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Cris O
A friend's husband is going to the hospital tomorrow for a heart procedure.?
The doctor intends to install a stent, but depending on what he finds, might have to do open heart surgery. These are all the details I have. I am just wondering if this is NORMAL? We live in an area with pretty bad medical care, and is it really that hard to tell if a minor procedure or major surgery is needed?

Selena B
Always get a second or third opinion.There are some minimally invasive techniques but without other details I don't know what to say.

Open heart surgery is nothing like it used to be. Doctors in most average size cities do an average of one per day. I know it sounds scary - but there is probably nothing to worry about. We live in a city of about 50,000. My father went through the same thing at the age of 74.. They thought a stint would work and ended up doing a quintuple bypass. He is now 81 years old and has more energy than he did before the surgery. Modern medicine is miraculous! My prayers are with you and your friend.

any kind of open heart surgery on a young person is not normal.

Flower Girl
Anytime they go in to put in a stint it could lead to other procedures. With the heart they never know completely what they will find until they get in there. They could have to do more than 1 stint or open heart surgury, it just depends on what they find.

This is pretty normal...

Cardiac caths are done to give you a birds eye view of the coronary arteries, if they find something they can fix, they will try and deploy a stent, which helps to keep the artery open.

In some situations, such as three vessel disease or left main coronary artery occlusions, a coronary artery bypass graft may be necessary

In this case, you never know exactly what is going on until the cardiac cath is done. What happens afterwards is based on the results of the cath...

Quasi Moto
They do a heart cath when they do the stent. At that time they can see ( I assume from radioactive tags in the blood) what is happening. If they can get a stent in they will do so. I'm no expert on the procedure but went through it.

When I went in a major well rated hospital in Florida, they attempted to put in stents. I woke up on the table in a room that looked like launch control. I was looking at a monitor that showed the cath in my heart and my heart moving. I could hear them trying to drill through the blockage. They said they could not get through because it was calcified and they put me back under. From there it was back to the hospital room and in a few days they rolled me back out to get bypass surgery.

There are a couple of people on Yahoo Answers who work in Cath labs. Hopefully you will get lucky and they can explain in a lot more detail.

Me - I was on the receiving end and drugged half out of my mind.
( OR I was abducted by aliens)

If it is only a stent he will be lucky
i had a stent installed the procedure took about 20 minutes plus 24 hours recovery time.

basically he is going in to correct a blockage, or an aneurysm to his heart. If the doctors get to the space where the block is located, there may be more blockage than can be repaired with a stint, they may have to open his chest and do a bypass where they take a vein from another part of the body and splice it into the damage artery of the heart an actually by pass the damage, closing off the damaged area.
Yes it's something that is normal to have happen, but education is a big part of getting good medical care, hold your doctors accountable for their knowledge and treatment you receive.

But as for this man's procedure tomorrow- it can be quite normal for it to turn from a procedure into open heart surgery once they begin.
Support your friend, it's a very scary procedure especially when it's about your spouse or someone you love.

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