between my breasts, maybe slightly more on the left. The pain was on for about 30 seconds and then gradually subsided, but ...

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how do i get my cholesterol down?? how do i know what is too much?...

 16 year olds head and heart,..?
I'm 16 years old, 5'7 and 125 pounds.
I could just be sitting and there my heart will be beating so hard and fast that it will make me feel sick.
and ill get intense heart pains ...

 Is it normal to have a fast heart beat?
when your sick with a cold or sinus infection and does not slow down even with beta blockers?
Additional Details
I don't have high bp and my heart rate is at about 126...

 best exercise for someone with angina...my hubby not me!Doctor has told him okay to do it the exercise that is

 My Mom needs PLavix , can't afford,who can help?

 severe heart problem..HELP!!! PLEASE!!?
My boyfriend is 17 and he keeps getting severe heart pains. He was born with a hole in his heat. Usually when his heart hurts he turns bright red, its hard for him to breath, he blacks out a lot, and ...

 What is open heart surgery like?
I am 15 years old and was recently told i have a leaky heart valve, i am a smoker [sadly] and my mother always tells me that if i keep its up i will end up having to have open heart surgery. I am ...

 Patient has possible heart attack symptoms - what tests are done in the ER & how long do they take for result?

 Can A low intelligent person get high blood pressure?

 I believe I have heart failure...NHS and A&E aren't interested.. what should I do?
I have been waking up breathless and I get paralysed momentarily afterwards. Until I restore my breath I begin to move my legs, hands, eyes. I went twice for particular reason to the A&E and ...

 what's the cost of heart surgery bypass?

 D: my heart is acting funny?
okay, so sometimes.
i'll be laying down,
then randomly
it feels like i can't breathe
well, or something i don't know,
my throat just starts feeling weird

 Heart problems..?
I'm 22 and started having this about 2 years ago. My heart suddenly feels like it's pausing for 1 second, then starts again with a strong thud. Right at that moment it feels like 2 strong ...

 how can i get high without drugs?
hay, (dont lagh) i cant get high no matter how hard i try.... is there eny way i can get high natrilly? i tried pot just now but nothing happend(not exersize)...

 Can I lower my cholesterol just by diet and exercise? or I should go for medication?
I am 23 year old guy and I got my cholesterol high thorugh tests myLDL is around 150 and I dont know abt other two counts.
Since I knew this i started doing exercise almost 1hr/day everyday and ...

 Do energy drinks cause high blood pressure?
I came back from the GP after being told that my blood pressure was rather high (160 / 110) but my heart rate was normal at 75.

Although these blood pressure tests are only one offs and ...

 Do Vegetarians get Heart Disease?

Additional Details
What percentage is gene related?...

I need help with my high cholesterol...?
Ok so I am a 16 year old teen who is struggling with high cholesterol. My total cholestrol amount is 240 mg./dl. Could this mean anything serious? And are there any ways that can help reduce my cholesterol level fast and efficiently? Please help... I would really appreciate this.

Jacob L
Nothing can ever really be done fast, you know what they say, the time it takes to do the damage is similar to that of rectifying it, you will need to change your diet, possibly wiping out salts, monitoring closely saturated fats and fats in your diet, try eating fruits if you snack and sticking to main meals which are cooked in olive oil rather than vegetable or animal oils, Do some surfing on the internet as well as there are forums and websites actually designated for this kind of subject and these problems as it were. Good luck :)

Arnold S
eat a cherio.

flora light helps alot and try do some exercise's that you enjoy hope this helps x x x x x

You have high cholesterol levels.
Eat more fruit and vegetables,eat less meat
Don't drink and smoke
take medicine

You should eat cheerios for breakfast. http://www.mytenda.com/tenda/images/cheerios.jpg
It helps to lower cholesterol. And you should exercise more to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

My dad would eat frozen pizzas all the time and a huge bowl of ice cream every night. And he drank whole milk and used real butter. Now he cut out the pizzas all together and only eats the rest in moderation. Be aware of serving size. Cheerios works too, but all of this will take time. I think the pizzas were the killer for him. He only eats really good pizza now on special occasions. And get active. Your heart will thank you.

If you are a typical American, whether you know it or not you consume an unbalanced, obesity-producing diet. People have been urged to "eat the right foods" and to provide plenty of meat, eggs, milk, and cheese for their children.

Our diet is too rich in fat as well as calories, refined sugars, starches, and oils. At the same time, it is low in essential nutriments, minerals and other vital requirements. We are all agreed: the cholesterol found in the blood is made largely in the liver from fats in the diet. It is also believed that cholesterol is produced in the arterial walls themselves.

But the main source and the one that we can to a great extent control is fat in our food.

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