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& I weigh 117-118.

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Janessa and Liz stop w/ the chain ...

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I can do 5...

honestly how much do i look like i weigh? (pic)?
13 years old.
5'3 1/2
116 pounds yuck!

Additional Details
no joke, im sorry about the bra D:

Greg P
you look about 115-120 but i'm a guy so i can't really tell. you look pretty , but that picture is a little revealing to post it for strangers to see

You look fine you shouldnt be worried! You look cute =] hehe

Amy N
You look great! You look healthy. Trust me you're 13 years old. Which means your body will be changing through to your 20's. I gained hips at your age and couldn't fit my old jeans anymore. That's totally normal. Please throw away your scale!

you have a WONDERFUL body, from girl to girl I am jealous.

you look lik 105 to 108!!! u have a nice body,, honestly,, dont worry about it too much!! ur go0d!

Freak F
OMG You have such pretty eyes!! Lol I'm not good at guessing weight, but you look like you're at a healthy weight, and a nice figure.

Sweet Luvv
Ummm...around 110. You're very skinny.

margie k
OMG you are just right, you don't weigh that much, that is perfect. Quit obsessing, you don't look like you weigh more than 100 lbs. Don't let the numbers of the pounds throw you off, muscle weighs more than fat. It is how you look and how toned you are that matters.

You look very healthy. Not too overweight, not too underweight.

say what
you look completely normal
as if thats yuck
i way more than you and im same height and i look exactly like you
so stop grabbing attention

110lb... fine!

u look like you are 110 pounds. not fat at all- im thirteen and i weigh 110.but im short, your a lot taller=]

Do your parents know what you're doing.

Mrs. D
100 pounds

asi soy YO
about 110 shut up don't say yuck. girls would kill to have your body.

Chiggy Nugget
I don't think it matters how much you weigh. If you look good everyone can see that you look good. If your fat people can see your fat. What dose the number matter? You have nice body. That's all that should matter. I'm 5.8 and when I was really skinny I weighed 135 140 around there. And I was small. People would tell me I needed to eat. But 135 sounds like allot.

Brian P
i would tap that

you look perfectly fine to me, stay as healthy as you already are

honestly you have nothing to worry about and your weight is fine

[email protected]
105-110 lbs

You're not fat. Trust me.

Susan N
You look fine. you do not want to be any thinner.

Jordan H
You are dream gril - meow! The last thing you should be worrying about should be your weight.


You aren't fatt.

Yay Y

wow. i'd say even if you say you are 116, your slim =D i like keep this weight.

answer mine:


Kwanita wiggitywack
go find some self esteem, youre skinny and 13.

You look great! Who cares what you weigh...though if you want a number, i'd say between 100-110

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