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Angel M
how to starve myself?
im bulimic but im tired of it cause its starting to hurt my throat and my chest so i want to become anorexic but i cant stop giving into food and puking it up so please give me tips on how to avoid food and not eat it at all thank you!


Sophia M
Um, anorexia can cause your family millions of dollars to cure, or you could die! I guess if your suicidal, then YOU NEED HELP. Sorry, no offense, but your life is priceless... well, I guess, you need to break your temptations with distractions...

Squire Kimara
Isn't it obvious? You don't eat. Don't be an idiot.

John D
wat r u cray

Duh duh dum
Eat healthily and excercise. There's nothing better than thinking 'even though I'm eating loads, I'm burning it all off and becoming fitter!' Trust me. That = pleasure :D. Don't starve yourself as that equals killing yourself. And curvy is hot anyway.

Hun, please don't do that. Starving yourself doesn't help. All you have to do to improve your size is to just eat healthy. You don't need to stop eating, just eat healthier. For example. Cut out all the white bread, white rice, pop, chocolate, all junk food, and anything else thats unhealthy for you. Just add more fruit and veggies to your diet, whole grains, and follow the food guide. If you starve yourself it's very unhealthy, and even if your thin you'll still be unhealthy. But now, if you listen to my advice, you'll be both healthy and fit. So it's two in one. Just please please please don't starve yourself, you'll regret it greatly.

▫□ █ ▄ ▀Square▀ ▄ █ □▫
if you don't care that its horrible for you, then stick your finger in your mouth

Adam A
there are other ways to become thing. u need to eat right and exercise. In fact if u starve yourself or continue being bulimic, fat will store in other places in your body and make you looked warped and fat in certain parts of the body, so that will actually not do what you want. get help, see a doctor, eat right and exercise.

don't its stupid and you can die but if you gonna go through with it then at least eat vegies or fruit

thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard.

dont take this the wrong way but...





1 Drink more water. It will fill you up, and flush out bad stuff.
#2 There are some high nutrient cracker bread items that you can get at most health food stores. You just nibble on them throughout the day. They won't fill you up, but they will provide nutrition. They will NOT make you gain weight.
#3 Throw out your scale and your full length mirror.
#4 Only gage your size by how your clothes feel. Have someone else pick them out if needed. But intelligently decide what size you should be.

FYI The burning that you mentioned is acid eating away at your throat and teeth. This can lead to throat cancer, losing all your teeth, and heart failure due to the chemical imbalance that vomiting causes. When you eat better (not more) you will feel better. I wish you luck.

i hope you know that you can die from going anorexic.....

I assume you know that starving is extremely unhealthy and potentially deadly.
if you are looking to curb your appetite, drinking enough water (about 60 oz per day) helps

more like you'll do whatever it takes to DIE!!!!!!!!

Honestly, that's a terrible, terrible idea. Consider this: YOU ARE RUINING YOUR METABOLISM. It will be INCREDIBLY difficult for you to keep the weight off if you continue to "lose weight" like that.

Seriously, go to a doctor, and then to a shrink, hon.

Alpha Kenny 1 was not here
do you even know what starve means? it means to not eat -____- the answer was within your own question -_-

they r right! what the hell is wrong with u????

get help.


read what you wrote and then put youre head in the scanner and repeatadly hit yourself in the head with the top.


Firstly i would like to point out that Anorexia is a serious disease that could end your life.

I've been bulimic for 3 years now....
Am recovering.... and losing weight at the same time =]
First thing is to accept yourself, your beautiful no matter what size
Love yourself by not bingie, by getting more exercise

Try and follow a planned meal time with healthier foods and exercise.

Cook your own meals, makes sure you plan your meals to avoid binging
Keep yourself busy,to avoid snaking:
for example clean
draw and any hobbies that you like

At least 1 to 3hour of exercise a day
drink at least 8glasses of cold water, it will keep you full and boost your metabolism to burn more fat.

If it come down to having to eat during dinner, make sure you have a glass of water, take small bite chew food really slowly for at least 12-18 times.
Don't eat after 6pm

Drink a lot of herbal teas as well no sugar may be sweeteners

Good luck take care
btw this are not tip to be anorexia, just to have a nice health lifestyle

Maybe this will help:

girls who are too skinny, at the point where you can see too much bones, are the most unattractive girls in my opinion.

ur a retard. go get help. please.

it doesnt matter what weight you are it only matters about the personality

amanda! [ahoy]
If you'll do whatever it takes to become thin, then why don't you count your calories, eat right, and exercise?

*I <3 Damon*
u dont need to starve urself. u need to eat.=]

SPIDER FINGERS is not a princess
you're an idiot.

You shouldn't be doing either of those or you could risk your life. You should get help!

babe dont do this, i know you want to be skinny, so do i, so does most females on this planet.
yes i know your thinking lalalalalala here we go lecture but really, i am just going to make small proportions of food and eat half of it.
you do know that if you starve yourself, the minute you eat even an apple after your body will go into starvation mode and store every piece of fat that goes into you, you will never loos weight after that.
sorry for the long message but i really hope you listen.

You need help darlin.

What the hell is wrong with you?

don't. it's stupid

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