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tEaM eDwARd! :)
embarassing question but plez answer and no mean jokes plez?
ok so im 11 and i weigh 165 and im 5.4
am i over weight?


Bailey V
well i have that problem and i am 11 and weigh 148 pounds my friends tell me that i am a normal person so be positive yes is my answer but hey i am 2

yes, by about 25 pounds for that height but, I may be off because you're 11....don't worry about it.....all of my nephews & neices were a little bit chubbed out at that age.....about 3 years later, they weren't...if you're really worried, ask your parent to set you up for a physical at the doctors.....once you get there tell him/her what your concerns are and ask him for information about nutrition.......or you could read up on nutrition for children

but don't worry about it
your still growing so you have time to lose it.
when you go through puberty, your metabloism becomes a lot higher so you will be able to burn more and faster/

im 17 and weigh
120 sooo

I totally understand your feelings cuz i used to be kinda chunky-er than other girls, well lets see im 14 now and im am 117 pounds and i am also 5'4. techincally i think you may be alittle overweight. when i was 10 iwas like 100 and i just started playing outside and like running around a lot and i was more active so i shed it off real fast, also try to get into a sport and dont worry bout the mean skinny girls who think their all that, cuz there probably starving right now and were laughing at them, I joined marching band this year and my calfs are like frieking stone right now so like do colorguard or marching band when your in like highschool, and dont worry i mean so many people try to be like that perfect -1 size but their just like hurting themselves so dont starve yourself just get more active!! :) :) :) :) :)

Perhaps. In our skinny obsessed world you probably are. I would not lose sleep over it.

Olivia C
right now you are yes.

start exercising a little bit and then see if you grow into your weight a little more.

yes you are a bit over weight. google "bmi calculator" and enter you're info for more accurate results. and btw asking people not to make mean jokes will get you 10x more mean jokes than if you had said nothing at all.

Fallen Angel
no you'r not... I know youdint't know me... but im sarah and your not over weight

yes. im 12-13 and 5'5 and 112 and a boy and im average

Courtney A
you're only 14, you will grow taller and slim down, but no, you're not.

um sorry.... but yes

Hun, you may technically be a LITTLE bit over weight but trust me, you aren't fat, chubby and you are certainly not obese. If it really bothers you, change your eating habits and exercise :) That's always the best remedy. Better yet, have your mom talk to your doctor about the best plan for you to lose weight if that's what you want. It sounds like you're self conscience about it. Good luck!!

-^Victor's*- Secret
i think you're suppose to weigh around 125ish

i think so. but it doesnt depend on age its more of height and what type of body you have but for 5'4'' thats a lot to weigh

Madi on Yahoo!
Little bit.
I'm twelve, 5'3 and I weigh 107 or so.

sorry......but in my opinion: yes

sorry, but yes. i think so.

yes, just a lil bit tho.

Sierra Mist, Baby!
Oh yeah, I'm 13 and 5.5 and about 130... Its not really fat though, mostly from push ups

Yes. Sorry I know you dont want to hear this but it is what it is


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
umm idk i am the same age and weigh 98 but i am five one i think you might be!sorry i am not trying to be mean!

*June Bug* (MC)
uhm yeah.. but not by much. your BMI (Body Mass Index) is 28 but its OK your 11 years old, and tall. dont worry about losing weight, bbut stay healthy

maybe a little bit but hey thats okay , ask your doctor to..

and to lose weight just make your meals smaller and cut out all junkfood .
excersize to. :)
youll lose it soon , and then youll feel great about yourselff .

Yes. sweety

Mitch D
You will grow up. How tall is your mom?

Yes a little, But you should probably grow out of it.

Crying tears of geek joy.
Generally a male should weigh 100lbs @ 5 feet and add 10 lbs. for every inch taller...a female should also weigh 100lbs. @ 5 feet and add 5 lbs. for every inch.

To be healthy, you should then weigh around 120lbs.

But...muscle weighs more than fat....your pediatrician can test your body mass index and tell you if you need to lose weight or not...if it is all muscle, then there is no issue, but if it is from fat, a healthy diet and fitness regimen should help you.

Best of luck to you, dear.

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