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skittle whore
if i didnt eat breakfest would that help louse weight?
or if i didnt eat lunch

No! Don't starve yourself exercise is all that will help. But I am sure you are just fine the way you are! Good Luck! :)

your biggest meal of the day ought to be breakfast. lunch should be rather moderate. and dinner should be the smallest. also make a cut off food time in the evening in which there is no eating or snacking past 7 or 8 pm.

do that for about a month and you're sure to see some results.

Studies show that people who eat breakfast are skinnier than those who skip meals. Your body stores the food you do eat as fat because it thinks you're starving yourself.

andy e

The best way to lose weight is to burn more calories than calories gained.
So skipping meals does nothing at all really

sd c
no... breakfast and lunch is necessary for good health. If you really want to lose weight get on a diet, don't take it into your own hand. You need to eat breakfast and lunch!!

No actually you will gain weight because you will eat more for lunch and dinner whether you realize it or not. Your weight remains lower if you eat breakfast. That doesn't mean pop tarts and donuts though you need to eat healthy foods like Granola and Yogurt or a whole grain cereal.
The key to losing weight is eating healthy AND working out. I have lost weight in the past but I still did not have a desired look because I was just smaller rather than toned or fit.
If you want to loose weight stick to it don't give up. Also have goals to meet then reward yourself I promise it will help.

not eating breakfast stops your metablosim so it wont start till lunch. so eat a small breakfast to get it going.

no its better to have probably 5 small porportion of meals a day and lots of water.

il est sympa
Don't skip meals, portion size them. Have self control. Drink a lot of water instead of soda or juice. Spell lose right. Don't buy diet pills they are bad for you. If you skip meals, then when you want to eat the next meal you won't get full and you'll want to eat more.

NO! dont skip a meal, it makes you fatter
because if you dont eat breakfast, you will be hungry at lunch and dinner and consume maybe 2x as much as you would normally eat, and its not a good balance for your stomach

no, it just makes you more likely to eat more later in the day, it'll put your metabolism out of whack and confuse your body. You tend to gain weight if you eat later at night (no time to burn it off/your metabolism slows down etc.), and if you starve yourself your body will try to hang on to what it's got....so just eat smaller/more balanced meals instead of skipping one

no eat small meals 3 times day

No, in order to lose weight, you need to speed up your metabolism. If you stop eating, you will slow it down becuase your body will think you are starving and it will conserve energy.

You need to eat 5 to 6 small meals each day. Each meal needs to be good healthy food. No junk food.

Good Luck!

you will lose more weight if you always eat a healthy breakfast.

Pink Chihuahua
No, skipping breakfast makes you fatter.Skipping meals is a terrible way to lose weight. Your body goes into starvation mode and begins to hold onto fats to survive. If you want to lose weight eat a lot of small healthy meals throughout the day. It will keep your metabolism active.

Good Luck

no, just eat less but not nothing because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


if you start skipping meals, your body doesnt know when it will next get food, so anything you eat will be instantly absorbed (esp fat)

its better to eat something, just make sure its healthy

No. Breakfast helps you get the energy you need and if you stop suddenly you will feel really light headed during the day. I am an athlete and 5'3'' and 100 lbs, so i know. You can skip lunch, just make sure that you don't start starving yourself on purpose. For breakfast, drink a milk shake with fresh fruit in it. You should start out eating a granola bar or two for lunch, also. eat dinner as normal. you need food for the night. You could start working out, too.

when u skip meals u lower your metabolism
then when u do eat you'll gain much quicker
just exercise and eat rite

Yes...you could be pregnant!
the louse wont be affected by what u eat only what the lice eat

you gain weight when ever you skip a meal
if you want to lose weight in a healthy way eat healthy every meal don't snack in between and exercise daily.

Johnny M
No. You'll gain weight if you skip meals.

no your body starts to think its starving and makes you gain more weight

Dagod Fada
breakfast is essential.
light lunch, eat full supper at about 6-7pm then exercise.

maYb yoo shuLd learn how too spel firrst

b/c by not eating
your body eventually eats away at your organs
gross right?
and the more you eat
the more you'll loose
no im not crazy
im not saying stuff your self
but walking burns calories
sleeping burns calories
jumping up and down
sitting motionless
everything you do burns calories
if you really want to burn
then go run or dance to do some sort of exercise about an hour after you eat
that way your body has time to digest

Joe L
just excercise

No, people who eat breakfast generally weigh less

Ramona-please step back!
not eating breakfast typically encourages overeating at other meals

Skipping meals is a terrible way to lose weight. Your body goes into starvation mode and begins to hold onto fats to survive. If you want to lose weight eat a lot of small healthy meals throughout the day. It will keep your metabolism active.

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