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 How in the world can I lose 20 pounds in 2 months???? ?
I'm 13, I'm fat, and I hate it.

I used to be really skinny but the summer changes a bunch. Any way I'm 5 foot 4 and I'm 125. DONT GO TELLING ME THATS NOT FAT!!! I Think ...

What can I do to build a bigger butt?
I have a small butt, and i was wondering how i can get it bigger.. like alot bigger .
any suggestions?

robert y
Are you male or female?

Collard greens and cornbread---- fish and grits--- and other souther food will damn shure make it bigger

Donkey kicks. Get on all fours and raise your legs backone at a time up and down. One leg for 8 reps and then the other. and then do a crapload of squats. Keep your knees over your ankles. SIt down like you are sitting on an invisible chair. Or just get an office job like me.

If you have a gym membership, I would suggest 30 minutes every couple of days on the Stairmaster (or the equivalent).

If you don't have one, do squats and lunges. It will give you a bigger, muscular butt, and will tone your upper legs as well.

Good luck!

k take it from someone who was born with a big butt ha ha
1.squats. do at least 15-25 a day
2.just squeeze your butt at anytime of the day.anywhere. for at least 7 seconds. do it sitting down for more effectiveness
3.while doing push ups squeeze your butt
4.lie on your back and push your body up with your hands and legs. like a back bend. even if you cant go up all the way squeeze your thighs and butt while doing it.
5.last but not least jus be thankful for what God gave you. trust me a lot of girls wish they were born with a smaller butt ha ha
but if you have absolutely no butt at all
then please please try the excercises lol

p.s. if your pant size gets bigger. but you dont feel fat or anything. it just means your hard work is paying off!

If you have an exercise ball, do this:

Lay the top of your back on the middle of the ball. (Make sure your butt isn't on the ball) With knees in a 90 degree angle and thighs parallel to the floor, touch your butt to the ground. While doing this, keep your knees high. Return to starting position and repeat. TIP: While doing this, pull in your butt and stomach. It also helps the lower abs. Hope this helps. :D

take the stairs or use an elliptical. or you can just eat cake:), and there are always those padded shaping panties...... :)

Becca S
OMG why would you want a BIG butt?! you are a sick sick person!

I could give you mine but,I will need it back to sit on..moahaa..

Honestly the best you can do is workout and eat food with carbs and limit suger so you don't gain weight on ur tummy.

and love yourself please.

Squats for sure

Women that run will get smaller butt because they are burning their already little fat. If you squat and follow a high carb diet, you will gain muscle and fat in that area because the glycogen from the carbohydrates will bring up muscle growth. It will also be firmer and tighter.

...put your forearms on the floor and get your leg in a backwards "L", with your heel pointing to the sky. Lift and lower, lift and lower about 3 sets of 8 on both legs. That gets MY butt to burn...2nd is to lie down on your back with your arms by your sides and then squeeze your butt up.

Well sorry to tell you this but with exercise your butt will not get much bigger than it already is. It is called genetics and it bites everyone in the a$$. But don't let my answer deprive you from lifting weights and exercising because they are very important to your health. You might make your butt a tad bigger but thats all I can tell you.

Cameron L
run? these idiots have no idea.. an *** is a muscle. it is also a storage of fat. The *** will only shrink with running as NO muscle growth occurs when running. So putting on weight will give you a bigger ***. But putting on fat to get a bigger *** is a stupid move. do muscle workouts on your ***. my personal favourite is the single leg russian deadlift. it is a little bit difficult to balance and will take you a little to get it right. balance on one leg (lets start with balancing on your left leg) and hold a dumbell in your right hand. keep your back in its natural arch and bend forward at the hips, lowering the dumbell till its passed your left knee. so basicaly its like putting the dumbell toward the floor. keeping the back straight. squeeze your *** muscles to return to the starting position and be sure not to use your lower back. focus on the *** muscles doing the work.once at starting position hold there for 2-3 seconds. thats one rep. do three sets and about 10 reps. do it SLOWLY to make the *** bigger and faster to tone the *** more. hope this helps

Just make sure the heinie is in good shape and not flabby.

P.S. Don't be so insecure, shake what your mama gave you!

ok, seriously, why do you WANT a bigger butt???? you can have
mine!!!! but eat a lot of junk.

kit kat kutie
lunges,running up and down the stairs[but lunges is the best]good luck[am tyring to do the same wish me luck]

do the elliptical or any excercise that strengthens the glutes, like squats, lunges, etc

your local estafador (hustla)
personally, i was just born with a nice ***. and by the way, tight jeans help. but aniway just try to eat alot but just work of ur stomach if it goes there, and the meat will drop to ur hips and thighs. i have NEVER tries doing squats but u can try it seems to wrok for others...

p.s. i thot if u excersise it will just make u skinnier/smaller. so just shape it nicely with your clothes. or if u dont believe in any of theese methods, u can just use cheats. like putting butt pads under your pants/shorts/skirt etc.

get on tha treadmill..

seriously eat chicken with there skin will make your body big and bulky good luck

eat alot of "butt"er

Clark K
eat a lot more. DUH. But people are always complaining about having huge butts, so most people think small butts are better

Tim J
Do gluteus maximus exercises.... Squat and/or Deadlifts are ideal for working those glutes.

run or play soccer

squats and lunges with weights

haha good luck....see you in a year when you want to lose that butt!

No name
squats in the gym and eat

stairmaster!! Seriously it works! 30 mins a day!

cullen .♥(:

Eat junk food. And find someone to slap your ***.
It works

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