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Is gatorade even healthy?
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 Is it bad to turn a girl down because she's fat?
just wondering.
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not chubby, fat....

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 honestly how much do i look like i weigh? (pic)?
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5'3 1/2
116 pounds yuck!

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 im 5'3 and wheigh 170 lbs fat or wut?

 Do you consider this fat?
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 Is my daughter overweight?
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 Be honest... Do you think I'm big for my age?
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 i wont to be anorexic?
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 how to make them stop calling me anoreixc?
i've always been skinny my whole life but now some unpopular girls keep telling me that im anorexic and bulimic. it dosent make me feel bad, its not like im being called fat but it's ...

hot mommy in need of help
My daughter is getting too fat, what can I do?
My daughter has been putting on a lot of weight recently. I keep telling her that she will never have friends and never get a boyfriend if she doesn't lose weight, but she doesn't seem to care. I'm stuck. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've quit breastfeeding entirely and have cut her down to just one bottle of formula a day.

shes a baby?? u have issues!!

Correct Answers
Teach your baby about different fruits and vegetables
step 2 Talk about what your baby is eating. Make it fun.
step 3 Be a role model. Your baby learns by mimicking you.
step 4 Encourage drinking water. Offer it at each meal.
step 5 Don't give up. Your baby's tastes will change daily.
step 6 Your baby needs a balanced diet. Offer plenty of variety.
step 7 Don't be in a rush at mealtimes. Relax and enjoy the time.
step 8 Set times for breakfast, lunch snacks and dinner.
step 9 Never force your baby to eat.
step 10 Make mealtimes a family event. Avoid distractions.

if she is as young as to still be brest feeding or on formula then it's find you don't have to worry now but as she grows up it would be best to encourage her to like sports go out for picnics as a family and get her into some sports when she is older and also when she is young its good to teach her good eating habits like for breakfast have her eat eggs and try to stay away from overly sugary cereals.

hope it helps

If she is as young as she sounds with the breastfeeding and formula description, you shouldn't be worried about her weight at the moment.

Wow, you have issues.

Amy R
you're going to give your daughter low selfesteem if you tell her stuff like that, specially if you start saying that kind of stuff while she's so young. she will grow up thinking people are only supposed to be judged by looks.

fatness is just thin in personalty if she not convinced that she have to lose weight she will never will so try to change her mind and tell her that this is not healthy not that she look bad or stuff

Miz Overly Dramatic
1) okay, i want to know how old your daughter is first before i make any suggestions.

2) by telling her those things, she'll gain a low self esteem.

wow you are so rude too your daughter. I was big as a baby and now im so petite. just let the fricken baby eat

Sarah A
woah. first of all how old is she? and personally the best way to effectively help your daughter slim down is to provide alot of encouragement and support. the last thing that will get her motivated is to criticize her and throw negative comments in her direction. the best thing you could do is to begin exercising with her in a fun and managable way that can inrease in intensity slowly if needed. but taking time to exercise with her shows that you are supportive and gives her motivation to become what she would like to be. never push to hard though.

I will follow You.
I'm confused, is your daughter a baby or a teenager?
If a teenager.. then what's up with the breastfeeding info?

Formula? How old is your child? Kids should be able to eat how ever much they want/need to until the teen ages (or when they hit puberty), which is when you start getting your child into a routine of healthy eating that promotes physical health. Desperate measures should be taken only if a child's weight is dangerous to their health. In order to make sure your child maintain's a good weight throughout his or her life, get them into the routines. Instead of giving them a chocolate bar, try giving them some fruit to snack on. Have proportional meals for the three main courses of a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Get them used to eating healthy things like their vegetables (of course!), fruit, fish, etc. Rarely purchase fast foods. Get them used to exercising by making exercise fun (example: try setting one time a day when you and your family go on walks together, promote outside play, play a sport together, allow them to join different sport team like dance, ice skating, football, soccer, baseball, fencing, or etc so they can develop a liking for a sport).

Those are just a few tips for raising a healthy child.

But, you said you cut down your child's formula intake? You make it evident that she is an infant (anywhere from a few months to maybe 2). NEVER cut down a baby's formula intake, that can lead to malnutrition and what you are doing will be labled as neglect. Your child's fine: let them eat.

Oh and NEVER, EVER tell a child that she has to loose weight to get a boyfriend or friends. That's verbal abuse. You're not being a very good parent. The only times a person should loose weight are if 1. their weight is dangerous to them. 2 they want to lose weight.

oh goodness..

Raymond Fong
how old is your daughter

How old is she? Sheesh just let the kid eat.

are you serious with this?

if u talk to your daughter like this and she is just breastfeeding you should consider putting her up for adoption

Ashley Nicole

Were the **** is chris
okay well first off if its 2yrs and under wtf is wrong with you jesus christ let a baby get fat and once they hit around 4-5 start going too the park and getting physically active it will be good for you and your child and dotn tell a little kid they wotn have friends thats whatcha call being ab itch sry ya had ta hear it liek that but honestly

how old is this child?

PawS Doggy Care and Training
She's just a child. She's supposed to be growing. Let her eat, when she's older and reaches growth spurt, then it'll all be fine. Her body fat will even out.

iB 2SiK
lock the food away from her

breast feeding?what the hell if shes still yound let her eat.. give her healthy food

wtf how old is she if shes getting fat then stop giving her formula

retard i bet u dont even have a kid loser

darn fat childreen are the worst. You need to send her to baby fat camp.

i honestly dont believe this is a real question... if you are worried about your baby being fat and never getting a boyfriend then you should be shot

you're dumb

shes just a baby, they all get chubby eventually. just feed her on a regular basis. God.

what the hell

Gary D
Please don't feed the troll.

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