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starving myself will help me lose weight?
umm i started starving my self will i get results i am 11 and weight is 115 pounds is that ok

I guess if you want to die then this is a good option.


wise dude
no. only exercise. under-eating will only make your body store fat. 115 pounds is fine.

No. In fact, by the time all is said and done, if you're not in the hospital, you'll have gained weight, not lost it. Starving makes your body pack on the pounds, because you're not eating, and it's trying to conserve all that it can. If you want to lose weight, eat more healthy things. You can eat a lot, and still lose weight, you just have to eat the right stuff. Seriously, you're only 11. You shoudln't be worrying about this stuff.

Starving is not the correct method for losing weight.

Honey starving yourself is a really bad idea. My best friend had an eating disorder which put her in hospital for 2 years. She lost over a third of her body mass and is now is permanently damaged as she has weak bones which has left her hump backed (she is only 27) and can no longer hope to have children. I don't want to scare you but its a reality.

If you feel you need to loose weight speak to your parents or a doctor who will refer you to a nutritionist. I KNOW FOR A FACT that when you starve yourself your body shuts down to protect itself and takes fat from around your organs. Your body thinks it will not eat again so when you do eat it retains fat in order to help later. I was told this by my Doctor and Gym instructor. So he advised me eat approx 6 small meals a day - eat often and healthy food and take exercise. But only loose weight if your doctor advises it. I put on a lot of weight myself and am only 4ft 10in (about the size of a 10/11 year old) but by eating and doing light exercise (dancing, karate) it worked and because I took time to loose the weight it stayed off.

Living in England I don't know American metric so can't really tell if you are over weight and as I am not a doctor have no right to do so. But hon don't worry just speak to someone about your worries.x

haah really you ask this question?!

no you cannot starve yourself, that makes you gain weight;

eat everymeal, and drink more water!

You'll gain more weight quicker just after you start eating again.
Unless of course you're starving yourself to die. Because you can die from starving yourself. Just sayin'.

yea and no....
when you lose weight to is only your muscles you lose then you gain it all back when you start eating aging but you gain only the fat back and you have to work out to make it muscle again..

If you starve yourself, you will not lose weight. It is a proven scientific fact. If you want to loose weight, I would recomend eating lots of fruit and drinking water but not to much.
Here this might help:
Breakfast: yogurt or oatmal, with fruit(whatever kind you like.)
Lunch: A sandwhich, or salad with vegatable, maybe you like grilled vegtables to eat something new?
Dinner: there are tons of things but just stay healthy and look at the calories
Snack: The little icepops that you can get at walmart or wherever and you have to freeze them. like $2.00 for 100 of them. 10 calories each i think.
Drinks: Water, tea, lemonaid, coolaid

Ah... no... it's not OK to starve yourself.

As you starve yourself, you will a.) slow your metabolism down and b.) trigger your body to start eating your muscle. The body would rather go after muscle than fat when it is starving.

If you feel like you are overweight and out-of-shape, find a sport to participate in or at least start exercising and eating healthy. Ask your parents for help. Tell them you want to get started on a more healthy lifestyle.

u may lose some weight but ull do serious damage to yourself physically and mentaly. dont do it try exersice and healthy eating

No, this will in the end make you gain more weight. When the body is in starvation mode, your metabolism slows down.When you do eat it will be stored as fat. We need to eat a certain amount to help our muscles function. The more muscle you have or create the more fat you will burn. So you would be better off to eat more of the right things. Real food and stay away from junk. Eat more good foods, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts eggs. Do not eat boxed man made chemical induced foods. Eat less(portion control) and Move more(walk, hike, exercise). Give yourself a break anyway you are only 11, your still growing so you DO need to eat not starve. Your body will change anyway when you hit puberty. Take Care!

No, your body will eat away at fat and you will lose a few punds in the short term- but in the long run metabolism will spike, allowing you to regain punds much quicker then before, malnutrition will shrink the size of your stomach, not letting as much food get digested and storing the rest as fat, and tissues will become starved, making you seem hungrier then you are, which will make you eat more- you must hear this all the time but in the long run proper diet and excersize are all that will work-

Adriana L
If you want to get anorexic, sick, weak, and possibly die later, go ahead and starve yourself. If you want to be thin and healthy stop eating all those Twinkies and Pop Tarts, eat healthy fruits, wheat bread instead of white bread, vegetables and fish, and exercise for an hour everyday running or swimming!!! -.-

How tall are you. I don't think anyone should starve themselves, especially someone who is 11 because your body is growing and changing and needs a lot of nutrients. It will steal calcium from your bones and if you don't eat properly you immune system can be damaged. I say watch what you eat and get a fair amount of exercise every day--riding your bike, walking around the neighborhood, swimming, playing BBall or other sports. Drink a lot of water, but you should also drink 3 glasses of low at milk a day. Skip fruit juice and soda and sweetened tea. Eat 3 meals a day and 2 light snacks like fresh fruit or carrots or other fresh veggies. Don't eat any junk food or fast food or processed food that comes out of a bag. You can have chocolate once in awhile, but drastically limit any other sweets unless it's a special occasion. I'd say become familiar with the food pyramid, which emphasis whole grain cereal and breads, lean meats, 5 servings of fruits and veggies each and I'm not sure how much dairy. Low fat string cheese is a good snack. Don't each a lot of fatty foods or overdo with butter and mayo, etc.Now if a good time to learn to grocery shop and cook--tell your parents you want to. If you have cook books at your house they may contain a section on meal planning or nutrition. I good idea to remember also is that a serving size is about the size of your fist or a deck of cards. Just don't sit around watching tv and eating junk all day and drink a lot of water. Good luck. Starving is not the answer.

