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I'm 21 years old... no history of heart disease with myself or anything... but am having sharp chest pains now
My heart is beating a little fast... or harder than normal it seems... could it be a heart attack? Anxiety? I'm scared of having a heart attack but I don't know... I've had the pain for about 45 minutes now. I worry/am anxious a lot but this is the 1st time I've felt chest pains like this. If it helps, I don't have high blood pressure and am actually a little underweight for my age. I smoke though.
Additional Details
Oh and no I don't use cocaine or other illegal drugs.

Hospital. Unexplained chest pain is very serious. Go Now.


Panic attacks are usually brief lasting less than 10 minutes.

Free Thinker
Dear heart, get medical attention immediately. Find out what is causing the pain and then pursue a natural route if at all possible. Sometimes situations are acute and need medical care but they can only treat the symptoms, which for right now is what you need. Learn how to regain your health once you have dealt with the crisis at hand. It is very hard to build your health in the midst of a storm.

I have chest pains really often. And I'm young too. I went to the doctor and got my blood tested, got x-rays done, everything! They couldn't find anything wrong with my heart. And I'm completely healthy. But I still have chest pains. No one really takes me seriously about them though, because I'm so young, and no one can find anything wrong with me. It's all a little unsettling, but what can I do? Hopefully you'll have better luck, so what you should do is go to the doctor and get it checked out! It's probably not a heart attack you're having, but chest pains should be taken seriously.

Usually they say a heart attack isn't a sharp pain but like a heavy crushing feeling. You may be haveing a panic attack .. Maybe you should just go to the ER so you won't worry yourself all night Good Luck..

Unless you use cocaine or similar substances your risk of heart attack is almost 0 BUT if you are worried go to the local ER to get your heart checked.

Dinky Finklestein
Sounds like a panic attack. These things can be horrible.

Chew 5 aspirin. If you are really worried, after that go to ER. You are NOT too young to have heart problems. My son lost a very good friend to a heart attack his Junior year in high school. You are very wise to take it serious. Better to be safe than sorry.

Take one aspirin when you have a chest pain in the heart area is my rule for life.

just me
Unless you have other symptoms such as cold sweats nausea, light headed. you are not having a heart attack. It is probably a panic attack.

Get out and walk or run off the adrenalen that your body has released into the blood stream as a result of the attack. that is what is making your heart race and your chest hurt.

Panic attacks are scary and common but not life threatening. They come on suddenly, giving you a sense of impending death... learn to control them before they control you. relax

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