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 how tall are you?
how tall are you?
do you consider yourself: short, medium, or tall, compared to everyone else?

I am 5'2'' and feel very short.
Additional D...

 How in the world can I lose 20 pounds in 2 months???? ?
I'm 13, I'm fat, and I hate it.

I used to be really skinny but the summer changes a bunch. Any way I'm 5 foot 4 and I'm 125. DONT GO TELLING ME THATS NOT FAT!!! I Think ...

 If you eat 2 meals a day,will you lose weight?
I was wondering,if you ate cereal in the morning,or something like that before breakfast,and before school,go to school,don't eat lunch,come home,and eat a small dinner..will you lose weight?...

 honestly how much do i look like i weigh? (pic)?
13 years old.
5'3 1/2
116 pounds yuck!

Additional Details
no joke, im sorry about the bra D...

 im 5'3 and wheigh 170 lbs fat or wut?

 Do you consider this fat?
I'm 16 and 5'2 and 120lbs. I simply cannot lose weight i've tried everything! EVERYTHING! It sux. What can I do to drop 10lbs?
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Wow I wasn't ...

 Is my daughter overweight?
okay, my daughter is 144 pounds, but 11 years old. but she doesn't look obese. I feel really bad for her because she told her friend,and she told everyone that she weighs that much, and now ...

 How many sit ups do i have to do to get abs?
im average skinny and i want to get abs im 5'1'' and weigh 93 lbs and 14 years old
how many a day?
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Best answer 10 ...

 Be honest... Do you think I'm big for my age?
I don't think I'm fat but I'm concerned that maybe I should be a little bit less. Please don't tell me to get over myself or anything like that. My mother weighed 115 pounds when ...

 is 5'8 a bad hight for a girl?
only 14...

 i wont to be anorexic?
i am 12 years old and 5 foot and weigh 5 stone 2 pound.i want to lose weight really fast so this boy will like me.people say i am already skinny but i dont belive them.can you please help me become ...

 how to make them stop calling me anoreixc?
i've always been skinny my whole life but now some unpopular girls keep telling me that im anorexic and bulimic. it dosent make me feel bad, its not like im being called fat but it's ...

 How can Cheese Pizza be that bad for you?
Now I know pizza is considered a high fat food. And I understand with pepperoni and other meats on it, it becomes greasier. However what about just plain cheese pizza? Cheese may have fat but it is ...

 Do you think a person that weights 113 pounds and is 5'6 is FAT?
thank ...

 I'm 5'7 and weigh 145lbs. Do I Weigh too Much?
I weigh 145 pounds at 5foot 7inches. I don't know if im overweight or now. I do play basketball and have some muscle but I still don't know....

 am i too fat to wear a bikini?
look at these picture and please tell me. i am aware that i am very pale&i'm talking about the upper part i am aware i need cover up for my legs lol. please be honest not mean (:
p.s. i&...

 13 year old girl 5"5 134.2 lbs... over weight? perfect? anorexic? ?
i was wondering if im in a healthy fitness zone or not.,...

 What causes people to keep eating when they are already full?

 Am I obese for my age?
Im 5'3 and weigh 122 lbs
and im 14
ill apreciate the ...

 Is straving onself the fastest way to loose weight?(PLEASE DO NOT TALK ABOUT OFFERING PRODUCTS)?

Additional Details
I meant ...

would you say i am too skinny?
im sixteen 5"3 and 100 pounds

i'm 101 lbs and 5'7
also 16
(almost 17)

I'm 5"9 and 110 pounds. You aren't too skinny; don't worry about it.
Your BMI is "18" and although you could afford to put on a little weight, i've always been drastically under the "normal" level BMI.
As long as you eat healthily and aren't starving yourself etc. you should be fine :)

no... im 5'5 and 100 lbs

Nope, but you shouldn't try to lose weight. Good for you for being fit :)

joseph r
naw just right

You are only slightly under weight. Just don't be afraid to snack! ^^

i know a 12 year old 5'3 145 lbs tight end in football, his stomach is rock hard but big and his arm muscles are rock hard

all i can say is wow to tis guy ^

and nope ur not too skinny i just think ur short unless ur a girl

according this web site ur good.

very good site and made for kids n teens


only prob is that these kind of scales dont take into effect if ur muscular or not but that doesn't apply to u

hello how are you
no im 16 im 5 feet and weigh 89 pounds im skinny

nah I think u'll fill out more. be active to build some muscle in the future.

dяeaϻing ┆ ♫
but not TOO skinny.
Although, it IS kinda hard to tell without taking a look at your body.

Yes. However I was skinnier than you at that age and I was normal. It was just my "genes" as everyone hates to hear. If you eat well and have normal energy, you're fine but you still "look" skinny and if you by chance think that guys like it, well, I can tell you that it's not completely true. They would like a few (to several) more pounds on you...but really, guys would like anything that cross their paths at that age.

Sarah T

You also know you are, and therefore are fishing for compliments; at the same time making larger (or average weight) people feel insecure about their own bodies. Way to go.

You're welcome.

Meshuggah Man (I need her)
Well if you're a girl no, a guy maybe. Everybody is different.

No, I am 5'3" and 114 pounds and I would love to lose another 10 pounds. I just had a baby and before I got pregnant I was 107, but I think at our height 100 pounds is just slightly underweight, but not too thin.

you guys are crazy! i just turned 14 a week ago and i'm 5'3'' and i weigh 117!

maybe a little bit

5'3" and 100 pounds is technically considered underweight.

Dr. Acula
Not at all.
I'm just an inch shorter than you and I weigh a few pounds less. I'm pretty sure you're a healthy weight for your height. As long as you know you're eating enough (eating when you're hungry and stopping when you're full), you're alright.

no, you are at probably just fine... if you want to know what a healthy weight is for you though check this site.




no im 5" 3 nd a 100 pounds too

trust me i know somebody 5'4 and they weight 76 pounds. hard to believe, but they do.

Grasshopper ▪▫иvUѕ▫▪
not 'too' skinny, but it wouldn't hurt to gain a little

and Debbie, you are anorexic

someone x]
no, that's fine. it just means your physically fit.

no you sound like you are skinny but not too skinny

no. Not for 5"3

i sharpen

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