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am i overweight?!?
I am 5 foot one. I'm eleven and I'll be twelve in august. I weigh 90.3 pounts.
Ugh I'm so fat.

Susan Yarrawonga
If we disregard your age then your ideal weight would be 105 lbs and 125 lbs could be regarded as overweight and 85 lbs could be regarded as underweight.

As you get older you will thicken out automatically.

At your young age you must ensure that you eat enough (without overeating) as undereating can stunt your growth and you could grow into a short adult.

no i don't think so;)

im 12. im 4'5 im 90 pounds IM NOT LOVER WEIGHT NITHER ARE U

emily d
um no, not at all.
im currently 13 and almost 14, and i am 5'6 almost 110.

90.3 lbs at 5'1 is not fat at all.
i think thats around what i weighed and how tall i was when i was 11, and you could see my ribs untill last month, for my whole life..
im sure your probably not much different.

Blessings of Victory

Kandace T
okay so your deffinatley not fat you are very tall for your age and that weighs out you weight. and thats a good thing. :D
no worries.

A fresh new start
your underweight, on the contrary u should gain a couple pounds.

no dude ... no where near

trust me your not fat!

Dennis O
Sydney could be a guys name too.

Still, you are just about right.

Jackie A
Dont compare yourself to magazine or movie stars. They are too skinny to where they wont live very long. Seriously have you ever heard of a model who lived to 100. No! You are too young to call yourself fat. You have your whole life ahead of you. Enjoy it and dont worry about superficial things like that.

no your not fat at all probably could use to gain a lil bit... you also dont want to look like one of those anorexic girls either. thats disgusting. your just fine

kelsey b
no ur not fat im 14 and i weigh 120 pounds and im not fat

omg im so sick of every girl thinking there fat when there like 20 pounds underweight!!!!

No you are not.
Please do not allow people to make you judge yourself.

At 11 years old the only thing you should worry about is eating healthy and staying active. You don't really need to exercise just activities that make you move around and not sit at the TV or computer. The rest is up to your DNA make up.

yo its josh
ur fineee.

your not fat, dont think you are.

I'm 17 and I'm 110 pounds. For your age I'm guessing your height plus your babyfat since you're still growing, you're regular weight, not fat.

Little Angel
You're totally fine hun...
And to the first poster, how do you know if she's not developed?


Anyways, stay healthy & eat right. Exercise daily.
When I was your age I was 4'9 and about 80 pounds, but I was totally healthy.

Take care hun!

no omg please just stop. there are enough problems in this world than being overweight (even though u r so not) like for instance being underweight....death. try that on for size, yeah being overweight can lead to the same problems but trust me, you could stand to weight a little more, dont be down on yourself... confidence wins people over, if u think u r unattractive then you down on ourself and that makes other people think the same about you. so show confidence and people will think so much about you. stand high.

hope that helped! anymore queations? email me!

Don't worry about your weight so much, just have fun. If you are that worried, cut off the cokes and burgers and eat better foods. Don't diet!

Wow... no you are not! I am 12, 5'5 and 98 pounds! That is completely normal! Don't worry about your weight. You cannot worry about being so "skinny" at this age....

smile for me
your underweight according to the chart above...

Cheese Is Tasty
no your skinny dont feel fat

Lily L
omg no....you are not fat at all. I'm not a doctor, but i can tell you that you are definatley NOT overweight, if anything you're under. don't tell yourself that you are fat because you aren't at all. and trust me i am very blunt, and i would be completly honest with you if i thought that you were overweight...

Hey, don't go anorexic. Anyways, you sound to be just the right size. Male or female? I mean either way you don't sound fat.

ace j
You're not fat at all - You're absolutely perfect.

You don't have to lose any weight and don't let anyone convince you otherwise

Miss Misery
You're eleven! You shouldn't be worrying about whether or not you're fat! I'm fourteen now, but I remember when I was ten sobbing on my bed because I thought my thighs were really fat. Now I look at pictures of myself from back then, and I realize I was actually a pretty skinny kid.

And no, being 5'1 and 90 lbs is not even chubby, never mind "so fat"

you are quite the opposite and you should get over yourself.

if you think you are overweight you need serious help and should seek a mental health professional

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