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Kay L
what's a healthy weight for a girl who's 5'4 and 14.5 years old?

just look at ur stomach, is it flat? that is good lol

The coolest person!
The BMI ( Body Mass Index ) chart says tat ur weigth would be around 52 to 55 kg. Height is more important than ur age i think so.
My father is doctor so i can tell u tat if u're looking healthy then its not necessary how's ur weight...! But if u're looking fatso or slim then i think u can consult any dietition. He/she will be helpful abt ur diet n exercises...
Always n in all cases BMI chart is not helpful to measure the person's weight by his height...
I think my opinion will be helpful to u..!

Mrs. Chuckles
110-120 pounds

cuteboy s
Years doesn't matter but the height matters so if you are 5'4 ideal weight for you in kilograms is between 56.3-59.9 kgs

Check out this link for your answer

110 to 120 pounds is healthy.

Smile now... Cry later


probably about 100-120

Firstly, one must understand that height plays a significant role, age is like a second factor. The healthy weight range for a 5'4 person is 107/108-130 lbs. Probably for her age I would say 107/108-120 lbs


I'd say around 120 lbs.

probably between 80-115 pounds.

Well as long as u have a good diet and aren't obese you should be ok just make sure you aren't anemic and don't have any vitamin deficiency.

I weighed 115 pounds till i was 24 and am 5'7 and am a male but i was healthy because i ate meat and vegetables as lame as that may sound lol i have a great diet just a fast metabolism.

if you need a weight gaining tip try peanut butter with bread and milk every night before bed for a month. it might not taste so great after the first couple of weeks but it helped me gain 25 pounds in 2 months. i ate 5 slices a night.

one example would be 110 lbs

Gabby G
I know someone that's 5'7" and they weigh 105. They are in the 30th percentile for weight. So, I would say 100-120 is very healthy!

░░░░Keltie. Betch. Colleen.░░░░
in 13 and i weigh 48/49 kg when i dont eat. and 50 kgs if i eat a lot. and my height is 5'3 getting near to 5'4 :) i think its normal i guess

I agree with 110-115.


risa viva del amor
i am same age and height. i am skinny and i my weight is 101.2

I read long ago the way to figure it out is:
105 lbs plus 5 lbs for each inch of height.
So... 125 lbs.
But, you are still young and growing, so if you weigh within 10-20 lbs less than that, I wouldn't worry.

Miss Misery

Ramona-please step back!

fen fen
Use a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator and it will tell you if ur at a healthy weight for any age.

Here's a link to one:http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/bmi-calculator/NU00597

Hope this helps ya!

It varies bc teenagers are going through puberty, so there hormones are out of wack, so the weight would yo yo. Its hard to say.

well it depends i would say from 95-130....well you could have lots of muscle which makes you weigh more...hope i helped

According to your height of 5' 4" your ideal healthy weight is 130 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 116 and 145 pounds.

I'm 5'4'' and just turned 15. I weigh 96lbs and i've been told by doctors that i'm at healthy weight so maybe 95-110.

Joe M
100-150. My daughter is around there and she looks healthy.

i am 5'5 and weigh 102. I watch my diet very closely and i run 4 miles about 5 times a week. I am considered underweight though.

From working out your BMI, you should weight anything between 108lb and 145lb.
Basically your BMI should be between 18.5 and 24.9.
If it is any higher or lower, you should try to gain/lose weight or ask your GP or school nurse about it because it can affect your development.

not sure but maybe like 100-110

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