Absolutely not. When you starve yourself, you won't be getting any nutrients or protein. You will experience vitamin differences and your body will start to break down your muscles to keep your essential organs functioning. If you are really concerned about your weight, talk to your doctor and maybe you can get started on a diet and excercise plan.

Stop being a fat idiot and go outside than maybe you will lose wait.

and you way to young to be worried about your weight 115 isn't the worst.

Oh noes!452
I'm not sure but you could get an ulcer from starving yourself.

umm i tried that and my mom took me to get a tube down my throat so ya i wouldnt do it if i were you

no your body will go into starvation mode and next time you eat it will store as much fat as it possibly can. Besides its not good for you because you are not getting all your vitamins and other nutrition components that your body needs in order to function and develop well.

Carly H
U are fine!! An dif you need to lose weight starving yourself is not the answer! Ur motabilism will think that you are starving, so it will store fat to survive. Try exercising before breakfast, it gets ur motabilism going, so ull burn off what you eat better. And get up at a reasonable time, not like 10:30 cuz if you do then everything you eat will just sit there.

H.B.O. not H2O
whatveres you people are psycho

NOOOOOOOO! if u want to be in shape, do some sports or something

Jo Momma
no, its not okay

NO!! By starving yourself your body will go into starvation mode and keep all the fat that you take in and you wont loose any weight. You will actually gain weight! What you need to do is eat protein and no fast food only healthy food and go to the gym and work out.

115 pounds is perfectly fine, please dont starve yourself dear :[ it honestly wont do much..your body will go into defense mode and try to conserve the fat that it has (everyone has body fat, even thin people) and you wont lose weight. if you feel like you want to lose weight for personal reasons, please PLEASE do it the healthy way. eat right (fruits, veggies, drink plenty of water) and excersize. working out helps you tone the muscles you do have while burning fat and becoming healthier and more fit. i alternate nightly between doing ab excersizes and leg/thigh excersizes because those are the areas i like to work on. ive been doing this for about 2 months now and am seeing results (: starving yourself isnt a quick fix, love. lose weight the healthy way, you'll feel much livlier and happier! although at your age, you shouldn't really be worrying about these things. just have fun and love yourself the way you are :D

just wondering
yes you'll lose weight, but you'll also lose muscle. That's how many anorexic's die, their body consumes their muscles, and eventually attacks the heart, which is a muscle, because your body has to be fed. If you don't feed it, it will take from itself. To be healthy, you need a balance of proteins, which is meat, that's why your body eats it's own muscle because that's protein it needs. Also, you need a balance of fruits and vegetables for essential vitamins and fiber, as well as grains and carbs. So my advice would be to drink 1% or skim milk with your cereals. Don't buy sugary junky cereals, they don't fill you up and are packed with sugar so pick your cereal wisely. Oatmeal is better than cereal actually. Chicken and fish are lean healthy meats. Don't put mayonaise on sandwiches cause just a tiny bit of mayo can make a perfectly healthy sandwich or burger a fatning nightmare. When buying foods, compare nutrition labels. For instance, look at 2 boxes of cereals you like and see which has lower fat and sugar in it. I mostly focus on fat and sugar when I look at labels, I ignore calories unlike most people cause that's just too hard and confusing. Also, try to avoid fast food, but since that's probably impossible, Subway is ALWAYS a healthy choice. Or if you want a burger, pick grilled chicken, not fried, and tell them no mayo, try to avoid the french fries cause they are loaded with grease, and cut down on soda pop cause soda pop is all sugar. I know this is a lot of info, but see if your parents can help you out. Good luck.

Why are you worried about your weight already? And actually, the best thing you can do for your body is to eat a good balanced diet with all the nutrition you need. That way, your body won't be so starved that it hangs on to whatever it can find (i.e. fats, sugars, etc.) If you eat right and healthy, starving yourself at the risk of permanently damaging your body won't be necessary. If you are doing this to impress a boy, first of all, you are only 11, you have plenty of time for that, and second, guys like a girl who is confident in herself and in her appearance. There is nothing more irresistable to them. You love yourself and they will love you...much later though, ok?

Um, personally, I don't think that is a right solution. I starving yourself won't take you anywhere. As I learned in health, eating a right amount of foods from the food group is a good start to being healthy. I'm not sure this will help but maybe you could cut down on some junk food and eat more fruits and vegetables everyday.
I don't know if this site will help either but here's a site I learned about in health.

No honey. You're going to hurt yourself. I was anorexic. My hair fell out, I was dizzy and cold, stopped periods, was constipated, got nerve damage, nails stopped growing, and became very mean and bad to be around. It screwed up my life and I am still trying to fix myself. Don't do it. Please lose weight the healthy way! This isn't worth it. This stuff will happen if you do this. I am not kidding.

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