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ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ★ღஜღ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
am i fat??? ): 176lb?????????
im a girl and im 13 and i weigh 176lb and i have no muscles and everyone makes fun of me am i fat? :( im 5 foot 6

bitter sweet rose.
im 13 only 100....

im 5'11 and i weight 134

Yes but what you can do is
Eat healthy by going
Weat Free,
No pasta,
No Bread,
Walk every day for a week,
then after run every day
Every month you should lose about 25 lbs

Crazy J
i would have to say yes, you are over weight

yes you are you should be AT LEAST about 140 lbs. because of ur height.

your not fat, just a little over weight. NOT FAT. i'm sure you are a beautiful person in and out. all that is important is that you are eating healthy and get a little exercise in everyday, playing outside with friends counts.

only small people make people feel small.

Bonnie S
Yes you are considered morbidly obese if you are 20 pounds over your weight and 36 pounds overweight puts you at the morbidly obese scale. You are tall for 13 but your weight should be closer to 130-140. Try exercising and cutting out the sweets and carbs and eat more smaller portions of lean meats, fruits and veggies and drink low fat milk. Just don't over do the diet as you need at least 1200 calories a day and it is not healthy especially for a young growing body.
Start walking, biking, swimming or anything to get active it is not healthy to be overweight, especially when you are so young as it can lead to childhood diabetes and high blood pressure and it gets worse as you get older.

In my opinion noe ur not fat. Juss because u may have more meat on ur bone than most doesnt make u fat. As long as ur body is healthy then everything is all good. Dont make wat other ppl say get to u because ur not living ur life for them. And if u truly have a problem with the way u look then do sumting about it. Dont do it because ur trying to please other ppl, do it for urself

well i would not call you fat. i think the word is morbidly obese

Im only 13 and im 130lb and its not to chunky but not to skinny but you are a little bit more than you should be im not calling you fat but you are a little chunky

umm 176 pounds is overweight.

176 is overweight for that age but since ur young it shouldnt be to hard to lose weight

take a walk every day eat healthy and do a few exercises every day to tone up such as lay on ur back put ur legs together and lift ur legs

if u get ur matabalism up it will help to just search google for different things u can do to get in shape get toned and raise matabalism

good luck =)


Sorry i already answered this but theres more to say... Your over weight but not fat. Its ok though because a lot of people are:D and it will come off. and dont listen to the other kids. I may not like Miley Cyrus... but shes right nobody's perfect and those kids making fun of you are surely not perfect either...

im 5'6. and no your not fat. 176 sounds that your a size 14 or 16. and that is perfect for a girl that is 5'6 that would be comfortable with looking healthy and not a stick. you dont have a fat face, arms, or stomach. your weight is perfect.

Mind Loop
not much

<3 NeVeR EnDinG DrEAm!
Yea you are.
you should b around 135lb

Robyn Lynn
your a little over weight you should aim for a goal of 140-145 pounds

I don't want to be mean but the reality is that you are overweight for your size. Just try to cut back on your sugar intake but don't become anorexic or bulimic. In the long run it will just teach your body to store fat whenever you can and your metabolism will be shot. I would try to exercise more. About an hour a day three times a week. Remember when you first start that muscle weighs three times more than fat. But muscle looks better.

you need to be at 145 at most, but 130 should be right. get on a diet, youcan do it.

I am 6 feet 2 inches i max out bench pressing at 190 pounds and i am 14 and i way 170 pounds so ya your over weight.
i suggest going to the gym :)

Katelyn S
Um well I'm 13 and i am 5 foot 4 but i only weigh 96 so and i also have a friend she is 5 foot 6 and she is only 104 so i don't know but i would say your over weight... and don't listen to anyone at school i know how hard junior high can be they are extremely mean but half the time nobody knows what the heck they are talking about... but i bet that you are very pretty no matter how much you weight :) I hope that helps!

Don't stress out. Just eat right, exercise, and never worry about this type of thing. If you live a healthy lifestyle, you will be healthy. Saying "oh, I'm fat" isn't going to do anything but bring you down.

Not fat, thats a rude word. People most definatley shoudn't make fun of you. You should love who you are, just do it in a healthier way. Start eaiting healthy and exercise regularly. This doesn't mean go to the gym and stop eating. Eat healthy foods for you in big portions and just riding your bike or swimming or jumping on a trampoline. Its summer anyway!

no...you seem taller than the usual 13 year old girls. im only 5'4[and a half!!!]

5 foot 6?? no... have you gotten a BMI? you can get a more accurate result.

a good way to lose weight and gain muscles is to exercise a lot like running, treadmill, flexing..... eating healthy... you can still eat whatever you want, just balance with healthy foods and balance out the not so great foods

Tristan Rae Adrian
Your not fat but maybe you could try doing some exercises and eating a little healthier or just smaller proportions. I know its hard but try not to think of what other people say and dont let it get to you. Your not fat your just a little above average thats all :)

It's Never Lupus
Your fine.. Don't worry about your weight, just try to eat healthy and exercise. Do it because you want to be healthy not because you want to look skinny like those ugly models.

you are considered overweight according to your height and weight. Do not listen to the kids that put you down for your appearance but do change your lifestyle that way you can live a long and healthy life.

176 # at 5ft 6 in? yea, I would say you weigh too much, maybe not 'fat' but more than you should

George Quacky!
sorry but yes u are

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